How To Hide Your Number When Making A Call

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AKA every office jerk's favourite day of the year. Hey, we were all newbies once, right? Set the option to "Hide" or "Always" depending on what's appropriate and hit "Save. You should see it at the top of the menu here. Doing so will keep your phone number on your profile so you can continue to use Facebook Messenger, but only you will be able to view it. If you need a quick response then click Chat Now below, or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Dial the phone number of the person you are calling.

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This process is different than removing a phone number entirely. Open the Facebook app. Tap Edit to the right of the Contact Info heading. Tap the icon to the right of your number. Did this summary help you? It's the white "F" on a blue background icon. If you're logged in, doing so will open your News Feed. If you aren't already logged into Facebook, type in your email address or phone number and password and tap Log In.

It's in either the bottom right corner of the screen iPhone or the top right corner of the screen Android. You should see it at the top of the menu here.

Doing so will take you to your profile page. Scroll down and tap About. It's below the information section that appears underneath your profile picture. You'll find this option below the list of profile information that's at the top of the page. It should have "Mobile Phone" listed beneath it. Scroll down and tap Edit next to the "Contact Info" heading. This section's location will vary based on the information you have on your Facebook page, but it should be above the "Basic Info" box.

Tap the box to the right of your phone number. You'll see your phone number at the top of this page underneath the "Mobile Phones" heading. I had the Same idea Alpesh. How do u put ur number on private on a ZTE plz. You are starting a new discussion.

They look lovely, don't they? If you haven't been keeping abreast of iPhone news, you would be forgiven for thinking these phones boast full-screen, bezel-free displays. In reality, both models come equipped with an obtrusive notch. This can only mean one of two things.

AKA every office jerk's favourite day of the year. If you're sick of hearing multiple exclamations of "shiver me timbers", "matey" and "arrrrr!

Here are some methods to kill vernacular piracy dead. Want Lifehacker's email newsletter? Follow us, subscribe and get in touch! Sony Mini PlayStation Classic: Don't have an account?

Create one here Forgot your password? Click here to reset. Your email must be valid for account activation. Minimum of 8 standard keyboard characters. I want to know if Network Providers in the US support this option or not. Also how can I find out my Network provider supports this and what API I have to use for hiding the sender's mobile number? But what you can do is use an SMS gateway which enables you to hide the callerID or which gives it a specific name.

Just an alternative suggestion. In other words, it does not happen either by accident, faulty configuration data or as the result of raw text messages received from the Internet. It happens because in most cases it requires a software patch on the SMS-C. Therefore; any instances of this happening are as the result of direct action by SMS-C staff, and probably in conjunction with assistance from the staff of the Associated PLMN.

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How can i hide my mobile phone number and keep it as a PRIVATE notification option. If the person you are calling has enabled 'block unknown numbers' on their phone, you will not be able to call them. Some network carriers and countries do not allow you to hide your number. If you have followed all the below steps and your number is still showing, you should check with your mobile network if they allow this feature. A good reason to NOT hide your caller ID is that people like me will probably not answer your call. From my experience, callers with a blocked caller .