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The free version lets you manually add account information like income, expenses, and account transfers. Download now Music Audacity. Adware removal tool was AdwareMedic. You'll learn more about human anatomy than you ever thought possible. There are thousands of specialized courses, which you can download for free, that are lead by professors at some of the most popular colleges in the world. Fotor is a super easy photo editing app for the Mac that lets you create fun and unique projects from your collection.

These Mac apps are great for

Best free apps for Mac

Create PHP web forms. Powerful media browser, viewer, and converter beta. Audio recording, editing and mixing tool. Create template-based websites rapidly.

Macs Fan Control, is it safe to use? What clean-up apps are there besides CleanMyMac and Onyx? Can I stop Microsoft Office update prompts on my Mac? What is a good backup strategy with Carbon Copy Cloner?

Does Firefox work well on a Mac? Why isn't there a mac version of the latest bluestacks? How secure is 1Password? Catalog your CDs in a database automatically. Calendar II 2. Password manager; syncs across all devices. Adware removal tool was AdwareMedic. Powerful slideshow creator with multi-app integration. Free accounting software for small business. Scan and archive documents.

Find out the weather at your current location was MenuWeather. Powerful serial terminal for makers and sysadmins. Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop video conversion. Discover how you spend time on your Mac. Create invoices and estimates. Horcrux Email Backup 4. Automatically backup your IMAP email. Create your own study guides. CalendarPlus for Outlook 1. Access Outlook Calendar without a Web browser. File Cabinet Lite 6. File management application was File Cabinet.

Comprehensively manage your personal finances. Tunacan - Image concatenator 1. Browse and import photos. Locate and eliminate duplicate and similar files. Automatically downloads complete Web sites.

Merlin Project Express 5. Dock alternative that provides all of your apps to you. Elegant personal task management. Generator for parametric graphic patterns and illustrations. File viewer and text encoding conversion utility. Creating vector-based raster patterns from bitmap images.

The no-nonsense shutter-actuations count reader. Powerful password manager; integrates with Web browsers and more. Trading and technical analysis software. Because Wave is dedicated to making small business tools work the way small business owners need them to, I've included it on this list. It supports coding for Swift, Objective-C, Python, and a whole lot more. It can build universal binary files to run on PowerPC and Intel-based computers, and developers can create apps for bit and bit architectures.

It's got everything an Apple coder needs. When it comes to coding, nothing keeps your characters more organized than TextWrangler. The text editor works with a wide variety of coding syntax and even has color coding for different programming languages.

It is also a fantastic app for non-programmers for its many smaller details, like line wrapping, email templates, and quote styles. It is one of the best free code editors around. Atom is another fantastic, free text and code editor for the Mac. This one is not available in the Mac App Store, but is highly rated among programmers.

It has a built-in package manager with wide support for a number of different packages. It is highly customizable so that you can create the most ideal coding atmosphere to help keep you working quickly. Khan Academy is another exception to my rule that a service must have a dedicated app, but it is such a fantastic learning website, rich with online study courses of all levels — for free — that I had to include it.

You can learn the colors of the rainbow or the Pythagorean Theorem. It covers basic subjects and works you into deeper involvement, just like you would start off taking basic classes in school and move into more advanced curricula. It is a great resource for getting started or back into your education.

See at Khan Academy. Right inside the iTunes app on your Mac is a universe of knowledge. There are thousands of specialized courses, which you can download for free, that are lead by professors at some of the most popular colleges in the world.

You can learn statistics from Harvard, business from Stanford, psychology from Yale, and much more. Subjects cover architecture to women's studies, with practically everything you can think of in between. To access iTunes U, open iTunes on your Mac and select it from the menu. You can convert your entire DVD or Blu-ray collection into digital form to watch on your Apple TV without having to pay someone to do it for you.

You can quickly choose which type of device you want your file to be transcoded to support like iOS or tvOS and then get to converting within just a few seconds. For more advanced file conversion fans, there are a number of great features to help you perfect your digital movie catalog.

VLC is the best free, open source media player for the Mac. It has a number of customizable features so you can create your ideal viewing situation or set up your music listening experience the way you want. It does support DVD and Blu-ray decryption through the libdvdcss library, if you are so inclined to use it. If you're not using Apple Music actually, even if you are , Spotify is the next best music streaming service for the Mac. With the Mac app, you can listen to thousands of songs across all genres.

It includes a useful playlist section so you can keep track of your favorite music. It also has a great music discovery section where you can see what's trending or music you might like based on what you've been listening to. The social aspect makes it one of my favorite free social media apps for the iPhone , too.

You manually enter every transaction and income, and you can keep track of what you're spending with the budget list. The report feature is the best. You can view your spending habits by category, where you spend, your income and expenses differences, whether you are able to save, and more. There is an in-app purchase to unlock more than two accounts, but if you only have two bank accounts, you don't need the premium service.

If you follow the stock market, you will love the ease with which you can keep track of the major indices with just a little bit of setup. You can create watch lists based on whatever criteria you choose and view stock changes on a chart or by heat map and track them throughout the day, month, and year.

There is a stock ticker that sits at the top of your screen, which you can relocate to anywhere across the desktop. Money Wiz is a great personal finance tracker for balancing your bank account. The free version lets you manually add account information like income, expenses, and account transfers.

If you sign up for the monthly subscription, you can connect your online bank accounts and have the work done for you.

You can also create a budget though you can only track one budget before being asked to upgrade. You can also set up a schedule reminder to keep you on track for paying bills that are due at the same time each month. It features a few more customizable features, like creating a new category for income and expenses, as well as creating finance reports based on your net worth, cash flow, and balance over time.

Money Wiz works better with the subscription upgrade, but is very useful for keeping your checking accounts balanced. GIMP is pretty much the open source version of Photoshop.

You can fix minor photo errors, like light balance and contrast, or manipulate your image using the masking and removing features, similar to that of Photoshop's. You can also add filters, resize, create layers, mix up background objects, and a whole lot more.

It's the best free version of Photoshop you can use on the Mac. Macaw is a web design tool for people that don't want to spend a lot of time coding. It features dozens of tools so you can create the perfect website in a short amount of time. It generates HTML automatically while you are designing web pages and it comes with a series of robust image editing tools to help you make your content look right.

Because it is so easy to use, it's a great program for people with a basic understanding of web design, but want to jump right in without needing to know coding.

Autodesk is famous for its artists' apps, which feature a rich selection of brushes that seem hyper realistic. You can use it to create vector graphic images, illustrations, and photorealistic works of art. There are dozens of customizable pens, pencils, and paint brushes, and the color palate is so robust that you can perfectly match practically any color in the world.

The free download comes with dozens of amazing tools, but you can upgrade to the pro version to unlock even more options. It is a graphic artist's best tool on the Mac. Taking a moment for oneself is one of the most difficult health and fitness steps to take. We get so caught up with our busy schedules that we forget to stop for a moment. Time Out forces you to take those little breaks by dimming your screen so you can't use it for a specified amount of time. You can set up small breaks every hour, micro breaks every 15 minutes, and lunch breaks to get your eyes off the screen for a half hour or so.

You can configure how long the breaks are and how often you take them. It'll make your eyes, your muscles, and your heart a little bit healthier every day you use it. When the stress of the day starts to overwhelm you, use Relax to help you take things down a notch.

It is a simple window with relaxing visual images and calming music that includes special tones to help cue your breathing exercises.

There are guided meditation sessions you can take part in and deep-breathing exercises that will help you focus and reduce stress. Sometimes, you just need to check out for 10 minutes in order to be a more productive person. You can combine all of your profiles in one place with a nice interface, and you can search through posts by words, find content by a specific date and time, save photos you've liked or are tagged in to your favorites folder, and create special collections of categories in any way you'd like.

You can even export your collections as a PDF and read it like a personal magazine. This isn't a feed of your friends' status updates; it's a collection of your social networking personal information.

If you fancy yourself a writer, Apple's iBooks Author is the perfect app to get your work published without having to sign a publishing contract. You can use Apple's pre-made templates to help facilitate the perfect design. Add images, a video introduction, book cover, and more for a more immersive experience.

With the multitouch widgets, you can make your pages interactive. Add photos, audio, Keynote presentations, and 3D objects.

When you've finished you can upload it to the iBooks Store with the in-app export tools. You'll be a famous author before you know it!

How many chat and messaging programs are you signed up with? If it's more than one, you need Trillian. It combines all of your chat and messaging accounts into one simple interface so you don't have to switch between apps to talk to your friends and family. Chat services are delineated by color coding, so you know where a message is coming from.

If you have too many chat channels and want to keep them all in one place, use Trillian to keep them organized. You've never seen the human body the way it is presented in this medical book. It shows you the entire make up of the body's systems. For free, you can examine, in interactive 3D, the entire skeletal and connective tissue layers, including names of bones, surfaces, insertion points, and more. You can zoom in on specific areas of the body for detailed interactions and animate muscle movements.

You'll learn more about human anatomy than you ever thought possible. Audacity is one of the best free audio editors. You can record live audio for podcasts, turn tapes and records into digital music, and edit tracks. If the original recording is a little too bright, you can add a filter to bring down the highs. Trim excess off of the front or back of a recording, and even blend one track into another.

It is very easy to use, so you don't have to be a professional recording artist to get into it. DJ programs can be a pain in the pocketbook. If you're just learning the ropes or want to have a homegrown dance party, don't spend the heavy cash. Cross DJ makes it possible for you to spin the beats without the expensive software.

It features waveforms, beat sync, track cueing, loops, digital scratching, and more. It accesses your iTunes library directly, so you don't even have to load up new music.

You may eventually upgrade to a more robust DJ app, but this is definitely a great starter program. The popular song identification program that was folded into Siri on the iPhone is also available on the Mac. Shazam listens to your music and tells you what you want to know about it.

While it's running, it will tell you the name of a song and artist. While you're listening to tunes, it will automatically create a playlist of tracks you can listen to with Apple Music when available , even if you are currently listening to music with a different service.

Click a track to see lyrics and watch music videos on Shazam's website, too. If you read a lot of news online, follow a lot of blogs, watch a lot of YouTube videos, or all of the above, you need Feedly to help organize and keep track of your content. You can log in with your Google or Twitter account for easy sharing features. It syncs with the iOS Feedly app, so if you track your RSS feed on mobile, this will know when you've already read the day's content.

RSS Bot is like having a news feed right in your Menu bar. When you log in, you can add any RSS feed to it and then quickly view new content with a single click. You can set up the service to notify you when new posts are published, or just check on things yourself when you have the time.

If you read a blog that covers more subjects than you are interested in, you can set up a filter that will only show you articles that match keywords you designate. Pocket is sort of like the folder your mom used to keep with newspaper and magazine clippings in it. You can save articles, videos, recipes, and more, right in Pocket for reading later.

It's the perfect app for people who like to browse the entirety of the internet with no real focus, but don't have the time to read everything they come across. Save articles for offline viewing so you can read new content while you are on the bus or at the park. The app has a nifty tool that highlights the most important articles of the day, so you can read content organized by priority. Fotor is a super easy photo editing app for the Mac that lets you create fun and unique projects from your collection.

You can adjust the lighting, tweak the white balance, add a fun border, lay on a filter, and even add text boxes. It supports batch editing, so you can stylize all of your vacation photos at the same time. The collage tool lets you create pages with multiple photos that you can customize to your liking. It is a fun, simple way to edit your photos without the complex tools that you need to know about with Photoshop. Autodesk makes a fun little free photo editing app that gives you lots of options for different tools and effects.

You can quickly fix minor adjustments like lighting, resizing, and cropping. You can also add hundreds of effects, overlays, and stickers to make your pictures pop. There are also some advanced tools, like Double Exposure, which fuses two pictures together, and Color Splash, which removes color from selected sections of a photo. Polarr is a basic photo editing app with excellent tools for image adjusting.

You can adjust color, light, clarity, highlights, shadows, and more. Add effects like color shadows, lens distortions, vignettes, and filters. This app works best when you are trying to enhance your pictures, not when you are trying to get artsy with them. If you can't seem to get your picture just right, trigger one of the helpful tutorials to learn how to brighten dark images or properly add white balance.

There are dozens of pro-level tools, but they are designed to be used by anyone. Wunderlist is the best task manager app you can get without paying for it. You can create different lists and add time-sensitive projects to them, create tasks with recurring due dates, and share your lists with others.

It syncs across Mac and iOS , so you can take your lists with you everywhere you go. You'll always be ready to take care of business. You can set due dates for tasks and reminders to help keep you on task. You can also include subtasks for specific projects and leave yourself a note if you need more details. Tag a task as important and it will move to the top of your list. Evernote is like that basket you have next to the couch or that drawer in your kitchen that has everything in it.

You can clip web pages, link status updates, add music, store pictures, create new notes, and share anything you want with others. Not only is it the perfect junk drawer for every digital thing you could possibly want to save, but it is also totally organizable so your junk looks more like a perfectionist's desk. You can make checklists, set reminders, drop notes into existing documents, annotate pictures, and all manner of stuff. It does practically everything except fix the kitchen sink.

If you are a blogger let's face it, these days who isn't? It makes it super easy to publish content to WordPress, Blogger, and Medium. You can write up your post with distraction-free full screen mode, and move all of your content into your online site with specialized tools.

It supports Markdown and Rich Text and formats for in line image placement. When you connect your blogging account, you can even get a live preview of your page. The app recognizes your theme.

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