​The Top 5 Best TVs in 2017 that you can buy right now

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How To Buy The Best Smart TV For Your Home
In the market for a brand new, shiny, smart TV? If you do want to know the differences though, OLED typically offers deeper blacks, better contrast, and a superior overall picture, but it's also usually a lot more expensive. The C7 is the base model and has the same screen as the top model For you all that matters is the quality of the resulting picture, and you won't get that from a spec sheet — professional and user reviews are a much better guide. It's not just as easy as picking a set with HDR though, because there are competing standards to consider:

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Hisense changed the game with its ULED range and the big boys will be worried. It was our product of the year in Yet the overall picture is arguably better. The remote is responsive, it looks OK and the price makes even the Hisense look expensive. Sound will be a little muddy for some but external speakers will fix this.

Just note that this is not a Smart TV and so you'll need to spend more on a 4K-compliant set-top box , PVR or media streamer to make the most of it. If you can't afford the Hisense, buy this. Sony's new range impressed us in many ways. Picture quality is very good and the sound is excellent. Everything runs on the Android TV platform so there is loads of content and plenty of apps.

As with last year the best value is to be had with the side-lit XE series. These TVs are reasonably priced and go all the way to inches. Samsung's Q7 is the best TV we've seen from them in years. It's not as good as the Q9 but that's more expensive. It looks classy and has some interesting features. But it's still a lot more expensive than the much-better Hisense Series 7. What to look for when buying a TV Home Theatre review: Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. Fortunately, it doesn't make anywhere near as much of a difference as it does in the smartphone realm. Remember you can always plug in a Roku or Fire TV box — you're not going to be seriously limited by the software running on your new set with all those HDMI ports to make use of.

It's still a consideration to weigh up though, and these are the leading OSes you're likely to come across in your travels. There are a lot of the big-name apps are here, and it will be nice and familiar to existing Android users if you've purchased apps for your phone they will work with your TV. You also get some nice benefits such as built-in Chromecasting and Android mirroring as well. Tizen OS — Samsung's own operating system has made its way to television sets too, and it mostly does the job.

Amazon Video, Netflix and others have apps and choosing inputs is a super slick affair, but perhaps the most notable selling point is it works well with other Samsung gear, if you've got any. It has all the big names in terms of apps too, from Hulu to Spotify, even if it can be a bit fiddly to customise, and LG seems committed to pumping out regular updates.

You can read all the online reviews in the world but nothing compares to actually getting out there and seeing a screen for yourself, so schedule in a visit to your local home theatre store to check out the TVs you're considering in person. Home theatre stores will usually have the TVs displayed in optimal living room-like lighting to give you a better grasp of what the set will look like in your own home.

Even if they don't have the exact models you're interested in, you should be able to weigh up the various merits of the competing tech being pushed by the big manufacturers. That said, online reviews are obviously still important, but you're probably used to scouring them before parting with any of your money already. Something that helps on a site like Amazon is to read through the middling reviews, rather than the ultra-positive or ultra-negative ones — these will usually give you a good balance of pros and cons.

You've probably got an idea of how much you want to spend, so you can use this as a quick way of narrowing down your options, while if you want to make sure you're getting the latest tech then limit your search to models from the last year or two — part of the confusion in picking up a smart TV, especially online, is that there are so many older, but still very capable, sets knocking around.

Those older sets are worth having a look at if you want to save some cash though — just check if they're still getting software updates from the manufacturer. Overall, it's useful to know the ins and outs of various specs, but don't let them slow you up too much: Mar 14, , Alex Cranz 20 Sep Nvidia wants you to spend about the same as an entirely new computer on its latest top-of-the-line graphics card, the GTX Ti. You could get an iPhone X or a Samsung Note 9. Samsung just announced its new edition to the A series -- the Samsung Galaxy A7.

While there were some whispers and hints of this over the last few days, it's now been confirmed that it will have a triple camera lineup -- a first for its mid-range phone offering. Want Gizmodo's email newsletter? Follow us, subscribe and get in touch! Don't have an account? Create one here Forgot your password?

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