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After he was released from prison, the city ignored his attempts to continue building up Griffith Park, wanting nothing officially to do with him. As previously mentioned, the smart appliances are the new era of the Internet connected devices that have embedded end-user web navigation interfaces allowing users to access the web. How to download the app? What is an IP? This is a simple information that only requires you to enter the mobile number and then click on the trace.

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The Terrible Curse of Griffith Park

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During the day time I would run and the day went get. At night it's a lot different. I felt I was being watched or followed by something. At night it's really dark, so dark that i couldn't see my hands or feet on front of me. I knew from running there during the day time that the land is flat and never feel or put a missed placed step. At night when I would run and felt that strange feeling a coyote would always pull up right beside me on my left side and run with.

I don't feel afraid of it for some reason. Even though I've been told that they do bait. I would like at him and he would look at me. I felt kind of protected. I stopped running there after a while I met a really nice girl and got fat again and life was great. I would go back every now and them during the day. But it was not the same.

On one of those times I went back for a run during the day. I fell kind of nasty. One of my shoes came off my foot and landed across the street to my right. It was strange because I never fell at the park not in the night time and during the day. The fall was strange. I felt I was pushed from behind and while in mid air my shoe was ripped from my foot and thrown acrross the street.

Almost right after I feel and old lady came from the back and help me up and she even cathered my shoe. She had strange uneasy look on her face. And told me that it looked like I throw myself to the ground and kicked my right leg in the air.

I told her that I've been running for years at the park with out a single fall. I thanked her for her help. And she continued on her jog. I tried to keep up with her out of bride, I guess but the fast I went the fast she went ahead of me.

I slowed down and in a few seconds she was gone. I told my girlfriend about the fall. She thought I was joking and she found it to be funny for some reason. Anyway, she googled the park and found out about the haunting and over all strange happenings. That's when I found out about as well. I never knew or though to google the park for any reason. We both went for a walk in the morning.

And we both ran into the same old lady. We stopped and chatted. She brought out the fall story. After the chat continued to run in her direction and we went ahead on our direction. He both looked back after a few seconds and she was gone again. I feel she is a ghost and she's the one who pushed me. She just sounded like she loved telling that story to my girl while I was there. I run to Griffith Park almost everyday for more than 10 years.

But one day i found a different trail that took me to where a s car was. The car looks old and rusty but it was strange to find it on the middle of those mountains my question is how did it got there. Anna of Santa Clarita, California on said: My husband and I went to the observatory on a beautiful clear night when we got to the very top of the obsevatory we had our picture take and ONLY around me as with unknown cloudy image almost like we didn't take the picture together.

When I saw the picture immediately gave me this weird erie feeling that some entity was surrounding me. I am not the first, and probably won't be the last, but am currently one of the more active horseback riders up in Griffith Park. My horse lives with me, here in Burbank, and we have covered just about every one of the fifty-plus miles up in the hills.

Most of them multiple times. I do most of my riding in the evenings or even at night, to avoid the daytime heat. Have made seven horseback rides to the Greek Theatre for concerts and have ridden to Shakespeare at the Old Zoo several times, also.

Sorry, but I haven't encountered anything scary at all, except for someone firing nine or ten rounds from a pistol in our general vicinity near a busy street last year! I don't believe there were any ghosts involved, but it certainly got our attention. Thanks for all the stories. Tony of Los Angeles, CA on said: For years I got up before sunrise and ran as much as six miles a day in the park, trying to get up high to watch the sun come up. I spent a fair amount of time on most of the trails in the dark and never encountered anything creepier than a skunk or coyote.

But a distressed skunk can be kind of scary! Dakota B of Glendale, California on said: I was at Griffith park just last night for a Shakesperian play in the park. I noticed the traills that were behind the old bear caverns so I took my eight year old brother with me to walk them. We walked through almost the entire old zoo, and decided to go back because it was getting dark.

So we went back down by the bear caverns and notice another trail in front of where the caverns were. We started walking in that direction but didn't get far..

I was lookin in the cages, and got a very erie feeling. I turned to my right and looked farther down the walkway, and standing at the end was a really big, really dark entity. I'm for certain that it was a demon because I felt like it did not want us there, and I know for other reasons.

So I then told my little brother to run as fast as you can and get out of here. So we started running and I kept turning around to see where the creature was, and it was getting closer and closer..

It felt like I was in a horror movie because as soon as we got out of there back to where the play was, all was calm. I looked back and saw the creature, and another entity that was white and looked like she we in a white dress.. My father always told us that we were also decendants of Donald Feliz, and that if history went a different way, we'd be doing pretty well by now, lol.

I was told that my grandfather was working on the property, when Douglas Fairbanks Sr drove through, and his Model? Ford got stuck in the mud. After my grandfather helped him out, he was told to come down to MGM, Paramount, or whatever studio DF Sr belonged to, and he would give him a job. He did so and ended up enjoying a long career as a hollywood stunt man. He was in many westerns and was in about every Hopalong Cassidy movie ever made, Ben Hur, etc I hear there is a parade honoring the Feliz estate and their decendants, in Los Feliz I would love to attend.

That is why I am here, rather than there. Kelyn Roberts of Santa Monicaon said: Arguably, the Baldwin's Santa Anita property and the Baldwin Hills were as lucky for Baldwin and his estate long after Griffith's fate.

Anne of Orange, CA. In Disneyland there is a schematic set of drawings that Walt and his partner drew for disneyland on the grounds of Griffith Park and then decided to change locations. I did not see this mentioned but found all of his artwork supposed done in a very short time most interesting.

I saw a hairy man come out of a bush and then saw 2 random kids pointing at me laughing so I got scared and ran till igot to my family and they didn't believe me the hairy man was naked and kind of looked like a sasquach has anyone seen this in grufith park.

Charles on said: We made our way carefully toward the area, sure enough this was it! I was so excited as I had heard stories from here too!

Amazingly, the pool and the pool house are in relatively good condition. And yes, as someone mentioned it is creepy walking into the pool house!

Take a flashlight, I didn't! The pool seems to go from about 3 to 7 feet at its greatest depth, and is about 50 to 60 feet long. The pool ladder s to my surprise were incredibly sturdy, however the rickety lifeguard chair wasn't holding out so well. We found the evidence of several worn water bottles scattered about, so this place does receive its share of visitors from time to time. Make your way up on foot, it's not as far from the street as one might think, I'd say about 1 mile, most of that being an asphalt walk sloping upward.

I intend to revisit the area and bring back pictures next time. Have fun and share your own experience here. Confidential of Los Angeles , California on said: The curse at Griffith Park is very true.

I have seen her and I was terrified beyond belief. Prior to this experience I have never believed in the paranormal. What I seen appeared to be a women in a light purple pictorial type dress like that of the s with a white bonnet on her head without a face It was traveling in the air approximately 3 to 4 feet off the ground.

This occurred on a real rainy night at about 3am. I will not disclose my job duties at the park however i work graveyard for years and that was the only occurrence. D of Burbank, CA on said: Beyond the old zoo there is this old pool up in the mountain side I don't know if anyone else has been there.

There are two trails that lead to the pool and the vacant, run-down pool house. If you like the feeling of being watched by an unknown "being" I suggest you go on an adventure to that pool.

If you know the trails there, you can see the pool from the top of "ankle breaker". Gerry of Glendale, CA on said: Yeah, there is some strange things roaming around.

Never go alone at night, it is not because of the ghosts. It becacuse of the danger of the living. Heading to the Old Zoo in a couple of hours for my usual hike. I have been hiking this area for years now and have never encountered anything creepy.

Just the usual friendly spirits of yesteryear and Col Griffith's presence making sure no one misbehaves at his glorious park. I was hiking at the old zoo today with my cousin and 5 year old son.

On the way back down from the 1st trail to the right, we stopped at what must've been rangers quarters. We went in heard a very strange metal banging noise. My son ran out immediately refused to go back in. All 3 of us went back in about 1 minute after we heard the noise. My cousin took a picture of my son, when we reviewed the pictures today, you can see the face and shape of a woman on the bottom left hand side.

Very eerie and scary. Has anyone had anything like this happen to them at the old zoo? Patrick of Birkner, California on said: I went treasure hunting with my son who was 7 at the time 3 years ago. This place is full of surprises if you know where to look. Just think how many people have hidden things up there for the last years. Tesa of Van Nuys, CA on said: Griffith donated the land for the park to the City of Los Angeles due to his son's crime I believe murder.

To keep his son out of prison, the Colonel donated the land and the son joined the Army. I grew up in the L. I run in and work in the park daily never seen a ghost but the area by the Old LA Zoo has some negative energy only place in the park I have ever felt it. While atending college at csuf, I attended a class taught by Judy Suchey. She was a forensic anthropologist for Orange County, as well as a professor there at the school. She told of discovering 2 headstones in the weeds at Griffith Park.

She had been unable to discover any information about them, but was thinking of submitting her 'find' to a t. Anonymous of Los Angeles , CA on said: I have a co-worker who did security for the LA Zoo. He's told me stories of some of his fellow security guards that have actually seen Pentranilla dressed in a white victorian dress. They say she only comes out when it rains though, kinda errie..

And seriously, what a shady story. Are these stories true? Jack of Redondo Beach, California on said: I'm only 11 years old, and have been up the Griffith Hills once. I'm usually a very fortunate person, but hiking there gave me horrible luck that day. I was chased by an unusually large coyote, and nearly bitten by a rattlesnake. The strangest thing though, was when I reached the top, I saw a kid about my age.

I walked up to warn him about the coyote, and I quote him, "I'm quite glad you warned me. Here, take this, its good luck. I thanked him, although severely unimpressed. He then took off through a small path through the bushes. Alone, and worried about the coyote, I rushed down the same path, attempting to catch up with him, but I never found him. I gave up, and went back to my normal pace. I stuck my hand in my pocket, looking for the firecracker, but it wasn't in my pocket, and there were no holes in it either.

I haven't gone back to it since, but I never forgot the strange events that happened that day. Myself and 5 friends went to an area of griffith park not visible to the road that leads to the tunnel to the observatory, we pulled into a parking lot to our left off the beaten path toward the hillside is an "ampitheatre" probably used for school kids, made entirely of concrete with a stage at the forefront with a very large brick fireplace.

We were sitting at different levels and points, when from the left side of the brick structure facing us what appeared to be thick smoke or a cloud rose from the ground to approx.

It appeared to be from the late 's. Salvador Magana of Fresno, CA on said: Anonymous II of Encino, California on said: I have worked at the LA Zoo for over 25 years. One of our security guards has seen the ghost and so have several other workers.

They all describe her the same way, what she's wearing and how she appears. The story goes that she has to come and re-do the curse after each rain as the rain washes the curse away. I am looking forward to seeing her myself, and yes I believe this! I have been up and down the griffith park hills hundreds of times. On the way down it is almost always in the dark, and by myself. No ghosts- only animals and living people. The only unusual thing is that everytime I run really hard up to the top, I have some great deep revelation about my life.

Perhaps a good spirit up there, or just the endorphines dropping with hard exercize. I am doing physical research on this, to try and conclude the and verify the story of ghost sightings. We will see, I have done alot of reaserch within several other places considered to have ghost sightings, and nothing has come up yet. I will be visiting and we will just have to see. I will post another comment within visits, to do physical research on several parts of the park.

I will keep you posted. Any questions or any specific comments on things you want me to try out, let me know. Michael Imlay of Los Angeles, California on said: I'm a Los Angeles-based writer doing research on the topic. If the anonymous commenter who says his dad works at the L. I can be contacted at the email address admin mimlay. Star of San Jose, CA on said: There was another fire there within the last year May 8, that burned a fairly large area, over acres of Griffith Park and destroyed Dante's View, Captain's Roost and a bird sanctuary.

It was started when apparently a homeless man fell asleep with a cigarette in the bushes. My dad works at the l. More Pictures Map Add a Comment! Subscribe to the Mailing List for occasional emails!

Don Antonio F Coronel. So which is it? Elaborate hoax or fact based story? Either way, it's a great ghost story!

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