Trump moves to block China Mobile from US market

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Censorship of YouTube
You'll see an option to unblock the site there. Archived from the original on April 12, If a video receives this status, ad revenue will be canceled for the video in question, and the video will have a yellow coin symbol in the Partner's YouTube dashboard. This will remove any residual settings which may interfere with your new DNS settings. On November 30, , most YouTube videos containing music seemed to be blocked by Finnish nonprofit performance rights organization Teosto in Finland. Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic.

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Watch YouTube in China Using VPN

However, the government did not confirm or give reasons for the ban. YouTube was unblocked on March On the night of April 3, YouTube was again blocked in Thailand. The lawsuit says that YouTube has to be blocked in Brazil until all copies of the video are removed. On Saturday, January 6, , a legal injunction "command" ordered that filters be put in place to prevent users in Brazil from going to the website.

The effectiveness of the measure has been questioned, since the video is not available only on YouTube, but rather has become an Internet phenomenon. On Tuesday, January 9, , the same court overturned their earlier decision, ordering the filters to be taken down, even though the footage was still forbidden, but without technical support for its blockage. But the guesses are that it might have something to do with some pro-separatist group Polisario clips Polisario is the Western Sahara independence movement or because of some videos that criticized King Mohammed VI.

This block did not concern the other two private internet-providers, Wana and Meditel. YouTube became accessible again on May 30, after Maroc Telecom unofficially announced that the denied access to the website was only a "technical glitch".

In Australia, some schools, including all secondary schools in Victoria , have YouTube blocked from student access, after fights have been posted on YouTube. Currently in China the government has blocked YouTube. For several years it has been unblocked but since the past five years it has been blocked. According the site's terms of service, [32] users may upload videos only if they have the permission of the copyright holder and of the people in the video.

Pornography , defamation , harassment , commercials and videos that encourage criminal conduct may not be uploaded. The uploader gives YouTube permission to give out and change the uploaded video for any purpose, and they do not have permission anymore when the uploader deletes the video from the site.

Users may view videos on the site but are not allowed to save them on their computers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The English used in this article or section may not be easy for everybody to understand.

You can help Wikipedia by reading Wikipedia: How to write Simple English pages , then simplifying the article. Archived from the original on December 2, Retrieved December 2, Archived from the original on May 30, Retrieved September 5, Retrieved January 9, Retrieved 7 March Retrieved March 22, Retrieved 30 November Retrieved 12 April Retrieved 15 July Retrieved March 25, Retrieved December 4, Retrieved September 22, Retrieved March 24, Retrieved April 8, Retrieved August 3, Retrieved February 9, Retrieved September 9, Retrieved January 2, Retrieved February 23, The Czech Daily Word.

Retrieved December 7, Retrieved March 13, Retrieved October 13, Retrieved July 9, Retrieved December 1, Retrieved January 15, Retrieved April 1, Retrieved February 14, Retrieved July 8, Retrieved July 25, Retrieved October 1, YouTube comes in Ukraine! Retrieved April 17, Retrieved February 11, Retrieved May 14, Retrieved April 5, So it's now much harder to get access to some VPN services then, but if you're already signed up and have the apps installed you can still to use it without any issues.

For regular folk visiting China on holiday or going there to live, mass censorship is a major pain in the butt. You won't be able to use Whatsapp to message and call loved ones back home. You won't be able to post pictures of the Great Wall on your Instagram. And you won't be able to look up the definition of totalitarianism on Wikipedia. And so you really need to get that butt of yours in gear and sign up for a VPN service before you fly.

So how do you choose the best VPN to use in China? Well when choosing you really must choose a service with excellent customer support. Sure, you could opt for one of the dirt cheap options, but that won't do you much good when your service is experiencing downtime and you're not sure how to get up and running. We've chosen a small selection of the very best VPN services here that we recommend for use in China - remember, sign up and install before you go!

This service's huge number of server destinations means you can hop around the globe as you wish, making it look like your computer, laptop, phone or tablet is located in any one of 94 different countries. The service is known for its excellent uptime and its apps are extremely easy to use.

Don't worry if you're not sure how VPNs work or how to use them - just sign up and install the service and you'll see it's all extremely straight forward even for those who consider themselves technophobes.

For China specifically, Express uses a lot of its resources to stay one step ahead of the censors so attempts to block VPN connections are thwarted. It's a tier-1 VPN network, so it owns all of its servers and can guarantee uptime and speeds - 14 of the servers are in Asia so speeds in China should be as good as they can be. It also has a super nifty "Chameleon" security protocol which it uses to keep your identity super secret.

Vypr has loads of cool features and the basic plan allows you to connect with 3 devices at a time - while the more expensive option gets you 5 devices and that Chameleon super security.

There's also a kill switch which means there is zero chance you IP address will leak out accidentally when connecting between networks. It provides apps for all of the most popular platforms and operating systems out there and provides instructions if you're on a really old or niche system so you can still get up and running. It uses a bespoke system called StrongDNS to protect you against DNS leaks and has loads of server connections so wherever you want to appear to be dialing in from it's not usually a problem.

There's also a money back guarantee so you can try the service for a week and get a refund if you're not happy. We'd probably go with one of the options above but Strong will do the job if you fancy giving it a try! As mentioned above, most global platforms, services, and social networks are blocked in China. In practise this means that if you try to access them you will be denied access. A VPN is the answer to this problem. By logging into your chosen VPN service, all your internet traffic is automatically encrypted which means the Chinese censors have no way to tell what you are or are not looking at.

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How to Unblock YouTube in China?

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Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. How to Block YouTube. This wikiHow teaches you how to prevent unwanted access to YouTube on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Blocking YouTube on a computer can be accomplished both by changing a system file and by using the free. YouTube is blocked in China. But you can use a VPN service to bypass the Great Firewall of China and watch YouTube in China.