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Dreambox HD

Dreambox DM7020 HD User Manual
The new remote feels better, the size is a bit different to the old design. Channel Zapping is fast and picture quality seems better out of the box than previous Dreambox receivers. Table Of Contents 7. Do remember to add the rubber pads before you do this though and finally you put in the 4 screws. Kanal-Informationen Follow this steps: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Video intoduction of the DM7020 HD

Dreambox HD

Remove screw s on the left and right side 2. Remove the screw s on the rear panel, marked on the picture. Place the hard disk into the hard disk cage, ensure that the connection port is pointing towards the back of the dreambox.

Place the hard disk carefully into the plug of the hard disk cage. Placing hdd to hard disk cage Fig. Opening the device on page 37 backwards. Reattach all necessary cables to your Dreambox making sure that you connect the power cord as last.

Before you can use your hard disk for recordings it has to be initialized by the box as described in Initialization on page Add recording stop after current event 3. Add recording enter recording duration 4. Add recording enter recording endtime 5. You can choose between auto to keep your Dreambox in the same state as before the recording do nothing to keep your Dreambox turned on after the recording All other options are the same as in the manually added timer.

Use the Navigation-Buttons to select. Press the OK-Button to activate. Your Dreambox will be turned on 5 minutes before the recording if a recording is supposed to start while the Dreambox is in Deep-Standby mode.

You can check this by pressing the OK-Button. The Infobar will reveal and should show the depicted control symbols. If they are not shown you simply have to press the PVR-Button. This will set a marker at the desired point. Infobar Movieplayer with Markers The red dashes in the timeline correlate to a marker.

Skip to a marker You can directly skip to a previously set marker during playback. List style default with ex- List style default tended description List style single line List style compact with de- List style compact sciption Chapter 6 Setup 6. These settings supplement the settings in simple mode. Recordings always have priority: Mode Scart Select the standard supported by your TV screen.

If you own a TV screen which supports both modes you can also select the Multi option. Your TV screen will automatically switch depending on the input signal.

If you are using a router to access the internet you usually have a DHCP server. Disable this option to set a static IP address. Network Wizard The network wizard will assist you with the setup of you network. Once you have enterred the complete encryption key press the green Options-Button so save the key or the red Options-Button to discard it. Reset This options resets your CI-Module.

This function is needed if you are experiencing trouble with one of your encrypted services. Init This option initializes an inserted Smartcard. It is recommended to inset the CI-Module with the Smartcard already in it. No module found No CI-Module is inserted into the slot. You will be asked if you really want to reset all your settings to the factory defaults.

Afterwards your Dreambox will be restarted automatically. Connect the two coax cables form the two LNBs to a so-called Toneburst switch and connect the coax cable from the Toneburst switch to your Dreambox.

Two satellites via Toneburst Follow this steps: With the Navigation-Buttons choose the desired Satellite. Press the OK-Button to save this settings. Make sure you know which satellite is connected to which input on the Toneburst switch. USALS is a model for calculating the position of all satellites in orbit with a margin of error less than 0.

The coax cable is directly connected from you Dreambox to the LNB. Use the Numeric-Keypad to set the step increment. You can see the progress of the scan here. The scan is done once you see this menu. It shows how many channels were found during the scan. Chapter 8 Systeminformation 8. Kanal-Informationen Follow this steps: Hardware- and Software-Information Follow this steps: Chapter 9 Updating the software 9.

The new software is now being transferred to your Dreambox. Chapter 11 TV-Mode setup With the Dreambox remote control you have the possibility to control the dreambox and your tv device with only one remote control. In order that your tv device reacts to the signals of the remote control, you have to program it before. Now you can use the dreambox rcu instead of the tv-device rcu in order to control your tv-device. Duration of lighting of the Dreambox-Symbol You can adjust in seconds the duration of how long the dreambox-symbol at the bottom is lit-up after you once pressed a button on the rcu.

Update of Firmware Ethernet: Update of Firmware USB: LNB Current mA max. Enigma2 is property of Dream Multimedia GmbH. The copyrights with regard to plug-ins may belong to third parties. Any existing version of Enigma2, original or derived, may only be used by the owner of a Dreambox for private purposes only. Page of 94 Go.

Digital satellite receiver for free and encrypted Digital. Video Broadcasting DVB with optional digital record-. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 2 Please note that the range of functions expands continiously by new software updates. Table Of Contents 3 Basic operation 3. Table Of Contents 4. It is easy to read even from a longer distance.

The front of the box also has a blue LED light. With the latest software you can configure the functionality of this led. The physical size of the DM HD is mm x mm x 75 mm. As you may have noted component video output is missing on the DM HD. Dream Multimedia have also ditched the old RS port for software update and added a mini usb port for service purposes. The easiest way to update is doing it via the network. The new remote feels better, the size is a bit different to the old design. You can program it to control your tv set so it can act as a universal remote for both the dreambox and your tv.

Using the internal card readers of course require softcam installation. The installation wizard helps you getting everything set up right. DVB-S2 has the option of installing factory presets for 28,2 east and 19,2 east so you are able to get going really fast.

The DM HD has the option of putting in a 3. We had no trouble installing a hard drive which is done simply by pushing the drive into the already fixed sata ports on the hard drive mount in the middle of the box. Do remember to add the rubber pads before you do this though and finally you put in the 4 screws.

Inside the channel list we find a new category called FTA so you now easily can look up free to air channels. Another interesting feature is the new blindscan option which is useful for those wanting to do some feedhunting.

The blindscan feature does lack a option to limit what symbol rate ranges to search for but it is positive to see this option included.

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Nov 12,  · There is a new Dreambox in town. DM HD is the latest box from Dream Multimedia most notably offering 2 plug and play tuner slots, so you can receive83%. DreamBox DM HD technical data. DVB-S2 Tuner: Frequency Range MHz QPSK Demodulation EN Signal Level - 65 dBm - 25 dBm Signal-to-Noise Level 12 dB max. View and Download Dreambox DM HD user manual online. for free and encrypted DVB. DM HD Receiver pdf manual download.