How Not to be an #EPIC Social Media Fail

2. DiGiorno #WhyIStayed

35 Examples of #SocialMedia Fails
While things rarely run smoothly on the series, this was an exceptionally difficult episode. Needless to say, this PR exec yep, you heard me…her entire job is telling other people how NOT to do things like this was fired before her plane landed in South Africa. The campaign only escalated the disruptions, strikes, and scandals that Southern has been surrounded with. The OFT launched an investigation into the Twitter ads and found nothing illegal. Because there are no giraffes in Ghana.

2. Epicurious Promotes Scones After Boston Marathon Bombing

7 epic social media marketing fails (and how not to become the next one)

If you haven't done any proper market research recently, do it. Maybe use some modern methods , too. A number of controversial companies e. Morgan have experienced a backlash from trying to connect with their online audience. You get the idea. There's a reason you don't see Marlboro promoting cigarettes on Twitter. If you represent a controversial brand, be aware of this, and think "How can this backfire? Maybe you'll be better off without one.

Naturally, the store had to apologize. Again, some people questioned if the whole idea behind the ad was to attract attention. But surely Bloomingdale's doesn't need brand awareness per se , and an attempt to increase the interest of the Bloomingdale's target audience through the "controversial" rape hints is, well, a failure. Apparently, it went through 5 layers of approval before being accepted. We'll never know how. Of course, as in the story of Bloomingdale's, the Internet raged, and the company had to apologize and remove the slogan from their bottles.

A common mantra tells us that sex sells. Actually, research overwhelmingly shows that it only works when the product itself is sex related, but this is a topic of a different discussion. The point here is that while sex sells, maybe, rape definitely does not. No, okay, they didn't exactly forget.

Audi just tried out something new, something different from posting beautiful photos of luxury cars - and it backfired. The story unfolded as follows. Followers did not get excited about that. Negative reactions kept coming, while the overall engagement dropped down. Users believed Audi was getting distracted from their main purpose - making great cars, and that's a dangerous thing for customers to assume.

Yet, Audi continued the campaign for two weeks, until the buzz about the "failed Audi's social media campaign" started growing outside their brand pages.

After that, they returned to posting amazing cars, and with time the engagement got back to normal. In the Audi's case, this was a safe experiment. It wasn't offensive to anyone, it couldn't cause a social media disaster, and it didn't. It seems that frequent strikes that Southern Rail suffers from left the heads of the train operating company completely mindless.

In October , the company introduced online and printed ads such as this one: The campaign only escalated the disruptions, strikes, and scandals that Southern has been surrounded with. The company apologized and admitted that the campaign was a mistake, but that didn't improve the situation.

Don't attack the unions, don't attack the people that are working for you, don't invite anyone to bully anyone. Starting a social media war is only a good thing if you're intimidating your competitors in a kind of entertaining way. Got any other examples of social media campaign crises? Don't be shy - tell us in the comments! Please enable JavaScript to view the Comments powered by Disqus. Even though this was probably a case of bad timing, if someone had checked the news in the morning this message may have never been sent out.

Online retailer CelebBoutique wanted to take advantage of the trending topic by posting a promotional tweet with Aurora. For some reason, no one at the company bothered to see why Aurora was actually trending.

An epic PR fail. In March , London Luton Airport thought it would be amusing to have some fun with plane crashes. However, the photo that they used for the Facebook post came from a incident in Chicago where a plane slid off the runway, which resulted in the death of a 6-year-old boy.

Shortly following the horrific shooting in Newton, Connecticut, Kmart made an extremely unwise decision. Fans in Portugal were not happy with the ad depicting soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo in this manner and they formed an anti-Pepsi Facebook group. The group, which gained over K fans in only one day, was more than enough for Pepsi to pull the ad.

Besides being tacky, visitors quickly noticed the date on the screenshoot from the VHS, That would have made the stripper only 14 years old. But, we do know that someone definitely dropped the ball with this ad. After the Twittersphere blasted Home Depot, the tweet was deleted and someone lost their job. Despite the attempts from senior managers, new posts kept popping up. There are situations when an auto-tweet, or any type of automatic response is appropriate and acceptable, like if someone just subscribed to a newsletter.

Pigalle, a restaurant in Boston, was not pleased after a customer ranted on Facebook about her Thanksgiving meal in Instead of reaching out and not only finding out why the customer was unsatisfied or offering a promise to be better the next time, chef Marc Orfaly overreacted.

The sports apparel company created an ad that tried to illustrate how long lasting their shoes were by outlasting a dog. The dog was in such bad shape that CPR was required. This was more than enough to anger the numerous dog lovers out there.

This should be common sense, but you probably should never ever use a devastating natural disaster as an opportunity to run a promotion. The company eventually removed the tweet and offered apology, if you want to call it that. Since Facebook is all about connecting and adding friends, this caused some confusion. During the first presidential debate in October , President Obama mentioned his grandmother.

She died 3 days b4 he became president. It turns out that a member of its team had accidentally posted it from the company handle instead of from their personal account. Naturally, there was just a little bit of backlash. The company also apologized for the vulgar tweets. In , Ketchum was in Memphis to meet up with one of its biggest clients FedEx. At one time, Nokia was an important player in the mobile phone market, but has since faced tough competition from heavyweights Apple and Samsung.

During the middle of Chick-Fil-A faced two infamous battles. The first backlash against the fast food chain occurred after CEO Dan Cathy spoke out firmly against same-sex marriage.

This is the perfect example of how not to use Twitter. Remember back in the unpopular plan for Netflix to launch Qwikster? This did not win over users who simply wanted one account for both services.

Even though this Twitter user had nothing to do with Netflix, it gave people another reason to hate on the Qwikster idea. Progressive was involved in a messy social media crisis in August after the sibling of Katie Fisher posted the Tumblr post with the following headline: And, how did Progressive respond? By using an automated message through the service TwitLonger.

Example 1: Epic Tweet Fail

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Social media campaign fails happen so that you can learn from someone else's mistakes. In this post, I've gathered the most recent and fairly educational fails. Read on and enjoy the worst things that happen to the big and rich companies online. Facinating and real lessons to be learned. The sad thing is that these high profile fails have discouraged a number of organisations from embarking on social media campaigns, meaning they are missing out on the many marketing possibilities offered by social media to both B2B and B2C organisations. Mar 27,  · For example, take a look at the following social media fails. They were epic mistakes that will tarnish a brand’s name for some time to come. 1. The Epic Amy’s Bakery Meltdown. Has there ever been an epic meltdown like that from Scottsdale’s Amy’s Baking Company? In case you forgot all the shenanigans, here’s what