Spokeo: How do I remove my name from your site?

How To Remove Yourself From Spokeo

Remove Yourself from Spokeo
Then it prompts me to join and pay. Several years ago my husband died. Their terms say you cannot use their content without their permission, like you dont even have rights over your own data, I know some laws allow it but I think its unethical and probably only allowed for snooping and profiteering. They change their rules and interface so often that I cannot give a consistent answer on that question. Get that data offline so no one can find it by deleting the account entirely. The info I provided above works for me. August 14, at 6:

Follow these step-by-step instructions to remove yourself from Spokeo:

How to Remove Yourself From People Search Directories

A friend emailed it to me saying that the website has all the personal info on her family and that maybe I should check it out to make sure I am not on the site. It also mentions if you were married, with kids and much more. Then they have a service were people can sign up and pay 3. I have typed in several other of my family members names and ALL were in the database. Who wants all this personal info out there on the web???????

Spokeo is one of many sites now operating on the Internet that aggregate and display personal information collected from a variety of public sources such as social networking accounts, blog posts, phone book listings, customer-submitted reviews, real estate listings, etc. Spokeo displays listings that sometimes contain more personal information than many people are comfortable having made publicly accessible through a single, easy-to-use search site, and in March warning messages alerting recipients that their personal information was viewable through Spokeo began circulating, just as warnings about a similar pay-for-use site, ZabaSearch , had been circulated several years earlier.

The contact pages have a form, no email, no phone. They dont want anyone to know who they are or where they live and want to protect their own privacy. But they put hundreds of thousands of peoples personal data on their public websites for the whole world to see. Thats hypocritical and kind of sad. Their terms say you cannot use their content without their permission, like you dont even have rights over your own data, I know some laws allow it but I think its unethical and probably only allowed for snooping and profiteering.

But they also obtain data illegally. There is a UK website with a searchable database, terms on the page says no redistributing data. People copy it anyway and call it public just because they accessed it. I complained to the UK company, they said their legal team were looking into it, nothing was done.

I had my address changed in the UK database to private, but there are still a few websites with my address from years ago. I was harassed in the past and moved house I am now very private. I know about IT and spent ages removing my data from websites, some kindly comply, some do not reply or do not care they say it is public. They say they help you contact lost friends, thats not the real reason, they buy databases from organisations, hackers, scrape content, out of date, or illegal, put it on a website with adverts, or paid upgrade, or paid removal, to make money.

What else are people going to do?. On their page Allison says it helped her dating, she must have been spying on someone. And how can you find a lost love but not contact them if it might be against their wishes. I dont know if Allison is real the photo belongs to another Allison an author with a different surname so did they copy her image?.

Most UK data comes from the electoral roll or phone directory which you can opt out, or registered companies and domain name owners which depend whether you use your home address or an office or a privacy service. If you forget to opt out or dont use a different address you can end up on a public search, most UK websites show partial records with paid service, I think they realised giving away full data was not making them money.

I am curious why Cubib. There are many places that leak data, buying a house, using eBay, social media left public, most services and shops have accounts with your data in a login unless they get hacked like Yahoo and others who had millions of records stolen.

Unfortunately thats the risk if you live the modern lifestyle. I wont get started on smart televisions and echo that send conversations to servers and smartphone apps that ask permission to access your wifi storage contacts messages photos cameras microphone etc and most people click accept, they probably wouldnt hand over their diary and photo album to a stranger on the street, but they give away more to companies they dont know.

You could give up modern conveniences and live in the middle of nowhere with no internet. I have considered it.

But most people get severe FOMO.. I think life was better years ago when communities were more face to face not buried in screens and without companies snooping and saving everything, I think it takes away our humanity. Well done for putting useful information to help people remove data, I am not on most of the sites you mentioned because they are for USA.

I am tempted to make a blog and tell others about information I learnt and how to keep private. George is not my real name and I used an anonymous email but I hope this gets through, I am real I just did not want to add more data than is already out there!.

Good luck to others who want privacy and are trying to get data removed. The only way to get rid of these site is to petition our government! This is a security issue, and identity thieves are using these sites! Especially identity thieves from foreign nations!

Please write your local Congressional representative! There is power in numbers. Government save me from my poor decisions as I trusted data brokers with pointless apps like facebook, linked in, yahoo, and all the rest. The power of the free market is the ultimate force. Boycott them, boycott companies whom sell data to them. Bigger government is not the answer and all government injection would accomplish is legitimizing a great deal of this data aggregation behavior.

Government does not solve problems, it subsidises them. I emailed them and received a response from their support person. Seemed odd that they would have an option to request the removal of information but not do it… So, I emailed back asking why they have the feature if they have no intention of actually using it.

Still waiting on an answer. Per the federal trade comission it is NOT legal. Unauthorized use of data should be illegal. These companies are guilty of violating privacy and creating a bait and switch data management industry. Any instance of verifying your identity merely confirms the validity of their data, and makes your data worth more. You should not and can not trust any of these big data companies.

Effective data management needs a shelf life, and permissions based settings. No, you really do need an email address. Using your phone number is probably worse. My father passed in and I wanted to know how could I remove his information from these search sites? Keep in mind that you want to follow these steps again every 6 to 8 months.

They do new searches and update their databases. I just went through and rechecked the process for removing information from the sites listed and updated the links and instructions.

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When you use these links, you help support our ongoing editorial mission to provide you with the best product recommendations. Keep social media to yourself Because many search sites pull data from publicly available social media profiles, reducing the data in your profile will help. Get rid of unused accounts Many people search sites pick up information from your publicly available profiles.

Remove yourself from people searches directly The next step is getting your data off the major people search sites themselves. See the requirements for major search sites below. Acxiom Fill out Acxiom's opt-out form , which requires your name, phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses to match you to your profile. BeenVerified Search for your listing on BeenVerified's opt-out page and provide your email address. Intelius Fill out its opt-out form , which requires your first name, last name city, state and zip code plus either your address or phone number.

MyLife Search for your listing on MyLife and claim your name. PeopleLookup Fax or mail P. Spokeo Search for your listing on Spokeo, then copy and paste the listing URL and your email address into Spokeo's opt-out form. I searched for myself and found multiple profiles. Additionally all the info they had was outdated and wrong.

Has anyone had any luck with this site? They removed my info from their web page but the same info is still included on the link — and the link is still there. They will not remove the link. Please delete my profile. I notice a lot of you are elderly. You people are the most gullible and easiest prey for identity theft. Stop posting your personal info here!!

Learn to read And get educated about technology! Online Privacy Abine What's happening now in online privacy, from pop culture to law to personal stories. How to delete yourself from Spokeo. Will Simonds June 13, Abine background checks data brokers delete yourself from DeleteMe identity theft info brokers online privacy people search websites personal information public Spokeo Last modified: April 9, Previous Story: How to remove yourself from BeenVerified.

Your privacy on OkCupid: Since , Will has lead a team of privacy-minded individuals to help Abine's customers reach their ultimate goal: As a privacy advocate himself, Will has managed The Online Privacy Blog as its chief contributor and editor.

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Personal information is viewable through the Spokeo aggregator site?

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Spokeo aggregates publicly available information from phone books, social networks, marketing surveys, real estate listings, and other public sources. This third-party data is then indexed through methods similar to those used by Google or Bing to create a listing. Now repeat steps for all of your previous addresses and variations of your name. Spokeo tends to post multiple listings, so you’ll likely find yourself on their website more than once. Note that Spokeo only allows 5 removal requests per email address and IP . Removing Your Listing from Spokeo Spokeo aggregates publicly available information from third party sources. Therefore, removing a listing from our directory will not remove your information from its original source and therefore your information might still appear on other directory sites.