Chromecast connected to wi-fi, but can't access the internet

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Chromecast Not Working: 7 Simple Fixes
It appears it was as simple as that- location of the router and TV! I solved this problem. Similar Threads can you create photo albums on sd card? Windows Mac iPhone Android. Submit a new link. It says "ready to cast", but my cast buttons in my apps are gone. AP Isolation is already disabled.

Chromecast Spontaneously Restarts

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Jun 28,  · The Days Inn almost certainly uses a captive portal; that is a page you have to click through to get on the Internet. Chromecast does not support networks that are only accessible through a captive portal. I'm not sure why I can't connect to my WiFi network I'm seeing the following error, 'We cannot connect with your Chromecast from this computer' My router has MAC Address filtering enabled I have VPN enabled on the network that I want to use I'm seeing the following error, "We weren't able to discover your Chromecast on the network". Your Chromecast came with a short HDMI extender cable. This is a stiff cable, a couple of inches long, that will cause your Chromecast to stick out of the back of the TV. The purpose of this cable is to give your device a little more breathing room to .