How to Remove Favourites from Safari in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

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Clear the history and cookies from Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
It worked immediately after doing what I was told. October 18, at 2: October 20, at Like other posters on here he had a thick indian accent. Instead of swiping up to delete it, tap to bring it up on the full screen. Adware , how to prevent virus on iphone , iOS Add an email in the Send line I used an old email that is still active but I no longer use , delete the number from the cc line, then hit send.

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How to Hide the Safari Bar on an iPad

So, closed the page, and followed the direction listed above to clear the history. I forgot what address I typed exactly but I was trying to read an article on espn.

I assumed the message was from apple so I called the number that I was asked to call immediately. I refused to pay that and asked to speak to his supervisor, he hung up. I did give him my email address though. I had a pop up on my iphone saying a third party had hacked my phone. When I called they were very insistent that I let them fix my phone and give them my credit card number. I cleared my history and cache like you said on this site and everything went back to normal. Toll free fake number 1 1 credit card information 2 bank account 3 pictures family pictures personal pictures 4 email information and passwords in general.

Also if I update my iPhone to the latest version would it help remove the adware virus or not? Accidently clicked on popup and pressed to call number. Spoke to Robin with Acu Technosoft at After going around in circles for a CC number to charge I said no and hung up. I called the number and an indian accent answered.

They ask for IMEI of my phone. I asked if theres any way to rid that virus. And they said no other way. Then i said i will just visit apple store, they keep convincing me to remove the virus. I said that i will just call them back.

I search how to remove virus and safari head me to this site. This this fix by: My popup said fixiosnowonline. My wife received this error with a phone number 1 Called number which had quite a wait time then someone who spoke english quite well but not as a native US english person asked for first and last name, phone number and email, which I gave.

At that point, if figured it was a scam and hung up. Later I did a search and found this site. I got one today from they told me I had a potential threat had been detected and I needed to call the number to fix it immediately. Indian accent, straight up called 4xs?

I told them I was broke, and told me to call back I got a similar pop-up on my iPad warning that I had downloaded a virus and giving the phone number I called and a man with a heavy Indian accent answered, said he was from Apple, and asked for my email address.

I hung up and called the real AppleCare number, which confirmed this was a scam. I was surfing the net when I got a pop up. I asked what are you tech support for? He replied Iphone, Ipad any iOS device. I told him about the message I received and he asked for my apple ID. I immediately hung up sensing it was a scam.

Sure enough once I had the ability to get on the internet with another device I found this site. Clearing my history and cookies did the trick. I hate that guy with Indian accent so much. Fortunately, the card is declined and they are not be able to steal my money! Received a pop-up about safari-warning on my iPad today.

The pop-up mentions the e-mail password, credit card account, and personal information are at risk, etc. It cannot be closed and it is very annoying. It instructs me to call Apple Tech Support to remove the virus.

Followed the above suggestions of clearing safari cookies, cache and history, the pop up box was removed. Had this long msg pop up while i was on safari http: Today, I had the same problem popping up on Safari. FYI When I googled just the phone phone number, it took me to a website with the following url. The Indian guy asked for my card number, the number on the back, and my billing address, so I gave it to him since I was scared of the fact that there was a virus on my tablet. What should I do?

You should close the credit card or report it to the bank.. You just have to clear the safari cookie. While i was on safari searching up things, this random long page showed up so much times and keep saying called this phone number saying i have a virus on my phone.

My phone is iphone 6 and i just got it like 2 weeks from now. I got a msg on my iPad that locked up the screen with a number to call they said they were Apple support and on three calls they gave me 3 different charges to clear the problem. They gave me 3 different addresses also.

BS scammers of the first order. Got a pop on google that told me to call this Number toll free I kept getting a pop-up message on my iPhone after I accidentally clicked an ad from http: The message also said, exactly: I got two flashing error pages on my iphone4 after clicking on a youtube video. One was a very official looking blue outlined Apple error box. I suspect now the rapid flashing is intended to induce a little panic. Consequently, I had trouble getting the scam number to call, which BTW was I switched my phone to Airplane Mode then eventually just turned it off.

Other features on the phone were working until I switched to Airplane Mode. He said they were based in Las Vegas. I asked several times, somewhat in a panic, if he worked for Apple or were they an authorized Apple tech support provider. He answered affirmatively but not confidently or deliberately. I would expect any Apple personnel or their subcontractors would be articulate, clear and confident. This has always been my experience with anybody associated with Apple.

He directed me to the Settings App? But I knew what iCloud was, it sounded logical and I gave him my account email account information. He somehow was able to access my phone number and repeated it back to me.

Ironically, he misspoke repeating back my email account name and that would have probably saved me some grief. The connection was poor and frankly his English was worse. That I would not lose any emails, contacts, texts or pictures. He put me on hold a few minutes, maybe less than a minute. We were disconnected and he called me back. About this time, I saw a comment on one site that said these scammers infect your device then charge you for a fix when you call in to this seemingly official 8XX number.

Now my suspicions were confirmed. I said I was going to check directly with Apple for a fix and I hung up. I did get an email from Apple a few minutes later that someone tried to use my email address to access my FaceTime account and my iMessages which I rarely use.

I followed the suggested fix above clearing the History, Cookies, Data, etc. I happen to have a new iPhone 5 in the box and have put off switching over I just like my 4 but will be doing that soon tomorrow. I apologize if this commentary is a bit verbose but I had hoped the details and pattern of behavior would help someone else avoid this frustration and any cost.

I just went through the exact same thing after i called that number it sounded fishy so i went online and had apple support call me. They looked into it and it was a fake message from a website, she walked me through clearing everything and said I should be fine. They asked for my email 1 Someone let me know if it was a false virus. Just a warning to others….. Details, fit this sort of scam. Happens I safari a lot.

MacKeeper is a scam too that will get you on your laptop; there are warnings out about that. The Indian accents mentioned by some hear are a dead giveaway if someone actually talksbtomthese folks.

Every real apple tech imhave ever spoken too has been American. They are usually in Dallas it Alabama or Capistrano but Americans all. OMG I love this website, thank you everyone. I just accidentally clicked on an ad in a webpage and it said like FBI Warning, blah blah 5 to 7 years in prison dollars please.

Call this number immediately!! They said that they needed my email address in order to verify that my phone was at risk. I foolishly gave it to them. I took my phone over to my local Verizon store and they used the method describe above to remove the pop-up. Instead, just use the home button to close your browser. Neither of which I have! Said server error from third party application — warning iOS crash report, call for immediate fix.

Figured it was a scam, but had no clue how to fix it myself. They have heavy accents and are very difficult to understand. I rang the number and actually gave them my name and email address before I picked up on it being a scam.

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Erase Safari Data Step. Launch the Settings application on the iPad by tapping its icon on the home screen. Step. Select the "Safari" option from the "Settings" menu. Step. Tap the "Clear History," "Clear Cookies" and "Clear Cache" buttons at the bottom of the screen to erase all web browsing data collected by Safari. (on your iPad, you need to tap on bookmarks button at the top left corner.) Step #3. Next, Make sure Bookmarks tab is selected at the top → tap on Favorites. Step #4. Tap on Edit at the bottom right corner. Step #5. Up next, tap on the red button to the left of the websites you don’t want to keep in Favorites anymore. Then, tap on Delete. Step #6. . Clearing your history, cookies, and browsing data from Safari won't change your AutoFill information. To clear your cookies and keep your history, tap Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data > Remove All Website Data.