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Why sideload Android apps in Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX?

How to Root & Convert Kindle Fire HD 8.9 into Pure Android Tablet!
I rooted installed google play and changed the launcher. However I really would like to update to a later version of android and the update option under Settings just hangs. First time to rooting and custom ROMs? So i need some serious help. It did work on Kindle Fire HD.

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How to sideload Android apps in Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX?

Any information or insight would be greatly appreciated. It will take your kindle to TWRP mode. Once it is sideloaded, In kindle goto install and choose sideload. You will be in CM When you turn on the adb sideload in the kindle, you must check the two options they appear before to start adb sideload, then go to command prompt and write adb sideload rom. I am now stuck here.

I type in adb sideload rom. It states that it cannot read abd sideload. What commands should be typed to get the zip file to load? I cannot get it to run at all. I thought I ruined it, looked all over the web for a fix, but it was right here all along! Again, thanks so much!!! After doing my sideload and I installed CM10 it goes to the logo CyanogenMod and the thing keeps going in circles. I got to the last part where u fast boot it and when it was done it just shut off and it wont turn back on.

The same with me. Luckily follow these steps helped me: Here is how i fixed these problems. Follow the guide to step 22 with the tablet in TWRP mode - select advanced, wipe, advanced wipe and check ONLY the dalvik cache, data, cache and system…swipe to wipe. Select advanced, then ADB sideload on the tablet, tap the two check boxes in the upper left, swipe to side load. Bricked my Kindle HD 8. Tried all kind of things. I get the following error: I really messed it up.

I wanna surprise my sister with my cool Kindle 8. I gotta fix it before the end of the month. I hope you can help me. I appreciate any advice. I cant get my computer to recognize my kindle to copy the roms to it anymore.

Can you go into the twrp? Power off, then power on and right after you power on hold the volume up key for about 10 seconds and release it. That should take you to twrp. My pc will not allow this to be installed. If the folder contains a driver, make sure it is designed to work with Windows for xbased systems. Thanks in advance for your help! I am having the same problem as Bob. I have tried many many times without result. I am running as Admin. What can be done?

Notice the PID change from to on this newer model. Seriously frustrating, to say the least. Are you logged in as an administrator? Did you follow the steps exactly? Can someone help me with a fix immediately. Brand new device that i bought and now i am in trouble in the experimentation process. Now the other problem is when i connect my device to computer to sideload the two. This will help me a lot in future plans.

I have a kindle fire 7 inch hd I did everything as said but restarted on kindle fire logo and not get her out of that state and help me please. One question, is this for otter 1 or otter 2? Lack of responces and a terriblely thought out video.

IF you are supposed to copy over the CMD 10 zip files before you twrp it. And now there is no way for me to put it back to stock to start over or to move forward. Hey did you ever get a resolution because I am currently running into this problem. I get black screen all the time. Any thoughts how to fix it though? In the command prompt after I type adb devices it does not show a number but list of devices attached.

What did I do wrong? Could anyone help with this? I had to take the CM In command prompt I loaded it via sidebar. Before this I was stuck on the blue Kindle Fire screen. Once I sideloaded it, it booted. It started normally and it has been working. Let me know if you need more help. I have the same problem. But sideload has not finished installing. Thanks for the video. I got almost everything working great. My only problem is if I reboot the Kindle, it gets stuck at the spinning Cyanogenmod splash screen.

I then have to reboot it and go into twrp. Then if I wipe the cache or whatever, and reboot it, it works normally. Is there a fix for this? I am stopped at the twrp screen. Please help or I am looking at a brick. Am I completely screwed here? I left a message yesterday. Please respond with a solution.

I respect your work here but need to get out of this situation. Your computer is not supposed to detect your tablet as an external hard drive while you are in twrp. Try installing the driver again and using sideload. Refer to the instructions above. The whole operation in the video, operation 21, loading the folders onto the device were not available. It will say starting sideload. Your computer will not see the device as an external storage anyway!!

You need to use command prompt and use the sideload command. Is there any way to back out of this and get back to kindle factory or am i left with a brick? That is all correct, pluggd in, in twrp on sideload under advanced and nothing comes up under adb sideload.

I made a mistake while putting the android on my Kindle. I followed all the steps up until step I pressed the on button for 30 seconds, still nothing.

I plugged into the charger, still nothing. Has my kindled died or is there any hope for it? I you have problem with blue logo, after start just press and hold Volume Up by seconds, then you will go to TWRP. Its not starting at all for me to put it into twrp mode. Its just off as if the battery is dead.

No response from any of the buttons, No response after plug in or anything. Normally this folder is hidden, so you need do step 6 before enable hidden files and folders. Then you will see it. Hi, I tried rooting my kindle fire hd 8. Any tips to fix this?

I have read all the above comments and so far nobody has posted this question. I have gotten through step 20 and instead of the kindle going to twrp it goes to fastboot mode. Anybody have an answer to that? If you do that, it will go into twrp. I totally understand what your saying. I did a root on the original kindle fire. When I turn on the kindle I push the volume up button it goes to the blue kindle logo for a second and then displays fastboot mode instead of twrp. I continue holding the button and it does nothing other than sit in the fastboot mode.

If I dont push the volume button up right away it sits in the blue kindle fire logo without change. Thanks for replying quickly though! Mine did the same thing and I thought it was bricked. I think I got it into fastboot mode and started over from step I just went back to step 16 and it is stuck in the waiting for device screen in command prompt. From I re installed the drivers and it was successful however it did not make the command prompt recognize that the device was connected.

Therefore I am still stuck. Thank you so much…Now my wife has google play and can download her apps that she had on her android! Sorry to tell you, this is where mines been for over 2 weeks. I was really pissed but kept messing around and retrying things and finally got it working. Somebody can help me? Max, Thank you for this guide. Followed it step by step with video and it worked perfectly.

I also used you HTC One x unlock and root guide and that worked perfectly as well. Stuck after fastboot mode…cant install driver on windows 8. So after fastboot reboot command… my kindle never reboots and its black screen… Cant be recognized by computer and not sure if its bricked. As directed in this page and the CM os is working.

This means that you need to run an older version of YouTube than is available on Google Play which is a real pain. Once you do connect, WiFi is incredibly slow. The tablet is fast, but I only get 2MB on the download and 1.

Again the cynagenmod screen continues. Please help me in this. Everything went fine up to step Is there anything I can do at this point?

Hope someone have a solution for this situation. I mean my unit has power, charging is not the issue. What should I do? Anyone have a way to stop Windows 7 installing the drivers and getting step 5 to work? How do I restore this Kindle back to factory. When I do a restore from the dual boot loader it just hangs at the blue kindle fire logo.

I also have the images I made on step 14, how do I restore those? TWRP kept hanging and required 3 boots to finally come up got a little worried for a while.

I did perform backups at both points. All-in-all, this is a very good guide! Well, this is three years later so I bet you already fixed it John. And then, you will need to install the ROM, and Gapps again. I really need some help i would do anything to even get back the amazon OS. I am freaking out. First power off , then hold power button for just 1 sec to power on and immediately press and hold the volume up button. If you are holding such that the buttons are on the top then volume up button is the left one.

Hold until you see TWRP screen. Hi, when i press volume up button kf says: Played with it a little more. I made the mistake of doing a full wipe and not a factory reset. So I got cm Travis how did you get gapps and launcher changed? Thats all I want to do, not go full blown cmod. After looking at the suprise gift of Kindle Fire from my wife I was completely upset. Didnt want to use the screwed up built in OS.

Actually I wanted Kindle DX to just read books. But Thanks for the excellent guide. Had few glitches, but were sorted out by reading the comments. First tried to load the drivers again by updating the PID to but it work. So used sideload command from my computer and yipee… I am a happy man now. However I really would like to update to a later version of android and the update option under Settings just hangs. Before going right to CM11 I tried installing cm Anyone know a way around this?

Hello, sorry for my English, I have this problem, I can watch the logo cyanogenMod, but when try to reboot, never do it, only show some secons a new screem and again the logo cyanogenMod comeback,and again, again and never enter to os system. Just a black screen. Worried it might be bricked for good. I rooted the Kindle Fire HD 8. I now have Superuser icon but how can I get in the command line to install the rest? I stuck at step This is the most current version for my generation KFHD7.

OK, I seem to have most everything working, except: Bluetooth will not switch on. Wow this tutorial is too confusing. Made me repeat the whole thing 3 times. Export CM11 and Gapps before you load in trwp. I went through all the steps and went it booted up it went to where the KindleFire is white and blue and got stuck there.

I turned it off and back on using the volume up key and it goes the fastboot mode screen, but what should I do next? If I turn it back on, it goes back to the KindleFire white and blue and shows on device manager as Kindle. However, I cannot install CM What am I doing wrong? I even tried restoring the data. Well, I did it thanks to the many posters here that clarify many of the issues and no so clear instructions. It works just great. I ran into the same problem a few times.

To turn it back on make sure you press the power button and as soon as you let the button go, press the volume up key. This most be done quickly. For best results use a finger from your left hand and feel the volume up button first, that way by the time you press the power button you are ready to press the volume up key.

Hi, Can anyone tell me how to get the correct android rooted files to do the root of my kindle fire hd 8. I kick the zip link in the article but the file is not downloaded. I just tried the links included here and they work. Make sure you are downloading the files and not the zip application. For example, when you click the link to download the CM The link for CM Thank you for responding.

When i enter screen all i see is a bunch of download images for nothing i need and this:. You are downloading CM I have tried this on chrome and firefox. Another thing that bugged me is when I typed: It came up with: I would always get stuck on the fastboot screen in the end with was annoying. I hold power button for roughly 10 seconds to power off. Another thing, after rooting my device, I get no adds when it powers on, but if I turn the screen on and off, the background changes back to adds..

Any help on this would be amazing! I will be revisiting this page several times a day until the problem is solved. I want to restore back to the original Amazon OS. I did step 14 for the back up plus I did the back up in Twrp. I can restore in twrp and It looks like it does but I cant figure out why it wont boot up all I get is the blue kindle logo.

Mine is like that too. Just power off , then hold power button for just 1 sec to power on and immediately press and hold the volume up button. It was twrp that was the problem. I upgraded twrp to 2. To do that I restarted the Kindle over and over holding the up button. It finally booted to twrp then I flashed the twrp 2. Like the video said for cm Also upgraded to cm No issues at all.

Been running all weekend. I got to step 22 now the thing has reboot and it shits at the blue Fire logo and never finishes loading. I have restored to factory settings multiple times, but it still gives out that error. What could be causing the problem?

Help will be greatly appreciated. Did you ever get this? Go into System and this will open System properties. Scroll to the very end of the list in here. I did try to add that system variable Tim but I continue to get the same error. Is it possible this is truly a space issue on the tablet? Do they store their OS in a specific area with limited space issues? Any help getting around this would be appreciated.

It may be time to get out the wallet and just buy a true Android device. The part of the script that bombs is executing severals commands from a single shell statement.

I broke those commands up into individual shell statements and put in some echos so I could see what was happening. Here is what I found: It completes the Mount busybox command successfully. It complete the move command mv su successfully. It bombs with the write error when trying to move the Superuser. It bombs with the write error when trying to cp busybox. The chown and chmod and rm commands appear to have finished.

I was hoping to move some. I tried moving Swype and OfficeSuite with no success. It was a large file 28mb? After removing that apk I submitted the Superuser move command again and still received the same error. Are we dealing with a permissions error or is this possibly the OS people put in to prevent us from doing this very thing?

I was able to fix the problem through the help of some posts related to Superuser. Seems this is a problem not just on Kindles. So I followed step by step the process you told me, but then I encountered the same problem as many others where the screen would be stuck at the Kindle fire blue screen. I just recently bought this and it is already bricked.

It will not boot up! Can you help me? I can confirm that this method worked wonderfully with the KFHD 8. No real issues except for what seems everyone gets, in that it hangs after the last reboot at the bluish kindle fire splash screen. But, after a few extra attempts to restart and press the up volume it finally goes to boot and all is well.

Excellent job at explaining HashCodes method.. Wondering if there is a 4. I am going to be looking for one ASAP. So i need some serious help. I had finally managed to root my kindle fire hd 7 first gen and wanted to add the second boot loader. So i followed this guide from step 15 to step 20 where it tells you to reboot. Then I get a broken unlock button that again looks to have been cut and spliced badly. Lee, I am trying to root also, I think it has to do with having software version 8. Anyone know if there is an updated root for 8.

And my kindle is running slow. I am afraid to try and redo anything or else I may mess it up. Please let me know how I can fix it. I have a kindle fire 8. Also what needs to be done if your desktop is the x64 bit and the drivers tell you it cannot recognize them? If you happen to discover these cheat codes useful please feel free to cross them on. In case you have cheats, codes, hints, ideas, walkthroughs or reviews for Minions Paradise please send them in.

I have an Amazon Fire HD I never got the SuperUser app icon on the device, and in my. Please help me to simply get rid of the Amazon OS and just have Android on it in a simple way…. Maybe you have ideas, why i have error, when i trying make this step: No such file or directory. The file is located in C: System on my computer Windows 8. If i testing my device adb devices i getting answer and saw my device in LIST of devices. Where is my error? Why not found file? It worked and I have a new system on my device Kindle fire 8.

Many thanks for the guide and video. Thx u thx u. This has saved my tablet. How would you go about updating the twrp to allow for cm 11? But worried about flashing twrp IMG 2. Any thoughts would be great. Just fought with this for several hours and finally found a combination that works. I just flashed over the 2. If you are interested in topic: Great job, this worked perfectly other than getting hung on the blue logo screen and having to reboot into twrp and having to use adb from command prompt to transfer over the CM10 and gapps.

Very happy I got rid of the lousy Fire OS. Hey, I thhink your blog might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog in Chrome, it looks fine but whdn opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! I am not sure you have problems with silk or Chrome. The tutorial was clearr and simple to use. Only problem is that I cannot open it.

Why you cannot open it? Can you see the chrome app icon in apps in your tablet after installing? Says chrome is installed. Icon on home screen. When you tap it just blinks. Tried uninstall and all over again with same results. Try to do anything else and it asks whether to use Chrome or Silk. If you choose chrome nothing happens. Did you try to install an older version? You can get previous versions in apk file from apk mirror. This one should work: I have used this app to gain the games I needed!!

It only lets me have the Amazon downloaded ones. The parental control in Fire tablets are for apps from Amazon app store only. You cannot assign other side-loaded apps. They used to play on the Flixter app, but that app now says it is no longer supported for Kindle.

Unfortunately, I took all my downloaded versions of the movies off my Kindle to free up space. Then Flixter stopped supporting movie downloads and playback, so now I need a way to get the movies onto my Kindle plus a way to play them.

VLC Player seems like the perfect solution for playing them, so thank you very much for that suggestion. If the app can download movies, you can try to reinstall the app. You can check it with the developer. VLC is only a player. Hi Simon, Thanks for the information. We just bought a kindle fire and followed the above steps.

However unable to see the chromecast icon in 1market mobile. What should we do? Thank u for the info. It worked and I am now able to use Google. The only thing I can not do is login. I need to be able to. I downloaded 1 moble years ago on my kindle. Havent used it much since android phone. Just tried to download google translate and moble 1 app says no connection.

Has some kindle update somewhere down the line destroyed my 1 moble app? Let me clarify, The app app is still visible on my kindle, itjust says. What vwesion do you recommend? The Youtube version does not matter. You need a matched version of Play services. You need get the APK files for Android 4. But it seems there are some playing issues fast playing, without sound with the latest Youtube app in HDX.

There are no issues in the newer and far cheaper ones. Yes, the recent 2 or 3 generations of fire HD tablet. Anyway, the root problem is FireOS. In Fire OS 5, they gave up the efforts.

This is the reason why it is easier to use Google play store and other apps in latest tablet. Google Facebook LinkedIn Twitter. Comments How come in the first shot of your home screen, it showed all your apps, but when you downloaded the two apps, they were the only ones on the home screen?

Thanks, you helped me make my kindle have the abilities I wanted. The 1mobile app wont download on mine for some reason. Did you get any error messages when trying to download? This guide still works when you want to sideload apps to kindle fire 2nd gen.

Thank you for the help…. I can do homework now!!! Once you open the app, it should appear in the carousel. Most of them will not work. Sideload apps are not supported by Amazon. The main problem is that Amazon removed some essential items for Google framework.

For apps from other developers, usually you get less problems. Does this process work on Fire OS 4. When I start chrome it immediately crashes. Hi , I downloaded chrome and 1mobile , then I downloaded showbox but there is no content. Most new apps from Google require Google play services that are not available in fire tablets. Simon, what do you know about getting Fire HDX 8. It did work on Kindle Fire HD.

I will test it on HDX soon. The latest version of fire of should be 5.

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