MPLS Layer 3 VPN Configuration


Creating an MPLS VPN
Here are customer A's routes:. The command route-target both is used as a shortcut for the two commands route-target import and route-target export , which appear separately in the running configuration. So your questions needs to be more specific. KOKO guest August 5, at 3: Fez guest July 25, at This could be due to english not being my native language but this sounds like you're saying that RD defines the VPN and this is not true.

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Create and Assign VRFs

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This document provides a sample configuration of a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN over ATM when Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) or Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is present on the customer's site. Jun 28,  · A VPN label (propagated via MBGP) is the second label in stack if we are talking about MPLS VPN, the TOP label is for the Egress PE router, any packet that need to be forwarded between the customer VPN sites needs to be tagged via the whole stack (Top label + VPN label), any other packets forwarded between the provider routers . MPLS: Layer 3 VPNs Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS Release 15M&T -Multiprotocol BGP MPLS VPN.