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Windows 10 S is a better OS

Windows RT upgrade to Windows 10
Retrieved July 10, It's not clear that you'll ever be able to swap in third-party programs for core apps. To a certain extent the issue has been solved for me because my Surface failed terminally. Only two more Windows RT devices, Microsoft's Surface 2 and the Nokia Lumia in late, were released outside of the five original launch devices, and no Windows RT counterpart of the Surface Pro 3 was released due to a re-positioning of the Surface line into a high-end market, and a switch to Intel architecture for the Surface 3. Retrieved March 11,

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Nobody liked Windows RT, and the entire idea was abandoned just two years later. So why is Microsoft doing the same thing again with Windows 10 S? That's like saying planes and cars are the same things because they can both get you from a point A to a point B. Windows RT was bad, but only because it was locked to the Windows Store with no other options. Windows 10 S has options, including the ability to not be Windows 10 S anymore. If you buy a Windows 10 S machine, you will never be "locked" to Windows 10 S forever.

Users have the option to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for a discounted price. That doesn't mean that it's a better operating system, and in fact it has quite a few limitations. Microsoft's vision for the future of computers builds a new world for Windows. It works well with a mouse and keyboard, and it's great with touch screens. It lusts for apps, lives for sync, and loves real-time updates.

But that's all available in Windows 8. It only comes preinstalled on certain tablets, such as the Microsoft Surface RT , which are most easily identified by the "RT" designation that's often at the end of their names. To be blunt, Windows RT is a thinner version of Windows 8. It lacks third-party access to the Desktop mode, so you will only be able to use programs like the New Microsoft Office review and Internet Explorer 10 there.

No legacy Windows software will work on it, a big strike against, and the Windows Store offers an anemic app catalog at the moment. RT also won't suffer the same malware concerns that full Windows 8 will because of its different chip architecture. Installation Since Windows RT is only available preinstalled, you only have to log in with a Microsoft account to get started. You can also create one when you start your device for the first time, or use a locally stored account.

If you've been using a Microsoft account with another Windows 8 or Windows RT device, your personal settings will sync over. Apps must be downloaded manually, although you can download them in batch. Internet Explorer 10 bookmarks and pinned sites will sync, too. Account syncing can take some time, depending on the speed of your connection and your specific RT device.

Overall, though, getting started on a Windows RT device is quite simple. Interface Windows RT's interface is identical to the Windows 8 interface, and that's both a strength and a weakness. To that end, here I only discuss the impact of the new Windows interface as it pertains to Windows RT.

The challenges of the Windows 8 interface are more pronounced in Windows RT because Microsoft wants you to live entirely in the "Metro" mode's tiled interface -- except when it doesn't. Certain Microsoft-built programs, such as the new Office, open into Desktop mode, and there's a version of Internet Explorer 10 in Desktop mode, too.

Most jarring of all is that some settings open in Metro, while others open in Desktop. The best of the Windows 8 interface is here, though. You get live tiles instead of icons, convenient tile grouping, the useful if oddly named Charms bar, and slick swipe gestures to run two apps at once or view a sidebar of recently used apps.

Jumping between Metro and Desktop is an acceptable evil in Windows 8 because you get the benefit of running your old software in the new Windows 8 world. On Windows RT, it's awkward and potentially confusing. I wish Microsoft had solved this problem before releasing Windows RT, because at the end of the day it just makes it harder to use.

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Aug 31,  · Windows RT is a Windows-based operating system that's optimized for thin and light PCs that have extended battery life and are designed for life on the go. Windows RT only runs built-in apps or apps that you download from the . Windows 10 S is so much more than just another go at Windows RT — it's Windows RT done right. Windows RT was bad, but only because it was locked to the Windows Store with no other options. Windows 10 S has options, including the ability to . The Bottom Line Windows RT is a strange beast. On the one hand, speed, security, and the best of Windows 8 make RT a pleasure to use. But app restrictions make Windows RT confusing, and the limited availability of apps undercuts the operating system's usefulness. Visit manufacturer site for details.