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Password Manager - Remember, delete, change and import saved passwords in Firefox
Share Share on Facebook. This site in other languages x. When you enter a username and password that you haven't already saved for a website, Firefox will ask if you want to remember save it. This feature is turned on by default, but if it has been disabled you can enable it. None browsers browsers Delete m-hermes m-hermes Delete passwords passwords Delete webbrowsers webbrowsers Delete software software Delete c-passwords c-passwords Delete web web Delete browser browser Delete password password Delete Enter labels to add to this page: Tips All major browsers also allow you to never remember a password for a specific website.

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I can't get Internet Explorer to remember Login and Password

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To save the new username and password, click on Update. To tell Firefox to never remember usernames and passwords for the current website, click the drop-down menu and select Never Remember Password for This Site Never Save. In the future, when you log in to the website you won't be prompted to save the username and password. However, with a simple click or two of your mouse, you can work around this limitation and force your browser to remember the password on these uncooperative sites. Editor’s Note: of course, if you’re using LastPass, this functionality is built right in. Firefox includes a Password Manager that can save the passwords you use to log in to websites. This article describes why your passwords might not be saved. For a general overview of using the Password Manager to save website passwords, see Password Manager - Remember, delete, change and import saved passwords in Firefox.