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That done, the website should open without any problems on any of your browsers. How to unblock blocked sites without VPN? If not, you will have to ask permissions from your parents or network admin. SodaPDF provides a free online service that can help you directly download a web page on your computer without even accessing it. Our proxy site is optimized to unblock video streaming sites like youtube, dailymotion, etc and supports streaming videos at hd quality. Also you can watch streaming videos with our proxy. Read this post if you cannot open a particular website in Internet Explorer.

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In that case, our quest of how to unblock websites might end here. Using IP is a simple way to access blocked websites in your region. All you need to do is run CMD on your computer. This will promptly return the IP address. Similar tools and commands can also be used on other platforms like Mac, Linux, Android, etc. Your college or institute might be having more than one proxy for its network. So, it happens that some websites are restricted on one proxy, but accessible in another.

So, you can give a try to proxy surfing to access blocked websites in your college. So, with this tool, you can bypass the restriction by converting the blocked website into some other language that you may know.

Try Google Translate and see for yourself. It is yet another simple way to access blocked websites. To unblock websites at school and office, there are other translation services available as well.

If the websites that are blocked by your institute or office are dynamic in nature such as Facebook or YouTube, then you should give a try to these extensions. Hola and ProxMate are some extensions that you can use to access blocked websites on Chrome and other browsers. UltraSurf is one such effective extension that lets you browse freely using its encrypted proxy network. This change might display a security notice. Press on the Proceed Anyway option and visit the website.

You can simply use this method and bypass the blockade. Recently, CloudFlare also launched their 1. Here are the detailed steps on the same. Changing DNS also ensures better privacy while browsing.

Wayback Machine is an interesting service that stores a copy of most of all website on the internet. It saves multiple versions of a website and you can use it to access the past versions of a website. The users can also use it to browse the blocked content online. Moreover, this amazing website also contains lots of free movies, documentaries, nostalgic games, ebooks, etc.

So, even if some service or websites becomes defunct, Wayback Machine has got your back. RSS readers are useful for getting the fresh content and reading them with ease. You can grab the RSS feed of the blocked website and add it to your reader.

In the recent times, with the rise of fake news on social media platforms and algorithmic updates, RSS readers are making a comeback. You can use one like Feedly and get all the content delivered from your trusted sources. This could act as a web blocker bypass tool if you set it up properly. In many cases, you can unblock websites at school or office and remain anonymous as well. After VPN and proxies, using Tor is the most powerful method to unblock sites.

It is similar to a proxy but has additional security and speed benefits to one Upgrade to CyberGhost. NordVPN is outstanding experiences, a lot of features with simple design, easy to use. IPVanish rates as one of the higher end VPN companies, thanks to its simple user experience and excellent software.

The customer support was prompt and helpful. And you can always fall back on the 7-day money back guarantee. ExpressVPN provides a good service with a very easy to use software interface, with clearly identifiable limitations, while also being noticeably more expensive than competitors with similar features.

With an extremely user-friendly design, UnblockSite. Use the proxy tool on the UnblockSite home page This is the most common way, and you can see this toolbox as soon as you […].

Users are now a click away from visiting any blocked websites and easily surfing them, anonymously. Currently, there at least some 22 countries that block some websites, even more that block VOIP services.

China alone represents a block that can restrict access to your site to over 1 billion people. Though there are ways around most of these Internet blocks, few within the countries impacted have the means and ability to […].

Unblock Sites on your SmartPhone and Computer Unblock Site is a free anonymous web proxy that allows you to unblock blocked sites that you want to visit. Upgrade to VPN Our free Proxy service enhances your security and lets you access some restricted websites online. Use the proxy tool on the UnblockSite home page This is the most common way, and you can see this toolbox as soon as you […] Jul 11, 0.

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Unblock sites that are blocked like facebook, youtube, etc. in school, college or work place with our super fast free proxy site and browse them anonymously. Unblock Websites. Easily bypass network restrictions and firewall software, access websites blocked in your country, unblock video streaming websites, effectively unblock any website blocked at school or at work. Top Free Online Proxy WebSites to Unblock Blocked Sites By Harsh Agrawal IN Web Apps Last Updated: 23/12/ A proxy is an intermediate, that lets an user access content on the internet, while hiding their IP address.