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It is unknown if Helena promoted her or not, and it is unknown if Miyako knows of Donovan's plans. They were partners in Dead or Alive 2 and worked together. Gen Fu asked Helena why she joined the second tournament and instead of replying to the question, Helena said he is not acting like a master and it was none of his business.

However, Helena seems to like Gen Fu; even offering to pay for his granddaughter, Mei Lin's operation. They have a full tag alliance and share two tag team-ups together. Leifang and Helena were both born in wealthy families. Leifang was jealous when Helena announced she had entered the second tournament, saying that the tournament doesn't need another "spoiled little princess". However, she seems to be friendly with Helena. During the Dead or Alive 2 tournament, they share a cut scene before their battle where Leifang is shown looking with curiosity and seemingly enviously towards Helena as she goes up in a glass elevator.

After their battle in either Dead or Alive 2 or 3 tournaments, if Leifang wins, she will friendly hold out her hand and say, "Let's meet again for the next dance. Prior to the 5th tournament, Helena and Hayate were on bad terms with each other. During the 5th tournament, she asks him to enter the fifth tournament as a sort of way to reconcile between the ninja clan and DOATEC, however Hayate refuses which Helena seemed to understand as she did not further urge him to take part.

They mutually dislike one another. When first meeting each other during the second tournament, she and Ayane viciously attacked each other, due to the former mistaking her for her mother's murderer , which wasn't helped by the fact that Ayane neither confirmed nor denied whether she had any involvement in killing her.

The mutual dislike seems to be slowly dying down. Helena and Christie are enemies. However, this does not mean she can't work with her. In fact, it's shown that Christie is one of Helena's tag partners, both having unique tag throws. Christie was hired by Donovan on a couple of occasions to keep an eye on and attempt to kill Helena. Keeping this fact a secret from the other woman, Christie acted as a servant to Helena during the course of the third tournament, during which they had a stable, professional relationship.

During the fourth tournament, she has observed Helena more. Christie seems to have developed a morbid fascination with her target, that even she finds difficult to understand.

In Dead or Alive 5, it is revealed they are on slightly friendlier terms, but Helena still watches Christie with her being Donovan's "Pet Assassin". Helena appears to be able to remain composed and calm when Christie is around but she still appears a bit hostile, as seen when Christie intrudes on Bass and Helena's friendly conversation during his pool game. They engage in a fight for unknown reasons afterwards but Helena comes out the victor. At first, Bayman and Helena did not go well with each other; however, by the time of Dead or Alive 5 , he and Helena became closer, like a bodyguard and client relationship.

Helena and Bayman show no hostility toward each other and share a strong bond of loyalty. Both Helena and Bayman are enemies of Donovan, and because of this, Helena hired Bayman to track down Donovan and bring him to justice. They managed to maintain a close but professional relationship between themselves.

However, it's unknown if Helena is aware that Bayman is the one who killed her father. Miyako had left for Japan and raised Kokoro there, whereas Helena was raised in France. While the two of them are half-sisters, Kokoro doesn't know who Helena is. On the other hand, Helena seems to know about Kokoro and Miyako. In Kokoro's story mode in the fourth Dead or Alive tournament, she eventually finds and feels weird upon coming into contact with her.

Helena replies, "Our blood Can that what brought us here together. The two once again meet at Taylor's Bar after Zack drops Kokoro off. When Kokoro meets her, she asks Helena about her father, telling the woman that she did not remember hers.

Helena assures her that her father was a good man, "as Kokoro's was. Helena shows much of kindness and love towards Kokoro and spars with her as well to see how strong she has gotten since the fourth DOA tournament. When she came close she threatened to kill her if she ever found out.

During their vacation at New Zack Island, she tells Lisa that her plans with Zack are "none of her concern" after the latter teased her about Zack's proposition for the revival of DOATEC and "promises of romance in the deepest of space". Despite what DOATEC has done to Kasumi's life, she still shows friendly and caring feelings towards Helena and seems to understand the pain that Helena must be going through.

However, these feelings are coldly dismissed by Helena when she tries to shoot Kasumi claiming that she has no use for her, only to quickly be stopped by Hayabusa; this is one of the few times that Kasumi has no mercy for Helena. Even after threatening to kill her, Kasumi attempts to stop Helena from committing suicide, which would have resulted in her death had Ayane not stopped her, showing that she still cares for Helena.

After the fourth tournament, she and Helena have been more friendly and have an understanding relationship with each other. In tag battle, they share a full alliance with two tag team-ups.

They are two heroines determined to defeat Donovan. She also seemed to take him at his word about their using DOATEC to "bring peace to the galaxy", and was implied to be disappointed after she came to the island, also having to dissuade a teasing Lisa who overheard it. A photo of Helena with hearts on it is also present in the helicopter Zack, implying that he may have a romantic interest with her. Zack is something of a go-for liaison for Helena, having done most of the work to arrange the fifth tournament for Helena including scouting new talent as well as locating older fighters.

They seem to have a friendly relationship as it is implied that she and Marie go out for coffee after winning a match, although she could've also been requesting coffee for herself since Marie Rose acts as her servant. Helena's fighting style, pigua quan , is flowing and smooth; many of her attacks are graceful and move in a windmill-like formation. This is accompanied by the sheer speed of her attacks, and allocates dominance in a match when facing slower opponents, such as Bayman , Leon , Tina Armstrong , Bass Armstrong and La Mariposa.

Her key stance is her Bokuho stance, from which she can execute a number of moves, and her mix-up game, execution time-frame, and air juggles are excellent due to her combo variety.

Her varying attack ranges make up for her lack of brute power, for it can often prove difficult to counter against her at times because of this aspect. However, she must be used in a combo-based fashion to execute sufficient damage, as her launchers and single strikes lack a high damage ratio.

While her throws lack strength, they are some of the most quickly executed in the game, and can even be performed while in the aforementioned Bokuho stance. Helena is easy to befriend, but waiting a day or two to check her friendship-notes might be a good idea sometimes, and it is best not to talk to her first thing in the day, as she is not a morning person and will be grumpy.

It's best to speak with her during sunset. Also, she will not want to befriend Christie easily, and vice versa. Despite the bad relations with Christie, Helena herself can recruit the other girls more easily.

Ayane and Tina will take a bit of work as well. In beach volleyball , Helena lacks in power, but makes up for it with her incredible speed and defense, making her a good defender on the court. Because of her good technique, the accuracy of her shots are high, and she is still able to knock an opponent down with a well-aimed, well-spiked ball. Overall, Helena is a good all-round character, like Christie and Lisa, and would make a good defense partner for either of them.

Helena makes an appearance in the movie DOA: Dead or Alive , played by Sarah Carter. Throughout the movie she is treated as a necessary annoyance by Donovan, who has gained control of DOATEC after the "death" of Fame Douglas, and is generally regarded as a rookie by the other fighters.

Despite this she manages to hold her own against some of the more experienced fighters, forcing even Donovan to admit that he may have underestimated her. Ryu Hayabusa also mentions her while talking with Marie Rose during their level 3 bonding scene. She has yet to take part physically in the fight, and her actions and connections with Hitomi and Hayate in the movies are highly suspicious. An interesting note about Helena's appearance, she resembles Cloud's deceased friend, Aerith Gainsborough , due to her similar hairstyle in a ponytail adorned with a ribbon but due to her role as an antagonist, she would act as a female version of Cloud's nemesis, Sephiroth.

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Keep-alive should be enabled automatically with every fresh Apache install - usually on a Unix Linux server. When you can't find the http. Set it to "KeepAlive on" to enable keep-alive. To disable it use "KeepAlive off".

Sets the maximum number of requests for every keep-alive connection. A good number to start with is 60 requests per connection. Sets how long your server should wait for new requests from clients. The 15 second default is too high. Set it to 3 seconds to start with and gradually go up when it underperforms. Setting it to a lower amount of seconds results in less parallel connections which again results in less server load. NGINX supports and enables keep-alive by default. The default value is msie6 which you should leave untouched which disables keep-alive for all older Internet Explorer versions.

If you see other browsers listed try removing them to enable keep-alive for those browsers. There are various ways in which you can enable keep-alive on a Microsoft Windows run server. The easiest one is doing it through the IIS manager but there are a few other ways as well. Home Techniques Enable Keep-Alive.

How does Keep-Alive work? Enabled by default — but not always In most cases keep-alive is enabled by default on web servers. Check your URL You can use the website speed test or the below keep-alive checker to check the keep-alive status of your domain:


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This is what the specification says should happen in these circumstances: If the Keep Alive value is non-zero and the Server does not receive a Control Packet from the Client within one and a half times the Keep Alive time period, it MUST disconnect the Network Connection to the Client as if the network had failed [MQTT]. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol uses the keyword "Keep-Alive" in the "Connection" header to signal that the connection should be kept open for further messages (this is the default in HTTP , but in HTTP the default was to use a new connection for each request/reply pair). Despite the similar name, this function is entirely unrelated. See . Enable keep-alive. Enabling keep-alive tells the browser of your visitors to establish a TCP connection once instead of multiple times to request all the web files loaded on your web page (like images, CSS scripts, Javascripts, etc..).This speeds up your website because the browser of your visitor needs to open just one persistent HTTP connection .