A Huge Move for the Future: The Pros and Cons of the Patriot Act


14 Foremost Pros and Cons of the Patriot Act
Since the devastating terrorist attacks and the anthrax attacks, America and the whole world has never been the same again. Largely because of the effectiveness of the BSA, money launders had been avoiding traditional financial institutions to launder money and were using cash-based businesses to avoid them. Title IX amends the National Security Act of to require the Director of Central Intelligence DCI to establish requirements and priorities for foreign intelligence collected under FISA and to provide assistance to the United States Attorney General to ensure that information derived from electronic surveillance or physical searches is disseminated for efficient and effective foreign intelligence purposes. The Solar Powered Floating Home. A Green Floating Toilet. This has cut down the time agents carry out their tasks and results are available faster. Retrieved December 29,

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8 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Patriot Act

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3. Speeds Up Investigations The Patriot Act allows the government’s surveillance to transcend natural barriers and those that are man made. Speed is a major key to any sort of investigation into terrorism, and the Patriot Act allows for much faster inquiries into potentially suspicious activities. What Are the Pros of the USA Patriot Act. 1. It streamlines the surveillance process and makes it easier for the government to identify terrorists. Before the Act was made into law, surveillance on persons of interest consisted of different steps such as getting separate authorizations to wiretap phones. USA Patriot Act: Pros And Cons USA PATRIOT is an acronym for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism. Generally referred to as the Patriot Act, it was signed into law with little debate or congress review only 43 days after the September 11, terrorist attacks.