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It has also conducted rallies in , and for different political issues. Change notes for the updated UK Turk addon include:. The scalability of the site in terms of different screens tells me that the staff is devoted to making the site look as legit as it is. There seems to have been an update to the silverlight player used on ITV. You can try their 10 day trial here — IDC.

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Try them for two hours first — Storm Instagram Proxies Here. However before we explain what they actually are and their purpose then we first need a little background. This is all about the latest fashion, and more specifically the latest sneakers perhaps known as trainers outside the USA. What happens is the manufacturer releases a limited amounts of these and they do so in a very specific way to maintain demand. This sounds simple but unfortunately, the demand is extremely high globally and the manufacturers only release a very small number of the sneakers.

So what do you need? How can you grab a few or even lots of sneakers? You use these to host the next stage, the Bots and automated software explained below.

Some of the Bots work best with specific sites, but they all work in a similar way. Automated software is great for sitting there gradually trying to fill up shopping baskets with the latest sneakers however if you try it they get banned pretty quickly. So what makes a proper sneaker proxy? Free proxies are a combination of misconfigured servers, that is accidentally left open which people jump on and use.

The others are hacked or taken over servers deliberately left open so identity thieves can use them to steal usernames, accounts and passwords. Many commercial websites now are well aware of people using proxies and VPNs to bypass geoblocks or run automated software. Virtually all proxies and VPNs available to hire are assigned with commercial IP addresses, these are not effective as sneaker proxies at all.

Sneaker proxies are different, they use residential IP addresses which look identical to home users and will be allowed access to virtually all websites. Obviously you still have to be careful with multiple connections but the companies who provide these usually offer something called rotating backconnect configurations which switch both configurations and IP addresses automatically.

These are able to simulate rotating proxies which is much cheaper than buying dedicated residential proxies which can get extremely expensive. Anyone who is successful in this area will use sneaker proxies with residential IP addresses — see below for one of the oldest established suppliers.

Every device which access the internet does so through this network identification number. This IP address is assigned through whatever service you connect to the internet through — be it an home based ISP, office network, hotel Wifi or maybe your local coffee shop. The problem is that this address is completely out of your control, even if you are connecting from home you have no way of directly controlling it.

Not only are numerous entities logging, monitoring and analysing your web activity — many web sites are actually controlling what you can do online too. So as I sat down in a rather boring hotel, based on the outskirts of a Dutch Industrial estate last week to enjoy the latest episodes of Z Nation I had something of a surprise! You see I was being connected to the Dutch version of Netflix.

But this is my Netflix account, on my computer, paid for on a US credit card. So a American Netflix user who travels a lot is going to get flung around the versions of the world when all he wants to watch is some home grown US Zombie action!

You use a tool to connect through to a network of VPN servers based around the world. So when you visit Netflix for example, then it will only see the IP address of the server you are connecting from. You can effectively control what you can access. The VPN also gives you a higher level of security and privacy, when you are connected all your browsing is private and the connection is encrypted so no personal details can be intercepted. Truthfully there are tons of these services out there, and it can be difficult to decide which one to use.

Our personal recommendation is a service called Identity Cloaker — it offers fast access to servers all over the world and is not expensive. The first primary use of a proxy server was too control access to the internet in corporate and education networks.

By enforcing the proxy as the only access to the internet, networks could be secured and web activity logged and controlled if necessary. Basically only one computer would be allowed access to the world wide web and that would be the proxy server itself.

The average internet user is probably unaware that every file they download, every image the view or move they watch is recorded and logged at their ISP. Your internet history is very far from a secret and is equally coveted by the state and big business for different reasons.

So how does buying a US proxy help matters with regards to privacy. Firstly it will hide all record of your activity at your ISP. Secondly although this is normally only a VPN your data can be encrypted to keep personal details and things like logon credentials secure. Finally it hides your location from the websites you visit, stopping them logging and recording your activity as well.

The use of a secure VPN when browsing the web, certainly improves your security. However there is another important aspect to consider which people should consider — region locking. This is the practice where a web site will attempt to control who gets access to a certain site or content. There are a myriad of reasons websites block access to people outside their domestic market. Companies like US Netflix restrict based to copyright laws, digital content needs to be licensed in individual countries which obviously can be expensive.

So these are the fundamental reasons, a desire for an element of privacy online and the ability to control what you can access online. Our recommendation is a service called Identity Cloaker — it gives you access to a secure, encrypted connection to a range of servers across the world — no need to buy a US proxy or a UK one.

Many people use proxies to bypass internet filters and regional restrictions. However these are enforced by looking up your IP address and if you use a proxy you can effectively bypass these blocks.

Well this is how it used to work, invest a few pennies to buy a cheap proxy or scrape a cheap proxy list and you were sorted. These days have long gone now because of technical implementations in detecting these servers. Unfortunately most of the websites that operate these region blocks can detect the use of proxies and they are mostly blocked.

The usefulness of a proxy server is fairly limited now with more and more sites automatically blocking access from them. There are some issues with this, particularly people who surf through corporate networks for example.

A VPN is a Virtual private network and operates in a similar way to a proxy server however the connection is encrypted and almost impossible to identify. Even the highest quality proxy server can be detected however there is currently no method for actively identifying an incoming connection from a VPN server. However, you have to be careful even when selecting a VPN service to use — some of the media companies have started to manually block these services too.

In addition there are other measures being used to block connections originating from VPN servers too. The BBC have recently extended their restrictions to include too many concurrent connections from the same IP addresses. As you can tell, there are no guarantees on maintaining access to any particular service. Currently Netflix and Hulu are probably the most aggressive in blocking access from VPN enabled services but many still work.

You should ensure that your chosen VPN provider is not advertising the ability to watch particular stations. These are always targeted by the media sites, even years ago a private proxy server which promoted access to online TV stations would never last long — nowadays their servers will be blocked very quickly indeed. Otherwise it really depends on which websites are a priority for you. For example, as mentioned Netflix are one of the most aggressive companies in blocking access and even the best private proxies or VPN servers will be ineffective.

This is because in addition to other restrictions they also limit access to IP addresses classified as residential. Some of the more advanced security companies like. There are still VPN services which work with most of the media sites, however some are more difficult than others.

Accessing the US version of Netflix is probably the hardest as they only allow a specific category of IP addresses through their firewalls. The reality is that without having some sort of control of your connection and IP address you will be constantly blocked, filtered and monitored whenever you are online.

Being able to hide your address stops all this and hands back control. Only a couple of years ago there were many options for bypassing the extending region locks that most media sites were using. One of the simplest methods of bypassing these blocks available was a American Netflix DNS solution which previously worked very well. This simply involved pointing whichever device you used to watch Netflix at a specially configured DNS server.

Netflix blocked all connections which originated from commercial servers, which included all the Smart DNS solution servers too. Using these on your own connection or computer was madness so it looked like Netflix has won. Residential IP addresses to allow access to the Netflix network are not easy to get for commercial providers. Some companies have managed to get them and establish a residential server network to facilitate access to Netflix. They have actually integrated residential addresses across their networks so you can access all sorts of versions of Netflix.

Smart DNS is definitely not as secure as using a VPN and may be vulnerable to other detection techniques but at the time of writing the Unblock US solution is working well. Your Netflix account could be used in just about every developed country in the world with only a few exceptions like North Korea and Iran.

The main problem people who travel a lot have with their Netflix accounts is that what they can see is largely determined by their physical location. For example if you take out a Netflix subscription in the US and then travel to France, when you sign on to your account you will see the French version of Netflix not the US one. Of course, the French version of Netflix is very different to the US version and obviously contains more French and European content. All this disappears as soon as you travel outside the geographical borders of the United States.

Actually there is a way to control which version of Netflix you see as you can see in the following video:. Simply by using a VPN server to hide your real location, you can actually access the US version of Netflix from Canada or anywhere else for that matter. In fact many people will open a Netflix account in Europe and then only ever watch the US version. Whereas on the US version of Netflix you can find four series available for streaming or downloading.

The only time these restrictions are lifted is with content produced directly by Netflix because they own the copyright and distribution rights. So as their model switches more towards Netflix produced movies and shows then this will be slightly less of an issue.

However until then if you want to watch the best version and access US Netflix in Canada or any other country in then you should check out a VPN service.

There are of course few sources of entertainment quite as popular as the media company — Netflix. The reason is that although your Netflix account is meant to be a global one, what you can access is very dependent on your location. Can you switch back to your favorite or are you stranded? Up until last year, you could easily just use something like a proxy or VPN server to switch to whatever version of Netflix you wanted.

Drop me a line using the Contact Us link above right on this page and I'll step you through it. You just need to change a couple of settings in your browser and you can watch the BBC through Identity Cloaker. It's not too hard - honest, just talked a couple of people through the settings yesterday. I know Surfboy, they keep telling me it's soon as well: But I have tried the first Identity Cloaker Mac beta now - it has a few little issues but is looking good. If you want to try it drop me a line.

I am going to Czech Republic for an operation in June I am going to be stuck in a hotel room for about 4 days,will the 10 day trial work? The Mac version is looking good but still a few small issues to be sorted - incidentally surfboy above dropped me a line as he was watching the BBC news in JFK airport using the mac version: I just signed up for this and all it would download is a windows version.

Where do I go to get the Mac version. Could someone please help me the F1 race starts in a few hours. I can send you it you also if you leave an email address here on my blog I won't post it - or use the contact us button above and send me a message.

Hi all, I watched this thinking it'd be too good to be true as well, and was pretty sceptical. I downloaded the trial paid the 4 pounds and tried it out for 10 days. I just renewed with a three month subscription.

I recommend buying the trial 10 day pass and giving it a go. The least I can do is give you some positive feedback sir. Thanks for the kind comments Duff85, glad you're enjoying it. Hi Gary, Yes pretty sure it will, as long as it doesn't check credit card details or something like that. But if you have a betfair account let's check - drop me a line using the Contact Us button - top right of the page and we'll test it works using one of the UK proxies.

Just a note about Betfair, I was in Paris yesterday and checked this out. I have only tried 3 different UK proxies and none worked. Maybe someone can investigate as to whether some of the proxies have already been blocked.

Hi, I'm afraid TVCatchup won't work through any proxies at least the fast commercial ones. They've blocked access to any IP address from a UK datacentre. Looking for a solution but not found one yet.

You'd need a server hosted outside one of the main datacentres. No it doesn't affect people in the UK unless they normally use a proxy to surf through. They've just blocked the server IP addresses from the UK datacentres. Probably a solution but not found a simple one yet ;.

I note there is a monthly usage of 30GB, how does that equare in terms of how many hours? Hope that helps - best to try out the trial first if you want to test it. Actually this VPN feature will be built into the new version of Identity Cloaker which should be released in a few weeks - it will be sent out to all customers it's being tested at the moment WG.

I admit to not being techie but I can follow instructions, I followed your link to the letter but the webpage comes up, with Done down at the bottom but no actual video to be seen. If you can't be bothered then that is OK too, do you think it is because Australia is so far from the US or is that a dumb question ha ha!!

The problem is more likely to be NBC Flash player which lots of people have problems with. I found on some of my computers I had to remove then reinstall Flash to get it to work. Try removing it then reinstalling - here http: As long as you select a US proxy from Identity Cloaker it should be fine but getting the flash player working may be harder! Send me an email using Contact Us button above if you want some help and I'll try: Just a quick comment to let people know I have resubscribed for 3 months as I had no problems with IC at all.

Just a quick note - sorry had to disable comments on this page as there was so much spam and I didn't have time to go through it all. But send me an email with the contact us tab above and I'll reply: I've had loads of emails about the Mac version but alas they've still not released it officially!

They're are still some issues with it so the Identity Cloaker people are holding it back. Oh and the owner is called Dave and he's a good guy - they're called OverPlay.

I've been trying it out for the last few weeks and its very good for all UK channels and they've even got an Australian proxy which is very fast. Hi Steven, It depends on what your router is. You have to enable this service on your router then create a VPN connection from your Canada computer back to the router. Quite a few modern routers allow VPN connections. The problem I had is that UK upload speeds are often very slow compared with download speeds you'll be uploading from your router to your Canada computer but that depends on your connection.

The new version of Identity Cloaker should be out any day now: It's vastly increased security enabling you to encrypt any application individually - for those of us concerned with anonymous surfing it's very welcome! I know many just want to watch stuff online -but better news for them - the VPN function will be built in making BBC Iplayer , Hulu, Sky Player, Pandora and all the rest accessible from the main program. I've been testing it with many others for months - hopefully will be released very soon.

I think they'll leave the old version available as this one can't be run from a USB drive yet I'm afraid. I'll check it out and see if it does. Rafa - sorry they don't have a Spanish server currently so it would be no use for you. If you want a service that has Spanish servers - these guys are good - Overplay. Just heard that they're adding even more UK servers over the next few weeks that should allow even faster access to BBC Iplayer.

The next server online will have a 1Gbit port with TB data transfer! While not surfing, I use a program that accesses UK based servers that will not be allowed to access them outside the UK. It is a trading program Metatrader 4.

Do you know if these Proxies works with this kind of program? Hutch, Sorry for late reply - was on hols. I've looked at Metatraders and I'd be very surprised if it didn't work with Identity Cloaker. But to be sure you'd be best trying the trial first - if there is a problem just ask them for refund. WG If you want help getting it to work you can email me at ngbconsult at googlemail.

Thank you so much for the Overplay suggestion for Mac users. I live out in the maldives - and i have my own place in england - with a fully licensed tv but no one to enjoy the shows - so overplay is just brilliant for this. I also ilke your site and the way you write.

Thank you again for all your info and help. Thanks for the kind comments 3dunusual: I agree with the comments about the BBC and in fact all the other media sites, there has to be a better way of doing this! But unfortunately it does seem to be increasing, you will find more and more blocks on web sites and pages due to your location. One thing, is there a way to also use this on a Wii for my son's sanity as we never watch the same things at the exact same time, and we are in the same house also, no matter how hard I try, I can NOT get the BBC iPlayer downloader to DL programmes for later I've put a post on this previously - I am pretty sure it still works ok.

Fortunately Identity Cloaker has a mode for that which you can probably best see here - http: If you connect this way the download button on the BBC Iplayer app should work. Hope this helps - good luck: So am I ridht in thinking that with Overplay you could use an iphone abroad and use your uk data plan?

Hope that makes sense. A bit late here, but I am having trouble using Identity Cloaker with Mac. It seems like the release never happened?

HI Meredith, You're right it hasn't happened yet. It was pretty much complete but they had problems with a couple of issues which affected a few users. Main issue has been finding competent OSx programmers I believe so if you know any I'm sure they'd be interested! Having said that the pre-release version seemed to work pretty well for most people. If you've bought for the MAC version - drop them a line and ask for a copy to try. Contact them on Identity Cloaker Support Or you can ask for a refund - they'll definitely refund you.

If you just wanted to use it in proxy mode which works for BBC Iplayer - but not live streaming or Hulu - you can use the proxies directly from the browser. Go into Safari or any browser and select preferences, advanced and proxies - in here you need to put in a UK proxy server address and put your IDC username and password , plus change the port to Hope that helps email is ngbconsult at gmail. Yeah, the pre-release version of Identity Cloaker for Mac works pretty well. Unfortunately the Pre-release Mac version doesn't have this:

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