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During its peak, Kickass Torrents was the most visited BitTorrent directory in the world and had a huge user base and repository of links and files available for download. Although the majority of torrent sites operate legally, there are instances where the material that is protected by copyright laws is made available for download which can give cause to block the sharing platforms. Aside from the unblocking features, a VPN service will actually improve the security of your web browsing and torrent downloading sessions - incoming and outgoing data will be checked by the VPN server, therefore, you should not accidentally download any malicious torrents that could damage your device. Aside from blocking, some torrent websites have been legally ceased by government agencies and shut down forcefully. Also, as the crack down on software pirates gets stronger you should protect yourself and your family from legal proceedings and investigation agencies. Additionally, you need to select a Virtual Private Network which doesn not keep any connection logs about your action on the web, the IP, IP address you used and the timestamps when you joined to the server. If you want to download files and require access to torrent websites in a country or region that has restricted access, you can still access sites such as Kickass Torrents.

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