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How do I use Chromecast with BBC iPlayer?
The Apple Watch Series 4 gets smart about heart rate. This is something we will be working on in the future. Streaming details One benefit of having Chromecast manage the video streams playing on the television is that we can provide bitrates and video profiles that are more suitable for a big screen than a small screen. Why am I having problems with my Chromecast? Chromecast vs Roku Streaming Stick - which is best?

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BBC iPlayer apps on Chromecast

If you want to use this, you'll be best off plugging the Chromecast directly into your surround-sound amp. You can run an optical cable from your TV to your amp instead, but this doesn't always work, as many TVs only pass on stereo sound in this way. At the moment, this is one area where the Chromecast is ahead of the Apple TV, as a current bug means that there's no surround sound from Netflix. Apparently, this is being worked on, but the issue has been there for a few months. Catch-up and live TV is another area where the Chromecast should be useful.

It's good to see that iPlayer is supported. As you'd expect, it works really well: It's good to see that there's BT Sport support, so you can stream live TV from the app to the player. With a recent update, Sky has now enabled Chromecast, so you can just stream from your phone or tablet directly to your TV. Nor is there support for Sky Go. Admittedly this is the same as with the Apple TV, but it's frustrating that so many of the UK's big TV stations won't take this kind of technology seriously and enable support.

As long as you've got an app that supports DLNA servers and Chromecast, you can browse for media using your smartphone or tablet and then cast the content. This works brilliantly, just like any other 'proper' video streaming app, but there are some caveats.

First, the Chromecast doesn't support a lot of video codecs you can view a list of supported codecs on the Chromecast developer site , with H. This may mean that you need to convert video files - our guide on how to convert video for Apple TV will also work for Chromecast.

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There are limits on how many you can buy. Unfortunately, we allow only one Trade In per order. Please remove Trade In to add Pixel to your cart. Easiest way of casting bbc iplayer with a vpn is to install connectify max on pc and create a wifi hotspot, and connect cc to that.

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Want to add to the discussion? When i try with netflix it automatically loads the netflix app. I meant "To make mirroring work through VPN". But when chromecasting tab the iPlayer page loads a google script which tells the chromecast to pull data direct from source, which then uses googles own DNS server to find it, in turn no traffic goes through pc's vpn.

Only solution i found was to use vpn on router or block google dns on router.

Google Chromecast review: Still a cheap way to make your TV smart in 2018

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The BBC iPlayer Android app (Google are working towards supporting Amazon Fire devices) The BBC Media Player Android app (when playing content from the BBC iPlayer app) The BBC iPlayer iOS app (on. Jan 17,  · I unplugged the Chromecast from the TV and the power cord from the Chromecast and waited 3 minutes but the Chromecast came back up without being reset, so I pressed the button on the Chromecast until the unit started to blink and change color; it was then reset. Jul 24,  · Google Chromecast review: Netflix and Google Play Movies. If you want to use your Chromecast to watch movies from online, the two best options at the moment are Netflix and Google Play Movies. Sadly, there's no support from rival services, including Amazon Prime Instant Video (even though this now has an Android App) or 4/4.