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October Update (KB3103470) for Windows 10 Insider Preview
Shazam -like audio recognition. You can also test how your apps will run on Windows Phone 7. East Asian handwriting recognition. Settings are now saved when the Camera application is closed. Next year updation as codename Redstone is on the calendar, this news is revealed by the Neowin which reported company is planning to bring a remarkable update for the window 10, but how much affect it would have on Windows 10 is not yet clear. Most viewed articles and topics. Not sure what else to try.

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If the socket is not the issue, try taking a closer look at the power cable or charging port on your phone, ensuring everything appears as it should. Then, try turning your phone off completely and plugging it into the socket - bear in mind if the battery is completely drained, it might take up to 2 or 3 minutes to start charging. We strongly advise that you back up your device before a hard reset. Visit here to learn more about how to back up your smartphone remotely.

To reset your smartphone and erase all its content, first make sure your phone is connected to a power source. Press the volume up key and the power button simultaneously for about 30 seconds or until the root menu appears. Having an issue with your phone? Our online service allows you to easily book in your Nokia smartphone for repair. To check whether your warranty is valid, enter your device IMEI code. Get the warranty terms for your Nokia phone or accessory. Our Android story Android phones Classic phones Support.

Nokia 3G Discover all phones Accessories. United States - English. Customer support Welcome to Nokia phones support. User guides Latest product user guides. See all accessory user guides. Most viewed articles and topics. If you stay with default settings, Windows will dynamically optimize the bandwidth allocated to Windows Update.

Uninstalling and hiding troublesome updates may not be sufficient. An old-fashioned System Properties window will launch. In the System Protection tab, select your system drive, and click Configure… In the new window, select Turn on system protection , define the Max Usage space you can dedicate, and click OK to save your changes. Back in the previous window, you can now manually Create… your first restore point. Windows will now create new restore points whenever your system goes through changes, which includes the installation of security and feature updates.

For control freaks, Windows Update is a nightmare. Be sure to prepare before you install a feature update. Whether you want to upgrade to the latest Windows version immediately or wait, we show you how.

Read More , remember that you can only escape it for so long. Your email address will not be published. I had some problems before the "creator's" updates, including the design error that prevented me marking a metered connection as such.

I changed a couple of settings, made a note of that. It eventually updated when I had a proper connection again I'm in Australia and some government enforced idiocy is depriving some Internet users of proper connections for many months, some even a year To get going again I unset the settings that I had made, when I had a decent connection again.

No immediate impact but within 24 hours it had started the update process as usual no warning no nothing. Update is now in an odd state. I have no "check for updates" button and I am reported as paused for both quality and feature updates. Now I can't find what settings to make to get this right. The help on the GPEDIT settings makes some incomprehensible statement that the settings may or may not work as described in that help.

Maybe there should just be a super setting. I don't want anything to do with updating VS Yep I want to control updates to some degree.

Without that the guys who designed this might meet a sticky end some day. These included, UI buttons like check for updates missing and a long list 12 of items marked as "controlled by organisation" even though the corresponding GPEdit settings said otherwise. I went through the registry and edited a setting that seems to have made the update app work again.

UI buttons have re-appeared and that list of "controlled by" items has halved. Changed from 1 to 0. This has not been manually changed to correspond with the change in the Update UI, so, I guess, something else changed, maybe the code that drive the Update UI and, for me, seems to have invented several settings.

I appreciate your patience in getting to the bottom of this and that you shared your solution. I would have tried a sledgehammer approach and reset Windows or tried to repair system files. Clean bill of health. I've started the updates app several times now. All still seems good, so I'm pretty sure it's fixed. In one way I really like GPEdit. I can leave comments each time I touch a setting. There's a lot more would benefit from having something like that.

Gordon, have you tried these steps: I'm the tech support person for a couple of blind people. The most common issue they have is "no voice". In the past two years only one of the calls has been an audio problem - all of the others have been Windows 10 silently updating while displaying an update message that cannot be read by the voice software.

The Windows 10 update system not only interferes, it prevents, their ability to work, it costs them a house call from me I void the hourly charge but can't afford to do the same for the house call fee. They really need either the old manual update system or a fully voice-compliant updating display. You should definitely submit this via the Insider Hub or a Microsoft support forum.

Microsoft offers free Windows 10 upgrades to people using assistive technologies. I've just purchased a new laptop with Windows 10 Home and just discovered I have no control over the Windows Update They should bring back the option to turn off auto update, if it defaults to "auto" all the nubs can be happy, but for us control freaks we want Control over what gets downloaded and installed and when.

The are many built in apps I do not use and dont need updated, but I would like to be able to simply download and install the security patches etc.

But Bill and his cronies have taken this power away from us Well, you can temporarily turn off Windows Update , but we don't recommend it. It's a workaround for when you absolutely can't have it running out of the blue.

Sell your Windows PC on ebay; what to replace it with is an issue. I keep on getting this Error: This is very frustrating. Jan, did you try to search for the error message? It looks like this is an issue with the Windows Update service.

This Microsoft Answers post may lead you to a solution. Lately, I find the need to force updates with wanna cry going on etc. But, I see the updates listed in windows update but restart or even shutdown does not force install. Also, option on power off symbo is missing update and restart option. Windows knows my win 10 does not need to be updated???

This sounds strange, Mike. Did you try to use the button to restart and update now from Windows Update in the Settings app? The update happened and totally changed everything on my desktop. It changed the display and resolution and I can't find documents or my programs, photos are gone, resolution was changed,etc.

My email program and printer are not working, says I have to set it all up again! How can I get it back to how I had it set up? Trent, did you check in Settings whether you can go back to your previous versions of Windows? I want more settings in the interface for Windows Update in Windows It's a pity they made a ChromOpera out of the original Opera.

Perhaps, i will have to get back to Windows 7. I cannot see much improvement in Windows The Creators Update will include more Windows Update settings. It's still not as detailed as Windows 7 used to be. Note that Windows 7 now delivers updates in bulk too, so you can no longer refuse individual updates. They are making it less and less worthwhile to downgrade. What a useless post. I came here to learn how to stop win 10 from ever restarting if I don't want it to, and instead got this which you can read just about anywhere What made you think this would tell you how to disable Windows Update?

The title never promised that. This is the post you're looking for: I hate this automatic update malarky that microsoft has introduced. I like to manually check for updates and install them manually at a time of my choosing.

I really like the way updates are handled in linux, which I use a lot, and wish Windows 10 had something similar. When applications slow down and things are just not as responsive as usual, it is most likely an update is due.

That's what I like about being able to check for updates myself. Auto update whilst is good can take ages. Meanwhile, everything just slows down significantly.

I guess its time for another update to change the update settings. I was complaining about slow internet to my ISP the other day, only to realize that it might have been Windows Update downloading a huge update that made my internet connection to slow down to a crawl. The moment the update was ready to install, internet speed was fine. It's forcing a reboot in the middle of my very limited evening computer time!

I'm going back to the Mac. Anne, note that you can set active hours in Windows Make sure your evening hours are set as your active hours and Windows Update shouldn't bother you during those times.

Do not like the "automatic" windows update, primarily because there is no way to force an update. I have 6 PCs, all Windows Some get "stuck" on certain security updates and never install them.

Even if I move from wireless to ethernet connection. It is not clear whether these are necessary updates, nor is there a way to bypass them. I know that "MS knows best" but it would be nice if they were to explain. Microsoft does release summaries each month of updates released on Patch Tuesday. That won't help with stuck updates, but at least you have an idea of what you're getting. So much angst against the boys in Redmond. It's all about money.

So many forget that, not too long ago, updates were pushed out monthly, on a Tuesday except for critical, security updates.

Now, they push updates out when they have bandwidth and, in effect, reduce the operating costs of those farms. Can it be done better? Of course it could. Can they return control of updates back to the clients? I have no sympathy for MS and its global removal of this control. But, instead of venting at Redmond, blame the hackers who purposely develop new exploits and force all those patches to be released.

And, the exploits are not focused solely on Redmond. As for switching to unix, with what do you replace MS Office? Open Office, Google docs? Both are pale imitations of Office. Of course you can add in a bridge to run Office on unix but then you're back to updating the Office suite with security patches.

What about legacy apps that only run on windows? How do you replace that core, basic interface on unix? If it was that simple to do, most businesses in the world would have already switched over.

It appears that few of you are aware that businesses at least anyone running Server and above DO have control over the update cycle.

They have full control over which updates are applied and when those updates are pushed out to their user base. In closing, the current update process is not optimized for small fry.

You have 3 choices: Security updates are still pushed out on Patch Tuesday; at least that's when they are downloaded. The difference is that now users can't control which updates are downloaded and installed.

Even on Windows 7 updates are now delivered in bulk and users can no longer exclude individual patches. It's true that businesses retain control over updates and may depend on Windows for Microsoft Office and legacy applications. This isn't true for home users or all professional users.

For most of them, alternative Office suites and other software alternatives, as well as mainstream distributions of Linux are more than sufficient. Wikipedia's list of Linux adopters. Look, I'm the Windows editor around here. I have no interested in our readers departing to Linux in droves.

I make part of my living based on people having issues with Windows. But I'm realistic enough to know that people could switch without major issues. In fact, I think anyone concerned about privacy who needs to upgrade their old Windows 7 computer, should probably choose Linux rather than Windows 10 for their new computer. Not being able to reboot without updating is stupid and painful.

I want to update when and if I choose. I've been looking at spinning dots for an hour now. This is a complete waste of my time. Productively is at a stand still. I'm posting from my phone. I'd love for android to develop a desktop OS so I can dump windows.

The Windows 10 default is to "Update and shut down" or "Update and restart". Choose Restart , if you want to reboot without updates or Shut down if you want to shut down without updating. By the way, Google is developing a desktop OS and you can already buy Android 2-in-1 devices or a Chromebook.

You'll be surprised, how much you can do offline with a Chromebook. You could also try an Android-based OS , though it's not exactly market-ready, yet. Finally, why not try Linux ; Android is based on the Linux kernel anyway. Well, if you're at the point where you're recommending in-development operating systems like Google's desktop OS , why not give ReactOS a try?

I'd always recommend dual booting a new OS before fully switching to it if possible at all , but other than that I'm all for trying stuff out. This will bring many folks back to Windows, while others will be happy they made a leap. An automatic Windows update Update for Windows 10 version for x64 based systems KB was done on my computer 2 days ago, and ever since, my computer has been SO slow you'd think I had "dial-up" service!! You detailed how to uninstall an update - which I followed - however, it wouldn't allow it - the "uninstall" wouldn't appear when I checked this particular update On Windows 10, most updates are mandatory and hence can't be removed.

You could try to go back to a Restore Point, in case you enabled System Restore it's disabled by default. I would try a reset with keeping personal files in tact, but you will lose installed programs.

Perhaps I am one of those "Control Freaks", but I really think the inability to easily inhibit Automatic Reboots is totally unacceptable! Yeah, I hate coming back to my laptop, which was supposed to hibernate in order to preserve my session, and finding that Windows Update rebooted it during non-active hours. Terrible to hear that it even sabotages Hibernate mode. I wonder what would happen if I just turned off Wifi "AirPlane Mode on" on my laptop and with no wired internet , since some have commented on how Windows Update needs the internet to work.

But then it would just figure if stupid Win 10 was to automatically turn Wifi back on so as to do the update , and then reboot. I like Windows 10 except for one problem. I live in an area where I have only 2 options for internet service; slow or expensive. When it starts updating on the slow, it I can't do anything else and the connection times out before the update is finished.

On the fast it eats up data very quickly. Either way I can't do anything with it until the update is finished and installed. On previous versions I could choose when to update and how many updates I downloaded at one time without timing out my connection. I hope Windows 10 will have this option soon! Windows 10 was designed with unlimited broadband internet in mind. The limitations you describe were of no concern to the developers. It's hugely frustrating for Windows users in rural areas or wherever bandwidth is limited.

Microsoft has finally pushed me to the edge with the Win 10 update regime, followed by the changes of the Anniversary update and the loss of several group policy settings.

I am looking at ways to get the results I want in Windows despite Microsoft - but I am more interested in changing all our office computers to Android PC. With so much of our work on the 'net or in the cloud, I don't need MS apps - so out with Windows. I don't need to be bullied, and I do not respond well to it. How will you change your office computers to Android, Max? Will you buy new hardware or install the OS on existing hardware? Sorry for slow reply. Various Android OS for x86 machines are already workable.

We use two Corel programs and an Excel application that are the only legacy items holding us back on to Windows.

In the next few weeks we will break free from Excel - at last. If Crossover doesn't allow us to use the Corel programs Wordperfect and Corel Draw , we'll have to drop those too. Same hardware - just no more windows update hassles - like another one of our machines Win 8. This is a rubbish situation to have to face - almost weekly. CrossOver is an application that allows Windows applications to run on Android. What are you replacing Excel with? And what potential replacements do you have in mind for Corel?

User should have the option to select which updates he wants to install and which he wants to keep pending for a later date. Secondly it should show percentage updated for each item and not total updated percentage for all items selected. If a user has selected a time for insatll and download he should have the option to change it to immediate update and install without any issue. Yeah, there's lots of room for improvement with Windows Update.

Thank you for your thoughts, Navder! One of my computers got the Oct 11 update OK. The other, my main wouldn't you know, is stuck in perpetual circle of dots. Left it overnight with no improvement. Power cycle did not help this time. I was able to regress to an earlier set point but the next reboot resumed the circle of dots screen. When I regress again, is there a way to un-download the newest patch? Maybe something went wrong with the update files.

If that still doesn't fix it, temporarily block Windows Update until you find a solution. At least you'll be able to use your computer, but vulnerabilities won't be patched. This articles features some more tips and tricks to fix Windows Update in Windows Here is the new reply: Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs all updates that apply to your system, including driver updates. The troubleshooter lists all driver updates installed on your system.

You don't have to worry about installing those "available" updates because they're already installed. They are "available" for your hiding. Driver updates can be very delicate, hence Microsoft is providing a way to block or hide them. In other words, you can use the Troubleshooter to remove those driver updates, install your own drivers, and see whether that fixes the issue you experienced.

Tina Sieber —— But it appears that my "Service registration is missing or corrupt"? I think Microsoft is actually what's corrupt. What a waste of money. Check out this post on Microsoft Answers regarding the missing service registration: See how the troubleshooter shows a bunch more updates that it says are available? It does not give me those updates when I check for updates, or when it downloads my updates. Does anyone know how I can get those to download?

From a real scientist to an alchemistthe word is 'automated' dear. The degradation of Western Civilisation never ceases to amaze me. Just to be very scientific, I wrote automatized. It may be used less frequently, but it's a proper word. Supposedly, if you enable sharing of updates on your local network, you can save some bandwidth. Does anyone know any way to get back the old update mode that let me choose what and when to install updates, or do i have to edit the WU binaries to get this back?

You can no longer choose what to update and your impact on when to update is severely limited. If you do end up finding a workaround, I'd be interested in hearing about it! I would like the feature of being able to see the updates and then be able to individually apply them if want.

Recent Microsoft update to Office completely disabled the product. They are streamlining their updates to ensure everyone runs on the latest version faster. It simplifies support and it's potentially more secure in theory. I, like many other posters have a 10 Gb data cap and multiple devices on my network - a single update can chew up the entire data cap. I simply refuse to upgrade to Windows 10 until Microsoft gives me the ability to schedule downloads during off-hours that aren't capped.

Microsoft needs to fix this - otherwise when they stop supporting windows 7, I'll have to turn to Linux. Not only can you not predict when updates will be downloaded, with Microsoft releasing major Windows updates once or twice a year, some updates are also huge. I hear your frustration, John! This is the reason we hate Windows Update.

Microsoft developers have a very elitist view of the world - as if everyone had an unlimited broadband internet connection. I have written another article on how to temporarily disable Windows Update in Windows This should help you block updates in the future, at least temporarily.

If you change your settings to say you have a 'metered connection', the updates will not happen automatically. Or if you have a higher than Home Premium Win 10 product, you can 'defer' your updates. Removing peoples ability to choose what goes on their computers isn't just bad It makes me sick that the computer industry has degenerated into this

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