How to Destroy Someone’s Reputation with Google

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Destroy the Web
No one will try to push the clicks. I agree, free is good for learning. For every Pax Dickinson who is torn apart by a pitchfork-wielding mob, we will send a dozen feminist interns to the unemployment line. Since apparently you cannot really destroy map instances, a way to reduce this problem if you need to show several maps at once on a website the number of maps may change with user interaction the maps need to be hidden and re-shown together with other components ie they do not appear in a fixed position in the DOM is keeping a pool of map instances. Purchase clicks of the 'click traffic' for the publisher's site from daily-traffic. Cooqle , 28 Feb 7: I will not pay stupid prices for one click for one keyword!!

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How To Destroy Google With $100 Million?

WAY better odds than a lottery, and there's no need to announce a winner as soon as somebody wins: To keep it honest, the chosen word can be written down and put in trust by a reliable, unbiased and honest third party with no direct interest in the contest. For example, any escrow service can be used. For added destructive mileage, simply repeat the contest every day for 3 months.

That'll kill Google's adwords pretty quick, you'd have farms of ad-clickers - almost like Mr. Salt's factory in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Joe Dirt , 3 Feb 8: How do you arrive at that figure?

Sounds like wishful thinking. A lousy thousandaire could offer fifty grand and acheive the same result. Or, alternatively, you could simply plot a story that President Bush was a major investor in Google and the same people who scam every MSNBC politics poll would be happy to do the same to Google for free.

Jef Poskanzer , 3 Feb 8: Google takes a percentage of the payout, and they don't specify what the percentage is. If they wanted to, they could make the secret percentage be as high as they like for this one ad, to compensate for lost revenue from the increase in bogus clicks. They could even distribute the money to the other advertisers in the form of lowered costs, to keep them happy. Save the hundred million, as others have mentioned.

People will click ads for a free pen. Free pen with every hundredth ad click. To keep them interested, give them a blender when they reach 10, clicks. It is a dumb idea and should go away. But because the PPC engines google, etc do make so much money off their advertisers from click from, they dont really care about it.

Neha , 21 Mar 6: I suggest the best way to advertise is that every advertiser analysis the publisher site for relevance, traffic etc and displays a banner ad with a 'pay-per-month' charge.

That will be the best. Whatever traffic the advertiser gets is his own luck. No one will try to push the clicks. Only the attractiveness of the banner will do it. It is a pity that no one is doing it. Most publishers also do not seem to care and go for google until they are finished in that.

Justin , 3 Feb 9: Why is there always a person out there looking to sabatoge a companies good fortune? Google creates great jobs and work environment for its employees.

It makes no sense to me. So if there is anyone who can shed light on this subject I am waiting to be enlightend. Adam , 3 Feb 9: People love kicking the popular kid. Sometimes it seems our whole society is built on schaudenfreude. But, seriously, what a counterproductive thing to even contemplate sabataging AdWords. Do we all want to return to the days of blinking shock-the-monkey ads? I, for one, like text ads. Anonymous Coward , 28 Jul Don , 3 Feb The free way to destroy Google is by getting 60 million internet users to add: Art Iger , 3 Feb Marius , 3 Feb What would happen when that random "billionaer" would split the Million Dollars into single pieces.

The amount of 1 Million is still attractive. And bringing google a hundred times in trouble would be more effective than shooting trouble on them only one time. Also there would be a little mony left over. How many people still answer the email thinking that Bill Gates is going to give them money.

Anonymous Coward , 5 Jul 6: Why not just release a software that blocks any of googles ads? There is already a FireFox plugin that does it. Chris , 20 Jun 4: Chaiya Intasoie , 28 Feb 7: I am writting an operating system called "TheZoid" at http: If you manage to find this website as www. I would like to know why google cannot recognize TheZoid as an operating system!!! If google wishes me to remove this from my website than advertise my business fairly, at resaonable rates!!!!

Did you know google. Please show your outrage by boycotting the google search engine!!!! I will not pay stupid prices for one click for one keyword!! If you work at www. PS keep pissing of the small man, and I hope you go out of business!!!! Rod , 11 Mar This post proposes a co-op model, based on the fact that Google relies on web sites to search, so webmaster should take back the power: How to destroy google.

If google keeps going to your website and keep taking your pages down, and do not put your pages in the search engine, then you should put the following in your robots.

Cooqle , 28 Feb 7: Neo Cambell , 11 Nov My question is why do people need to destroy Google or Microsoft. Those people were just like us, spend their whole life in-front of computers and they are now rich. From now on, any time they apply for a job that pays more than minimum wage, the HR ladies are going to see my articles and immediately pass them over for the position.

And since none of them have the intelligence to develop real skills, write books or go into business for themselves, I sure hope they love making lattes. This assumes that most people actually do their homework when they read stuff on the Internet.

My statistics bear this out: The producers, the editors, the people on the higher rungs at ABC, Gawker and the like are safe; they have enough money, power and name recognition to ward off threats from people like us. Imagine if every time an unpaid intern or minimum wage-slave with six figures of student loan debt attacked the manosphere, they had a negative, SEO-optimized article about them online within a day.

He should be sailing across the Atlantic to assassinate King George! He should be going after Jefferson Davis and Robert E. They should be concentrating on Hitler! This was established by the Nuremberg Trials: You put one of ours in the hospital, we put one of yours in the morgue. We will drag your name through the mud, get you fired from your job and reduce you to poverty. For every Pax Dickinson who is torn apart by a pitchfork-wielding mob, we will send a dozen feminist interns to the unemployment line.

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