5 Steps to Reduce Retail Theft & Shoplifting In Your Business

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the chemical element, see bromine. Retrieved February 28, The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved March 17, Retrieved from " https: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Make sure crime coverage is included in your insurance. In the US, employee theft is the number one cause of retail shrink.

There are various reasons that employees steal from their companies. Suppliers and contractors might overcharge you, resulting in costs for services or products that you never actually received. Management and administrative errors, like mismanagement of inventory ordering too much product, etc. Read how to use Lightspeed POS to manage inventory and reduce theft. Your first line of defense is your staff. You should educate them on how prevent shoplifting and employee theft. They can simply ask if a shopper needs help.

This is often enough to prevent shoplifting. The best way to prevent employee theft is to educate them on the measures you are taking to prevent it. The majority of shoplifters steal in response to an impulse. With proper deterrents in place, shoplifters are much less likely to actually act on their impulses. Here are some ways to organize your store for better shoplifting prevention:. If you need more help in planning your store layout take a look at our step by step instructions. We called Joe Frawley, former police sergeant at Cambridge, MA police department and former owner of Eastern Security Inc , to talk about reducing retail theft.

He stated that one of the most important things is to put up shoplifting signs like the ones below. These signs are important not only as deterrents, but also for legal reasons.

If you ever intend to take a shoplifter to court, you need to have your store posted. Joe also mentioned the importance of security mirrors. If there are areas in your store that have taller shelving or are more secluded, security mirrors can be a great low-cost deterrent option. Although training, signs, and mirrors are generally enough to reduce retail theft for the small business owner, the next step up in security is installing surveillance equipment such as cameras and RFID tags.

A very inexpensive way to use cameras to prevent shoplifting is to buy a fake security camera. They can range from just a few dollars to a couple of hundred dollars depending how realistic they look. For example they might come equipped with faux lights, rotate across the store, etc. In fact, like most electronics these days, security camera systems have seen their quality drastically improve while their prices have dropped.

Discreet cameras are not really the best choice. Make sure the camera is obviously a camera and big enough to see clearly. These cameras are especially effective when paired with a monitor that is placed in a public space where people can see themselves on-camera.

For all the information you need to pick the right security camera and system for your small business, see our guide to the best security cameras. The newest thing in retail security is what is known as video analytics software. This is a high-end video surveillance system which digitally monitors your customers and employees in real-time and alerts you when it senses suspicious behavior. In addition, it allows you to look up any transaction and view the video footage associated with any item on the receipt.

Stoplift also has the ability to integrate with video surveillance systems that are already in place. You can read our in-depth review of them both here. Although relatively expensive and probably overkill for most small-business owners, video analytics software does have the potential to significantly reduce retail theft and free you up to focus on other areas of your small business.

Retail RFID tags are sticker or pin-tag radio-frequency identification devices that attach to your products. If a customer walks out with an item that still has an RFID tag on it a sensor alarm near the door will go off. RFID tags vary in cost, depending on the level of sophistication and range. A refurbished system will often be cheaper and just as effective. Although professional thieves can bypass this system using foil-lined shopping bags, RFID tags are a good option to discourage the majority of shoplifters.

Uniformed guards are a great visual deterrent, but also have the potential for making loyal customers uncomfortable. Plainclothes guards are often more effective in actually catching thieves, because they look much like a regular customer, but are not nearly as effective of an overall deterrent. If you just want to test drive having a security guard or need one right away for a short time, consider working with a company like Bannerman Security.

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