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Find pages whose titles include surfing that are not about surfing the World Wide Web. In May , Google expanded on the "Rich snippets" format to offer "Rich cards", which, similarly to snippets, display more information about results, but shows them at the top of the mobile website in a swipeable carousel-like format. If you enter a query with the word weather and a city or location name, if Google recognizes the location, the forecast will appear at the top of the results page. In the latter case, the page may be from a regional version of a multinational website. In , Google claimed that a search query requires altogether about 1 kJ or 0.

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Google Search Appliance 7.6

Users can help improve the search experience by adding search results for a specific keyword. High-fidelity previews help you decide which document to choose. It works across devices, and no external applications or browser plugins are required. Users get relevant suggestions as they begin entering searches, just like on Google. You can pick from a list of common search terms rather than continuing to type.

Enable filtering of search results by content attributes such as author, date or location. Custom categories can be created to reflect your unique business needs. Content can be grouped into an unlimited number of collections. Users get more accurate results without having to sift through irrelevant documents.

Enhances searches with extensive synonyms and intelligent spellcheck, just like Google. Works in more than 20 different tongues, from Dutch and Danish to Turkish and Thai. Autocompletes queries to offer the type of helpful suggestions familiar to Google. Allows users to lend their expertise by adding handpicked results to search queries, ensuring that relevant results appear at the top for certain keywords. Analyzes user behavior and preferences to learn from experience and deliver more relevant results over time.

Benefits from the technology of Google. Provides a single point of access for finding content across data sources while respecting security policies already in place. Scales to data repositories of any size with one or more G 20 million documents or G million documents appliances. Offers simple pricing based on the number of documents you index, with no hidden costs or modules to license. Enterprise Search Skip to content.

Home Solutions Products Partners Support. Google Search Appliance 7. Finding your data has never been easier Sorting by metadata Sort search results by author, date, price or any other attribute. Entity recognition Entity recognition structures content by pulling attributes like date, author or product type from documents. Language translation Translate any document you open into more than 70 languages.

Self-learning scorer GSA adapts to user behavior, learning to deliver better results over time. Expert search Help users find experts in your organization by searching on related keywords. User-added results Users can help improve the search experience by adding search results for a specific keyword.

Document preview High-fidelity previews help you decide which document to choose. The Google Search Appliance finds the exact information an agent is searching for, helping them quickly communicate accurate solutions to customer problems. When agents spend less time searching for the right information, they can focus on helping customers.

As a software firm, it was imperative for QAD to improve customer support across every client interaction channel. They needed to give their internet, intranet and customer extranet users fast and easy access to critical support documents while still protecting confidential information.

They also needed to do it in multiple languages. The Google Search Appliance puts every invoice, purchase order, bill of lading and contract securely at your fingertips. Effortless access to accurate information means procurement personnel can process purchase orders, reconcile deliveries and review invoices faster.

Streamlined business means reduced costs. The Google Search Appliance helps employees find information such as purchase order PO numbers or vendor details inside large ERP systems, all with the same ease as when they search the web on Google. Locating an invoice or purchase order, especially for infrequent users, used to take clicks and around 15 minutes. The Google Search Appliance helped employees start finding records in under 30 seconds, saving 3, hours a week.

The company now indexes 5 million objects in SAP and plans to add another 30 million documents to other databases and repositories.

Spend less time fine-tuning search and more time managing your site. The Google Search Appliance delivers best-in-class relevance to customers, honed through billions of queries on Google. Helping shoppers find the products they want leads to higher shopping cart values. The Google Search Appliance helps grow average order values by placing the right products in front of customers at the right time.

Enterprise Search Skip to content. Home Solutions Products Partners Support. Find what you need, fast Google Enterprise Search delivers the blazing fast, highly relevant results customers and employees are looking for. Get more out of your intranet Give employees powerful tools to search for people, data and documents, from HR to IT - and beyond.

Get more out of your extranet Keep business moving and build better relationships by helping partners find the information they need. Enhance your website Increase traffic by making your public facing website more relevant, helpful and easier to navigate. Streamline your engineering design process Allow engineers, researchers and scientists to securely find design documentation, test results and research.

Optimize your customer support Increase customer satisfaction by equipping support center agents with instant access to known issues and case files. Organize your procurement Streamline procurement and get the resources your business needs with easy to find purchasing information.

Energize your commerce Turn browsing into sales and boost revenue by helping customers find the products they want. Benefits Empower employees Employees need accurate, relevant information to make smart decisions. Increase productivity Knowledge workers spend a lot of time searching for existing information.

Read the case study. Benefits Reduce partner support costs Powering your support portal with the Google Search Appliance allows partners to find the answers they need, without tying up employees. Leverage existing investments Make the data in your extranet easier to find, letting partners quickly locate critical business information to support your common objectives.

Keep security permissions intact The Google Search Appliance honors all of your applied security policies, so you can be sure users only find the content they are authorized to see. Results that matter The Google Search Appliance provides highly relevant search results and help visitors navigate them easily, with features like category filtering and document previews. Improve customer support Assist customers to quickly solve issues by using the Google Search Appliance to make information discoverable with a search driven self-service portal.

Benefits Increase the speed of innovation Help engineers and researchers spend less time searching for existing information, so they can spend more time creating new ideas and processes that move your business forward. Find product information quickly The Google Search Appliance crawls and indexes document libraries, databases, file shares and Product Lifecycle Management PLM systems, securely delivering key engineering information.

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Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Google Enterprise Search helps employees and customers find what they need, fast. Get more out of your intranet and extranet. Official Google Search Help Center where you can find tips and tutorials on using Google Search and other answers to frequently asked questions.