What is WiFi Repeater

Follow these steps to set up a wireless signal repeater. B efore, when long range wifi connections were required for multiple computers, tablets or smartphones, expensive networking equipment and extensive configuration procedures were the only way to go. Perfect for Boats, RVs or even full time internet for your home. Special note to MAC Customers: They are also referred as wifi network extenders or wifi signal boosters. Join the RadioLabs mailing list: The wireless signal repeater is very useful device when you have a location in your home or office, where your wireless network is not accessible.

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Hi Guys, i just got this Wireless-N repeater device and im having a hard time setting up the device. I have gone through most of the step and managed to login with the IP address after modifying. Step 7. Click System Tools-> Reboot to reboot the AP.. After you go through all the above steps, the Repeater should get working properly with the root router. Please refer to the following method to make certain if you have setup the Repeater successfully. Buy dodocool AC WiFi Range Extender Wireless Repeater Router Dual Band: Routers - gas-bg.ga FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.