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Tor will encrypt your traffic within and to the Tor network, but the encryption of your traffic to the final destination will depend very much on that particular website. While some of them may seem arcane and scary, they're quickly becoming easier to use and more powerful, as you'll see if you explore the links in this story. Your app has never let me down and I intend to use it as long as you're in business! Top 10 Best Hacking OS. Sept 28, Platform: This is a review of the full version of Easy-Hide-IP 5.

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10 best hide IP address software to use in 2018

The false IP Address that was issued by the VPN contains all of the information that websites need to work with your computer, but it does not contain your original IP Address. As far as everyone is concerned, your computer is part of the VPN. This is because most businesses also run websites, so potential customers, employees, and existing customers must be able to log onto the website in order to do business.

The difference is that the commercial version allows the name to be known, but still hides the IP Address through DNS function. Both the commercial and the public forms of IP masking help to increase security. Internet privacy is a very hot topic. Sure there are laws, but the laws that govern the Internet are not truly enforced because they can not be enforced.

There is only the United Nations as a world body, and the laws that govern citizens are created by the country in which they live. Being able to mask your IP Address is an important part of remaining private on the Internet.

IP masking is legal, it is easy to use, and it provides a large piece of Internet security. Marketing agencies that deal with Internet marketing have shown, exactly what the lengths are that companies, governments, and individuals will go to just to find out what you do. The development of spyware is a pivot point in the argument over Internet Privacy. Still, spyware continues to drive a multi-billion industry, even with laws in place to protect individuals. IP masking just makes a great deal of sense.

If you are interested in IP Masking, then we suggest that you visit www. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. MaskIPaddress programs help relay signals between proxies or servers situated all across the world back to your computer so your IP address is never exposed to the world.

It provides a comprehensive list of potential VPN servers and using an intuitive interface it makes quick work of the same. The list is exhaustive with many Globally distributed Public VPN Relay servers from anonymous volunteers and helps stay on the internet while masking your identity.

It masks your IP, provides unrestricted access to the internet and helps keep snoopers confused as to your actual IP. You can use it with Wi-Fi and public networks and the program itself is 32 and 64 bit compatible. Moreover, it is small and unobtrusive while being easy to use. This program requires a registration with your email ID so as to create a free account. Paid subscription provides faster and more secure service with greater VPN access.

It is easy to use and will automatically provide you unrestricted access. The program is also small and easy to uninstall just any Chrome add-on is. Also called the Onion Router, Tor operates over a worldwide network of servers helping disguise and mask the true identity of users.

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Why will anyone want to mask their IP address? Truth is that your identity over the internet is decided by your IP address and if you do not have access to specific sites or locations because of your IP address then you need a IP Masking solution. Disguising your IP is one of the most effective ways to protect your personal information. Easy-Hide-IP is one of the most effective tools of its type we've tried. Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of Easy-Hide-IP The trial version is limited to 3 days.4/5(). IP masking software is a tool that is used by commercial and individual Internet users who want to ensure that their Internet activities are safe and unseen. IP masking software is also known as a virtual private network or even as a proxy server.