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Is it still working for you guys? If gameday did load with that extension, I wonder if this would this work with Chromecast Please enter your credit card's number correctly. The most obvious one as mentioned above, would be the ZERO blackouts on the international version. Do I have to subscribe despite the cost being 0? Doesn't work for me anymore.

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How to hack NFL Game Pass to bypass blackouts

This email is already in use. Please enter another one or Sign In. Email and the confirm do not match. A valid email is required. Email is too long. Sorry, you do not meet the minimum requirements for NFL. We noticed that you have previously signed up for a NFL Game Pass free trial using this account or credit card. Service is not available in your region. Enter your first name. Enter your last name. The two passwords you entered do not match.

The username The username you entered is already in use. Please choose another one or sign in. Your username must contain 4 to 32 alphanumeric characters. You must choose a package in order to continue.

You already have a subscription to this package. If you need further help with your purchase, please contact customer support. The billing address is required. Please enter your billing address. Please enter a valid address. Please enter your city. Select your country of residence.

Please enter a valid Postal Code. Please enter a valid Zip Code. Credit card is required. The supplied credit card is not supported for the currency of the purchase. Please select the credit card expiration month using the drop-down menus. Please select the credit card expiration year using the drop-down menus.

Invalid credit card information. Please enter your credit card's number correctly. Please enter a valid Security Code. Please enter the Security Code for your credit card. Card Type is required. The expiration date you entered is invalid. The credit card information you entered is invalid. Please contact the financial institution that issued the card for further assistance. We are unable to accept AliPay payments at this time. If paying by PayPal, please try again at a later time.

If paying by credit card, please check that the billing address you entered matches the address on your credit card account or use a different credit card and try again. We are unable to accept PayPal payments at this time.

The item to purchase was invalid. An item to purchase is required. The promotion code you entered is not valid for the package plan you selected. Please check the code or go back and select the appropriate plan.

This promo code is not applicable to free trial purchases. Please enter your name as it appears on the credit card. Before I begin, Mods: I believe this to be a legal work around. If I am mistaken, feel free to delete. Mine would only buffer. So I copied the pop-up link, and pasted it in a Chrome tab. I've also noticed steps aren't needed.

Once the popup is open, you can go to the game day tab and click back to US and it will reload the popup and play fine.

Just wanted to say thanks. I have Private Internet Access and by using the Netherlands server, it's as easy as hitting watch. I just checked it with recorded games and NFL network was a live feed. Are there any other US channels that stream free in other countries? When I switch to Netherlands, all that changes is the price on the subscribe button and clicking a game takes me back to the subscribe page.

Ok what I did was type the URL into a google search and then click on the result and it took me to the page with the two options. Then I could change to Netherlands and follow OPs steps. Once you get to that page then switch to NL and follow steps in OP. What's the URL of that page? No matter what I try I can't get to it. What country are you in before you activate Hola Unblocker? I always get redirected to another page when I click the Google link at it appears the page with the 2 options is just at the base URL of gamepass.

I cleared my history and temp files in Chrome and tried again. It will redirect to the subscribe page every time unless you clear history. Ok I got that far. Now sorry for the noob questions but how do I copy the link of the popup?

I was getting a different popup. Refer to dburke44 that you need to be signed out of NFL. Damn, I can't get this to work anymore. It was fine a couple of days ago but now whenever I switch to the Netherlands I get a paywall. Tried deleting cookies etc but still no luck. It still works, just not with Hola Unblocker.

The Netherlands thing still works, they just blocked using Hola Unblocker. I'm traveling so I can't give exact details but use another proxy software. Your solution of using Foxy Proxy with a Netherlands proxy server works for me.

It seems like the NFL caught on that people were using Hola Unblocker and redirected any traffic from anyone using Hola Unblocker to the subscribe page. I like to use ProxyNova. Choose a game to watch, click on it and when it starts to buffer, deactivate FoxyProxy. In this way, you can stream the game with your own bandwith and not the super-lame proxy. Note that if you want to watch another game, before switching, you have to activate FoxyProxy again. All of this could need a couple of tries because it doesn't always work, but it's definately worth it!

Are you sure the blackout isn't due to the rain delay? Game hasn't started yet. This method gets me further than the OP's, but I'm still unable to watch a game. I reach this screen and the list of games never populates. Anyone else experience this? Doesn't work for me anymore. When Hola Unblocker was working, I would get to this screen and have to turn off the extension. Perhaps you need to turn off FoxyProxy in the same way?

After selecting a game in step five, it brings me to the "subscribe" section of the page. What is everyone else doing to make it work? Do I have to subscribe despite the cost being 0?

This would happen sometimes. All I did was close the browser, reopen, and do it again. Just once for when the player loads. Once loaded, you can keep switching between games within the players. If anyone else is having trouble with Hola Unblocker through the Chrome Store, use http: Installed with no issue.

This still works, however, Hola Unblocker doesn't. Need to use another proxy server from the neverlands. They have the new episodes of breaking bad the next day. So on Monday you can watch last nights episode. Also seasons of dexter and some movies us doesn't have. I can't get it to work either. Ok, so this gives every game all year? So it wold be pointless for me to do the madden thing? Yeah I'm pretty sure you can pass on the madden thing.

The nfl will update this site every week for every game because This is so far the best option I have found for watching games. Much thanks to OP. For whatever reason Chrome doesn't like Game Pass - nice to see you found a work-around. I actually used shudder IE to make it work. This is literally the only thing I have used IE for in at least six years aside from using it to download Firefox or Chrome.

Sometimes this doesn't even work, but if you're look to stay in Chrome simply for convenience, you could try IE tab. I've deployed it to a few of my users and have never had any problems. If gameday did load with that extension, I wonder if this would this work with Chromecast I tested out the Firefox version and was able to watch last year's Super Bowl, without having to go through steps 6 to 9 on your list. Is there an alternate place than the Chrome web store to get Hola Unblocker? Whoa, this seems to work.

Any idea if this will play nice with Chromecast, or am I just getting greedy? I have a small question for you LouSkyWaka. Do you know if this works for ufc fights as well? And if so, anyone know the website to go to? And I'm fine with you callin us bitches if it gets me free football: I plan to try this out on Saturday.

The website is UFC. I know you posted this a while back. But did it end up working? I'm looking for ways to catch tomorrows fight. Let me know if you have any other questions. Worked great for me with Chrome. However pasting the URL from the popup into a new tab didn't do anything. But, while the popup was still buffering I switched back to US and it just straight up worked.

If it doesn't work, you can try another way: Well this weekend they play KC and since it is aired on their Fox Sports, you can't watch through mlb. This same method works for that and I thank you. Is this not working any more???

I was hoping to watch the Saints game this evening and the hole seems to be patched. Any idea if this will work during the regular season?!?!

How To Bypass NFL Game Pass Blackouts In US Using Unlocator

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