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How to create a safe and secure Gmail account for your child

Does your blog contain similar really helpful information with no snark whatsoever? This has been wonderfully helpful. Hi all — I just purchased a Chromebook for my kids and came across this article. After doing a bit of research, I found that you can set up supervised accounts for your kids on a chromebook.

You do not need to set up a gmail account for them or anything. The account is under your own, and you can limit or allow access to the web, youtube, etc. They cant do much at all if you restrict the web sites as well. So it backfired, Google knows everything! This was very helpful.

So, instead of deleting it gone, she could still technically read it. I have a teenager, for whom I have setup a supervised user on her Chromebook. She does need access to gmail and has an account.

Unfortunately, I am not sure how to fix this issue. Did you find a solution? No we did not find a solution yet. However, we or rather my 14 year old daughter did learn a new loophole — she can access youtube through google slides………. This will allow control over any device, time limits as well as which sites are accessible thru the device.

I suggest you use the age of 13 when setting up the account. Please see this page: In order to protect my parent I had to resort to research on parental control for kids. It is so sad that senior citizens are just as vulnerable as children when it comes to internet access and social media. Thanks for the tips and information!

Hey Julie, great suggestion! Ill be sure to share this article on my website as we get teenagers on the site all the time so this will be a good resource for them and their parents. I tried to sign my nearly 13 year old for a gmail account and it would not let me saying that he did not meet the age requirements.

What can I do about this? It looks like Google is running a beta program for younger kids. Hi and thanks for your advises! BUT somehow it does not works correctly, I mean created filters do not filter at all all mails go to trash, no matter they are filtered or not. And the worst thing is you delete filter but mail acts like it still have it — delete all emails.

My only issue with this is what is to stop your child from changing settings to get rid of all of those protections you set up? I have a son who is way into programming and wanted to learn Java Script for his 9 year old Birthday gift kids these days but its my hacker daughter I worry about she is 8.

Not in a bad way but the girl has this talent for hacking our I phones and computers she hacked my Iphone when she was 3. She thinks its funny to figure out passwords and go in and mess with our settings. She has a slight learning disability in one way but I think her brain compensates in other ways because she has a photographic memory LOL.

So I am not worried about her being bad and changing the filters so she can receive bad emails or watch Youtube. I am more concerned that she will change the filters just to be funny and then not be safe. What phone number did you use, the number for the kids phone or your own phone number? You skipped over both of those in your original post. So in order to protect your child from people who cheat and lie, you actually actually cheat and lie by using a service where the minimum age requirement is 7 but pretending your child is much older… Great way to teach!

Hi Julie, just came across your blog while looking for a legal solution to creating a Google Account Not just email for my DS. I would like to add, that in March this year, Google released a Family link app by which you could create an account for your child and manage it too. You can read about it here… https: If you want to know how to make extra bucks, search for: In order to have a Google Account, you must meet certain age requirements.

I am 1 of the parents of the child under 13 that i am try to set an account up for and I have full Parental Responsibilites over her.

Surely it is upto me and her father who is in full agreement with me , whether she has an email account or not? I am a fully grown woman and I am aware that certain measures need to be taken to keep our children safe online. BUT, she is not going to be having a Facebook account or any other account other than a Google play store one. There are only two reasons I want to set 1 up: I got a gmail account for my baby daughter, complete with her correct date of birth, using that program.

Hi I have just followed this thread, set the filter up as described and then a non permitted email went straight through the filter!! Back to the drawing board I think! I think adding family members email addresses in the filters and forwarding all other emails to the parents main email box with a specified folder to collect those emails in the parents main account allows the parent to look through and forward back any emails from outside the Family Circle.

That way the parent has one dedicated folder where all the Childs email comes through to them first except from family, and then you can delegate. So I will try this way later on. I would like to know this as well. We have an iPhone, iPad, and Macbook — but no Android devices.

So it appears that Family Link will not work for us. Which I understand requires a Gmail account. Does anyone know if there is a way for a child to have a YouTube channel? Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Click on settings underneath the gear icon in Gmail. Add in the email address on your approved list. A few extra notes. Review with your child that they should never give out their email address to someone without asking first. I added her email account onto my phone.

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Rain on July 18, at Herry on July 26, at Na'shalay on August 3, at 7: The article was very good thnx for it? Matt Vang on August 6, at 4: Karen Cook on November 11, at Darek on November 28, at 6: The client never had a Gmail before this… Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!

Less secure app Sunday, July 10, 1: Are you the one who tried signing in? To continue using this app, you can allow access to less secure apps, but your account may be more vulnerable. Thankyou very much, this was absolutely doing my head in. I never got round to solving the issue, until I came upon this Gem. Great update on this blog post. I spent a few hours messing with it and ended up setting up a new user with HostGator just for sending.

I kept researching and started to uncover recent changes that Google made to exactly what your mentioning here, Less Secure settings. Worked like a charm! Google never tells anyone when a change is made. Followed the config exactly.

Wondering if having a shared hosting plan on BlueHost, i. I discovered today that my email from my domain was bouncing back to customers replying to my emails. I use gmail to send and receive emails from my domain account hosted by godaddy. After talking to godaddy they mentioned that my logo image in my signature was throwing a flag and marking it as spam, or gmail was, I have no idea.

After removing the image and a link it seems to be working now. I have noticed with my formmaker plugin that all the forms sent to my email are sent to spam. Any ideas on how to get gmail to stop flagging the contact forms? The only way gmail setup worked for me was throw this plugin. I seem to be alone here, using Outlook For an IMAP account it has, variously filled in: This was a lifesaver.

Had to enable the Less Secure Apps option but will do for the time being. Thanks for writing such a nice blog. Can you can tell me if google SMTP servers send back a response on receiving a request to send an email?

Without this does not matter what provider you will use, any email can finish in spam, bc. The emails going into spam is what prompted this whole exercise in the first place. Failed to connect to server: Connection refused Had countless discussions with GoDaddy to see if it was on their side but to no avail.

Found lots of discussion and solutions on web but the only one that worked and without a plugin was the solution provided here by Peter Cralen here. I was having the same issue. Your comment helped me a lot. This solved my issue, too! I could not send emails from my iPhone after having it inactive since February this year and reactivating it in the last week.

I am not able to get this plugin to work for me. The site is hosted by GoDaddy. Does that have anything to do with the problem?

As long as you have the correct mailbox host, port number, and username and password, you should be able to connect without any problems. This plugin looks sweet, Jason. Gonna test this out and see how things go. Anyway I checked your plugin and it looks really cool, for smtp Gmail one which handle this issue right way. Good job Also I did not know, that password via smtp has to be send in plain text, that explain why all plugins handle it this way.

After setting both up, Mandrill is 10x easier no joke. Thanks for the Pingback Ryan. Gmail was never built for transactional email. We definitely recommend using the other transaction email products. This is just for the rare case people choose to use gmail anyway. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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