How to Disable a Proxy Server in Google Chrome

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Would be sweet if you could pin alternative command line shortcuts to the task bar in windows! Parameters object details Which setting to consider. I tried with space, without space, with proxy settings, without proxy settings, one dash, and 2 dashes in all the combinations. Well, it is a 2 year old news, and Google Chrome still sucks at this. If you are not currently logged in as an administrator, enter the administrator password. If you specify the callback parameter, it should be a function that looks like this:

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Disable proxy for Chrome on Windows. Click on the Chrome Menu in the browser toolbar. Select Settings. Click Advanced. In the “System” section, click Open proxy settings. This will open the Internet Properties window. Under “Local Area Network (LAN) settings”, click on. In the latter case, Chrome falls back to the system settings only if no command-line options influence the proxy configuration. Proxy rules The gas-bg.gaules object can contain either a singleProxy attribute or a subset of proxyForHttp, proxyForHttps, proxyForFtp, and fallbackProxy. Type " --no-proxy-server" without quotes at the very end of the "Target" field in the "Google Chrome Properties" window. Place the text outside the closing quotation marks in the target field, and type a space before the dashes.