10 Great Apps for Meeting New Friends

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But luckily, Veronica and I hit it off right away. With Find My Friends, you can sleep easy after a night out, knowing when each member of your posse arrives home safely. By signing up, you can immediately check out what your local area has to offer. Skout Free Skout works on preferences and proximity, much like a dating app but for friends. If millions of people can find partners on dating apps like Tinder, Bubble BFF is a solid step in shaking the taboo of taking a similar approach for friendships. You can easily check out what events your friends are liking or attending, as well as keep in the know about when your favorite musician or comedian is around. Find My Friends is a lifesaver.


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Work from anywhere with our mobile iOS and Android apps. Browser Extensions Save content from anywhere on the web for later. Desktop Application Save browser tabs, use our MacOS, Windows, and Linux desktop apps Friends+Me helps you to focus on Google+ to save a significant amount of money and time while still achieving goals by . The app launched Tinder Social, which allows users to form groups of friends (same-sex or co-ed, whichever you prefer) to match and meet up with other people’s groups of friends. But, it’s not. 5 apps for making friends in a new city By Sarah That said, I did find five apps that weren’t thinly veiled dating apps—apps that actually helped me make friends.