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Igot so scared I was procrastinating to quit for half a year. Logon your FB account 2: This will take you to the Google Takeout page and walk you through the process of downloading an archive of your data. Sometimes you want to get out of your Facebook life and enjoy the real world. My Samsung Galaxy Note 1 was getting too full with Picassa albums which were duplicating my pics. Not Helpful 58 Helpful Now, it is clear from above-mentioned points that deactivating Facebook account is a cool-off period.

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Tap on Settings and head into the Account section. Choose Delete My Account. Enter your phone number in the full international format to proceed. You can now delete WhatsApp from your iPhone. How to reactive deleted WhatsApp account Step 1: Launch WhatsApp for iPhone. WhatsApp is not supported on the iPad, iPod touch and jailbroken iPhones.

How to restore my chats and media from WhatsApp backup Step 1: If you are signed in, double-check that you're signed in with the account you want to delete. When you're signed in, you'll see your Google account profile picture in the upper-right corner. Click it to see which account is currently signed in. If you're signed in with the wrong account, click "Sign out" in the menu and then sign in with the correct one. Sign in with the account you want to delete.

This step isn't necessary if you're already signed in with the right account. Click Delete your account or services. This can be found at the bottom of the "Account preferences" section on the right side of the page.

Click Delete Google Account and data. Enter your Google account password again if prompted. You may be prompted to sign in again before you can proceed.

Review the content that will be deleted. You'll also be shown services you'll lose access to. Click the download your data link to keep your data. This will take you to the Google Takeout page and walk you through the process of downloading an archive of your data. Scroll down and check the two Yes boxes.

This is the only confirmation you'll be giving for deleting your account. Your account will be marked for deletion, which will occur shortly after you click Delete Account. Once your account is deleted, you'll lose access to all Google products and data associated with it. Attempt to recover a deleted account. If you changed your mind or accidentally deleted the account, you have a short window of time to try to restore it: Click the "Try to restore account" link.

Enter the last password you used for the account. If you attempt to restore before your data is permanently deleted, you'll get your account back. You'll need to use a browser to delete your Gmail address. You'll see this button in the upper-right corner. If you're already signed in, make sure it's with the Gmail account you want to delete. When you're signed in, you'll see your current account's profile picture in the upper-right corner. Click this and click "Sign out" to sign in with a different account.

Sign in with the Gmail account you want to delete. You don't need to do this if you're already signed in with the correct account. Click the "Delete" button next to Gmail. This button looks like a trashcan. Enter an alternate email address for your Google account. By suggesting random contacts that I e-mailed in the past, I feel less secure. These may be people I interacted with once, for business or because of a grievance, I do not want them to have me or I them suggested as contacts.

If google plus were an isolated body, I would consider using it, as is, the tangled web of google services I use make that impossible. My hosted pictures at picassa used only for my blogger blog? With the circles feature google understands that some of us have activities and hobbies reserved for certain social circles, by linking everything we do with google, we lose that sensible action.

Everyone thought FB was the problem, but social networks of this style are just annoying to me. Thanks for telling me how to quit. This opton dos NOT appear on my profile. Am I going to be stuck forever with this crappy social network? I want to delete it ASAP. I hate that I have to worry about extra privacy settings for another social networking site!

This one is way more dangerous, it is linked directly to my email account which contains personal things like photos and calendar! Was trying to getting rid of this stupid stuff which links my email account n persona stuff. Found the sln here. A real relief thanks a lot!!!!!! Not to mention privacy and security issues. The final straw was when I synced my phone and everyone who ever put me in a circle whether i circled them or not, knew them or not suddenly ended up as a contact in my cell phone!!

Thanks a ton for the steps above.. Thanks for your service. I am about to think that I need to leave Google completely. I have just become accoustomed to having the Google as a home page… man, this really ticks me off.

If I join and then downgrade will the blue arrow go away? I just want a simple gmail account to receive and send emails and use the search engine occasionally Thanks! Thank you so much! This was very helpful! Once again Thanks Allot. Thank you so much for this, simple and hassle-free way of deleting this option. If you go to google. Once you click that then you can follow the instructions above. I deleted mine as soon as I could not get the tutorial video to work. Bad sign for the service if the tutorial wont load!

Thanks, this worked perfectly fine for me. Thank u very much………………….. Done correctly but the question when it will be totally gone. Worked instantly for me. Thank you for this info. Thankyou for this life saver, felt like google was forcing this upon me, just want access to gmail at this current time. I am at the stage where I will ditch all gmail accounts.

Your honestly better off registering your own domain name and getting yourself some webspace, that way you can get your very own email address. Most half decent hosts have online email facilities. I wanted to try it out but got really upset when I discovered that the link to photos no longer leads to picasa web albums which I love to use. This tutorial was very helpful. Hi Thanks for the info. Is it possible to setup a google plus page that will have only my Band name and not my full name?

Thanks so much for the write up. I accidentally signed up for google plus on my phone, thanks for keeping me get rid of it!

How To Remove Google+ Plus Account Without Deleting Gmail Account

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Aug 24,  · How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete your Facebook account with no option of retrieving it later. You cannot perform this process from the Facebook . How to Delete a Google or Gmail Account. This wikiHow will teach how to delete your Google account, which will delete all of your Google data, or your Gmail account, which will just delete your Gmail address and data. Visit in your. How to delete all your Google activity. Use these steps to delete data about all your Google activity, including your searches, video searches, and any ads you’ve clicked on.. Step 1: Go to the My Activity page, select the vertical ellipsis (⋮), then select Delete activity by. Step 2: Change the date from Today to All All products from the .