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Is Peerblock still good?
I've been wanting to increase my online security for awhile now and have a few questions Why PeerBlock is useless. Jdownloader with Mega works sweet. Torguard is based offshore in a country known for its privacy laws, and they keep a strict no logs policy to protect their users' privacy. This software is a customized easy-to-use VPN solution that usually allows you to create a stable VPN connection with as little as 1-click. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. When I say this, it sounds obvious, but a lot of VPNs out there like Hola or other free VPNs log your traffic and collect data to sell it to other companies.

The Importance of choosing a 'non-logging' provider

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Originally Posted by craiggauld. Peerblock does not work. Maybe it used to, but my experience after using it for only 2 weeks was a termination from an ISP. It was definitely on at the time and updated every day - we're talking a 10 min lapse of removing a finished seed. Granted, it's freeware so you can't bitch too much. I wouldn't exactly call it "an extra layer of protection" as someone else earlier did. Seems to me like p2p blocking and socks5 with encryption does not work anymore.

I don't know anything about VPN, but it's like the radar dectector vs. Each side has to update to keep up with the other. Don't feel safe with Peerblock or BTGuard. Originally Posted by megabyteme.

It can get very alarming when you go check the logs and see the amount of IPs blocked at some very popular trackers cons: The impact it can have is to decrease your download speed, though in my particular case, doesn't affect at all, as I always max out my DL speed. I don't use peerblock, I use the ipfilter. About places where I get a lot of people on the block list, private trackers speaking, the big ones as TL, IPt etc, and some at bcg. At the other places it's very very rare to get people blocked.

Last edited by Cabalo; at Originally Posted by Col. Thanks for the tip to check it out! I would definitely recommend peerblock. It has never hurt my DL speeds or caused any problems. Peerblock works by blocking peers. However, depending on which blocklist you use—you could end up blocking a ton of extra peer IPs which can drastically affect your torrent download speed.

If you combine some of the top blocklists, you will end up with a number in the billions. The worst part is that a vast majority of these peers might be harmless. In the same way, that you can block others from seeing your real IP address, as well as change it, a person or corporate entity intent on logging IP addresses can do the same.

Not only that, but there are also other methods for companies or individuals to switch their IP easily with more expensive solutions like a VPS.

This means that your internet service provider ISP has full access to anything that you download.

The 'Better' Peerblock alternative

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So is PeerBlock able to keep these anti p2p companies from searching through your files to see if you have the files and there by prosecute you? I am not worried about receiving the notice, they serve as just a deterrence from you using a p2p network again, and since I was downloading, they don't really care as much because one download is nothing . PeerBlock is a popular 'solution' for downloading torrents safely, largely because it's free. We believe that using PeerBlock creates a false sense of security, and often does more harm than good. You'd be much better off choosing one of these Peerblock alternatives. If you give me 10 minutes, I'll show you why. So if Peerblock doesn't work, then what does? In the end, there are really only 2 solutions for truly anonymous torrents: non-logging torrent proxy service.