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Below I have compiled a list of my personal favorite bit torrent clients and bit torrent trackers, of course there are hundreds of torrent trackers and dozens of bit torrent clients but these will get you on your way. Details are available on the Pirate Bay home page. Opera is the fastest, and most secure free Web browser available. Tomato Torrent is a Macintosh BitTorrent client. I hope this saves some developers some headaches. A list of brokers can be found at http: BitPump is a simple to use, fast, low memory overhead implementation of the extremely popular BitTorrent protocol.

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PIPCU Wins Piracy Enforcement Award From US Chamber of Commerce

All restrictive periods will be different and expected to last just as dynamically as the need to use the program itself. One member who contacted TorrentFreak earlier this week has been a member of the site for eight years and had uploaded more than 10TB of data while downloading less than 3TB. Without a site, you have nothing to share. For those who understand torrents, this is keyboard-smashing stuff. Without users contributing their upload bandwidth, sites like Bitsoup simply cannot exist.

Equally, if users are deemed to be unworthy of being on a site due to them not sharing enough, the site must also acknowledge that those who share the most are of great value. Calling them site abusers is ridiculous. While sites like Bitsoup are free to make whatever rules they like, it is crystal clear that there is growing discontent over how things are being handled. In fact, things have gotten so bad that the site now has its own sub-Reddit , filled with little but complaints.

People can spend their money where they like but at this point giving it to Spotify and Netflix each month would be infinitely more rewarding than contributing to this farce.

No prizes even imaginary ones for guessing how. Using torrents, streaming, usenet, ddl? Official Reddit Account reddit. Use the Search Option to find Reddit Threads reddit. Well it has torrents since April , though it needs more users in my opinion. I have been on there since the beggining. They just need more members. It is for sure worth joining since the pre times are pretty good and as you heard above there are staff at work knowing their buisness.

And as of now over Good tracker to replace TsH. Just needs more ratioless ;. This place has HnR.. A tracker you have to check out just worth joining.

Have a lookaround and you will see what i am referring to. A private tracker advertising on a commercial site??? That is creepy and indicates they are all about the money, not about community.

Are you even on the site? AR has actually a great community you should have joined yourself instead you are simply talking out of your ass. Deserves to grow bigger. Keep up the good work AR…. The site is pretty good with an emphasis on scene releases.

Yes there are HnR and ratio rules, that are only there to keep people honest. It is fairly easy to keep a decent ratio, which will only get easier with new members.

If you are coming from Usenet and miss the automation, AR has an IRC release channel with proper categories for autodl-irssi, unlike others. Such as the pumpkin carving contest, Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest, house decorating and Christmas tree contest.

Sign ups are still open as of writing this. FYI I am not a staff member, I signed up via this site during an open signup. Just tried out torrent leach, during the open sign ups. Alpha Ratio like others, understand the problems with ratio trackers and they provide opportunities to earn a decent ratio.

Very very good tracker! And sign ups are still open. There are way better alternatives. I tend to like it. Is it just me, or do they only have porn, mp3 and SD-Video?

Every time I browse the torrents, there seems to be not much else. For you i would recommend an appointment with your eyedoctor because apparently you are half blind by not seeing the other releases like HD-shows, SD and HD Movies, Games, Ebooks etc.

Seems I just coincidentally browsed the newest torrents at the wrong times. Also porn, mp3 and SD-Videos are probably just pred the most, so sometimes it seemed there is not much else.

Or maybe SCCs little brother? I agree with the guy above: About the confirmation e-mail: The site is ussually freelech and the contents is very good. Of course, is a small tracker and needs more people… but has a lot of potential.

This is another low tier tracker. Their seed box are 10mbit speed and pre-times are not that great either. By the way tracker is open for long time. But no one is interested. I registered an account and just got the confirmation this tracker is shit. Guys and Gals, this tracker is very good! I registered about 1 year ago and still using it. You crazy pirate fuckers out there you better fucking register there and use this tracker or I will set passwords on your motherboards as a punishment.

Better get in to this tracker while the signups are still available, this site is getting better every day. It is a half dead tracker run by kids desperate to make a buck from people who cannot get into the real decent trackers yet.

Those who would stick around alpharatio have probably never been on real general trackers that offer the full package to their users. For the experienced folks, alpharatio is just a window dressing of a fully functioning tracker.

So, they have to keep opening the doors to bring in fresh money. They probably keep losing their members as they discover more legitimate trackers. Like so many others, I let my membership become disabled due to inactivity. Because, as many here have already said, there is not much to see there. Average tracker with average content which you can get on any other tracker. The quality uploads are user uploads. It has potential but they dont do anything with that.

I connect through a proxy so this is probably why? As long as the signups are open, go and sign up. You will not regret it. Admins, you do a good job there! Just getting into the world of private trackers lately. Will probably be my go to tracker. Simple, fast pretimes, good content, autoirssi, competitions and plans for future. Grabbing the contect fast with autoirssi and using a seedbox works perfectly and you never have to think ratio again.

You might try some constructive critiscm when need be but as it appears from your above message you are just talking out of your arse. They seem got some good uploaders lately and nice friendly staff members.

It will arrive eventually though. This site kicks so much ass already, shut the doors before more raff come in. This tracker was super dead. I thought it was bullshit tracker. I have old account made and disabled for inactivity. After re-activation I noticed much of a difference. Apparently the refugees from closed trackers increased the user base. More request filling and more uploads. Just read my previous comments from Janury , I was right about that tracker, bitches.

Now it is a very good tracker! Great for 0day but back catalog is weak. Easy to maintain ratio, but somewhat challenging to get a ton of upload credit, which is required to get to higher user classes.

Unlike bitsoup AR have ZERO begging and offer support to help us users increase or ratio without a mandatory donation like some begging Fuckers do. No hoops to jump through or arsehole to lick, freedom of speech and a good honest site. Discreet Layout, undistinguished content, and traffic is limited.

People should really ignore the bashing comments. AR is in my opinion clearly above average. What you do get is a friendly community, zero begging, friendly staff, fast releases and easy ratio. They have request section so even rare content can be dug up. This whole site and layout is dull. The staff are inexperienced and yes they take forever to get back to you if they do. I mean why not have a bit more color to the layout or mainly the categories?

To me it looks like who ever created the layout was just simply lazy. Seriously look at your banner with your logo on it. It still has red running through it. Like I said inexperience all around!

When you suggest things to staff they say they will pass it on then nothing ever gets done. Most of the staff were on other sites as staff and got all the info they could from those sites and created this site. Talking about a stab in the back eh? This is bad for business my friends. It would be in your best interest to stay away from this site. It rather seems like you live on the moon to think such a thing because it is a rather common occurance. And to your last sentence with reporting more facts, the only fact we see here is you have clearly no clue.

I am pretty sure i know who you are sir. Now on to the inexperienced? You are totally making shit up. I so happen to know some of the staff presently for about 10 years now. And this site is ran by some of the top Nicks in the privet pirate scene.

But most of them are from X trackers that are no long around. The sshats that ran them ran them right into the ground. And have real info about whats going on. Really you expect us to believe those stats showing in the screenshots? You are sadly mistaken. How do I know this? Because I am ex Staff from this bullshit of a tracker. The Community is dead. I tried to reason with these idiots but like anything you must learn how to crawl before you walk.

Hence the lack of experience. I have seen more members come and go and leave then the actual active members. Then we have the our autodl bots to place seeds on the torrents to make it look like a member actually downloaded it manually.

I am so glad I left and to leave these kids to themselves. The whole comment just shows when it comes to ex-staffers you hardly get any truth when they rant. Anonymous Feb 14, 3: AR has become my go to tracker. My advice is to try it out. I like it, and what do you have to lose? The staff has never posted anything in regards to donations.

They never ask for them, never tell people to to donate to get their accounts back, or tell them to donate to improve their ratio. They do however leave a donation link on the site for people who want to donate. Which they do of freewill. Just joined this site and I like it a lot already..

Opinion after 2 years: In the meantime they managed to get enough users. So finally there are enough leechers to keep the ratio economy in balance, and enough seeders to keep the torrents alive for a reasonable time. Made an account a while back and got a torrent or two. I guess I got pruned or something? What more could you want? What bother me is the active user statistics- 4.

Very quickly develops, in many respects because of the system of filling requests for bounty which increases the upload stats, respectively motivating the uploder. Also gives an occasion for competition for the uploders, which can also be quite interesting. This contributes the appearance of really exclusive content on the tracker. You can request something, give a detailed description, assign a good bounty, and with very high probability your request will be filled.

Sometimes this way you can get incredibly rare things. The idea when your download stats is the currency of a tracker with which you can do business with other members is perfect! This place has does not lack content but none of it is special.

I could not for the life of me find anything to leech there and I was down to randomly downloading stuff to keep my account alive. At some point I could no longer justify that stupid behavior and when I quit doing what I did my account was pruned rather quick.

AR is a tub: You have to seed to be active. Yup, this is a good tracker. AR seems Russian, no annoying Router configurations needed. I joined during open signup. Very very good site. Has everything that I want and more. Would love to get more involved with their community just trying to find the time.

Its the kind of tracker where having an account is okay, but its not required. Did not find much here. This signup has closed! Reply Anonymous Jul 15, 3: Reply Anonymous Jul 23, 8: Reply Everyone Dec 23, 7: Reply Anonymous Dec 27, Reply Freddy Jul 31, 6: So join as long as you can , you wont regret it that is for sure.

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All Internet services need some kind of funding to survive and torrent sites are no exception. However, there is one site in the private tracker scene that's taking the "donation" model to such. Here’s the rub, bit torrent traffic is almost universally encrypted, so these matching methods will generally not do you too much good. These matches must inspect the packets, and when encrypted they look like so much junk. Jun 04,  · Various icon, toolbar graphic and status icon replacements are available, and creating your own is very simple. µTorrent also has support for localization, and with a language file present, will automatically switch to your system language.