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Labor to retain "hybrid" NBN: However the ADSL is giving me about 2. Burnout linked to performance management Website Design by -. Would you support or oppose privatisation? NBN Co negotiations resume Turnbull comes out of the long grass on penalty rates

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Why not limit it 20Mbps which is the slowest available NBN speed. In response to DeltaSquad. However, I am not an official representative on CrowdSupport. I have a Frontier gateway because I am the only house in my street that doesn't have hfc cable to the house. Everyone else in the street uses cable and is getting 30 Mbps down.

However the ADSL is giving me about 2. Netflix freezes and pixellates and you should hear my 2 year old when that happens mid movie on a Saturday morning!!! Clearly, this is rubbish internet speed and Telstra quickly escallated the problem to level 2.

I'm about 2km from the exchange and he said adsl was leaviing there at 24 Mbps but still only coming into me at 2. He said its all he can do!! Surely in my instance Telstra could un-throttle the 4G in my Frontier to at least get Mbps as my situation does not represent a short outage. It is a result of ageing useless copper. In response to LukePerth. In response to DingoDan. It is a fault. It is the physical limitations of ADSL. ADSL has a theoretical speed of 24Mbps at the exchange but every m of line length between you and the exchange drops that max right down.

At your distance your theoretical maximum would be around the mark but that would require optimal cable quality, no noise on the line, no congestion on the exchange.

But you would have absolute no chance of 24Mbps at that distance from the exchange. In response to kiwiholden. Looks like you are on ADSL by the lower speeds. If it is distance from the exchange causing that, and everyone on Telstra around you got the Frontier and all could access the full network speed without any potential limitation that anyone would actually get anywhere near Mbps on it, especially if they could just use it 24x7. If would just lead to the mobile network becoming congested and slowing to the point of being unusable if it was unlimited.

They are available 8: I do not work for Telstra or any other ISP. I have wealth of practical knowledge in Computer Security and Forensic Computing.

I have been in the field since Likes formerly Kudos and solutions are appreciated!!! Telstra proceeds with GES job cuts Automated dispatch - Telstra agrees to discuss impact on AWA staff ACMA enterprise bargaining starts CWU takes anti-offshoring message to Canberra Visionstream contract loss raises redundancy fears Telstra says it will go ahead with Global Services job cuts. Optus announces more redundancies Optus continues to tread water with 1st quarter result Optus award modernisation case heard ISGM subbies meet over Telstra automated dispatch system Telstra Field Improvement Programme Optus award modernisation update Telstra proceeds with dispatch reorganisation - with modifications Telstra Super offers options to Defined Benefit members Telstra to outsource fleet roles FWC to conciliate Telstra award modernisation issues NBN contracts to encourage direct employment Desperate times - Telstra mobilises engineers to clean exchanges Vertigan reports may spell trouble for TPG Telstra leads the skill drain says union CWU meets with Telstra on scheduling and dispatch redundancies Customer Service Delivery restructure continues Telstra introduces new on-line performance management system Customer Service Delivery performance measures Telstra flags scheduling and dispatch redundancies Telstra to undertake major FTTN trial Telstra automated despatch trial Telstra flags redundancies in Billing and Credit Management Award modernisation update Vodafone report reveals scope of global surveillance Telstra to trial new automated dispatch system Third of NBN connections faulty NBN Co enterprise agreement talks begin CWU queries Telstra on vehicle monitoring Visionstream greenfields contract extended Service Stream gets more NBN work.

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Landmark equal pay victory for Canadian postal workers What do you know about journey cover? Consultation continues on Alternate Modes of Delivery Post seeking drug and alcohol testing across workforce Identity security of 1. Headcount reduction project underway How do you solve a genuine safety issue at Australia Post? By spying on posties, of course Delivery fixed-termers across the country celebrate permanency win Accessing long service leave Wet Weather Gear - the saga continues Centricity program Retail members are not cleaners Technical workforce already under-staffed How long should you have to wait for an accurate group certificate?

Post's disgraceful disrespect for the Board of Reference NDMT gathering momentum Peak period approach Transitioning to retirement Retail members get sick, too Overweight and oversized articles in post offices Australia Post's new employee assistance provider Wet weather gear — fair wear and tear replacements Considering a transfer but worried about penalty rates? Excessive executive remuneration continues at Australia Post Underwood Parcel Facility shift realignments boost full-time employment Non-machineable product conveyer may be the answer to manual bullring woes Retail now processing Mail Redirection applications Union meets with management on marriage survey Union congratulates workers on Australia Post profit announcement Union seeks protections for postal workers on marriage survey Posties' Union reminder to keep your pooches and your posties safe Ahmed Fahour's resignation Union expresses safety concern for Australia Post workers Authorised Holiday under attack Attack on Authorised Holiday - what you said Membership survey extended to 30 September Stronger together - building strength Abuse of employment arrangements - it's just not on Box sorters are not second-class workers Post's greedy attack on take-home pay and fifth-week leave for shift-workers Parcel prices set to increase again, drawing public anger and criticism Management "had rocks in their head" on sick leave, says senior Qld Official Management manipulation of Retail transfer list: Retail security concerns Honda NBC stalling issues - your safety may be at risk Australia Post's return to profit an opportunity to invest in the future Aggressive Customer Training Extended hours delivery trial Delivery equipment update Be ready - not 'Work Ready' Vale Jojie Vivar Phase 2 of call centre 24x7 Australia Post's return to profit an opportunity to invest on the future Post fails to get own house in order before slogging customers Northern Contact Centre goes 24x7 Ex-temporary staff, remain vigilant: Flood stranded Queensland drivers settle their dispute Decipha members lock-in job security and fair pay Security at risk under Government plan to outsource passport ID verification The grass is always greener End charges for paper bills: Keep Me Posted Changes to Bulletin Latest updates within Retail Decipha EA Agreement Your rights when calling in sick Guidelines for workplace injuries Delivery equipment updates Tasmanian postie hailed hero Half year result confirm letters decline Australia Post 'genie in a bottle' thought bubble not a real plan Turnbull plays chicken with workers' rights Security concerns over passport processing being sold off Post profit belies lack of long term planning Decipha Agreement Ballot Drivers left shaken after incidents Large parcel sorting system forces staffing review Christmas pay rises PDC2 Team leader program Dispute over access to overtime at Xmas resolved Australia Post approach to training out of hours unfair Shift workers and rostered days off falling on a public holiday Unions campaign to secure local jobs Trial of waterproof gloves for posties Dispute over Xmas arrangements Decipha EA breakthrough Unions to fight for fair tax reform Post sell off franchised Post Offices Union members earn more money Productivity Commission no fan of workers or unions Mail officer states Post's breach of OHS caused physical injuries CWU calls on Decipha to ensure fair pay and shift penalties Update on wet weather gear, boots and hats Delivery equipment trials Problems with Swaps register Decipha EA negotiations stalled Summer and skin cancer Tea breaks - What are you entitled to?

Purchased leave arrangements changed China free trade agreement will cost local jobs Australia Post can adapt with sensible reform Post told to set up working group of industry stakeholders Post Call Centre dispute Change in leader won't change Liberal's anti-worker agenda Mail officers at MGF concerned about changes to work Recognition of previous employment in Post Supervisor overreacted but worker gets formal counselling CWU asks Decipha to pay women more in superannuation Mail network Workwear uniform gets colour change Behaviour based safety - a union perspective EA bargaining begins at Decipha Posties and dogs - a long-standing problem Changes to work on LPSS of concern Pay increase for Post workers under EA CWU shines spotlight on Post's major contractor underpaying workers and running immigration racket Decipha EA bargaining due to start Work health and safety incidents at Post Workers sacked by midnight texts and emails Union rallies over proposed changes to Australia Post CWU demands protection from bad decisions Truly shocking act by Post management Post must provide facilities for printing payslips CWU member finds a union that fights for its members can make a difference Our campaign continues Motorcycle boots late but here next week Post in Senate Estimates hearing Post CEO talking down mail - what next?

Job security biggest issue for CWU members Understaffing big issue in Post Offices Post says no to alternatives to outsourcing EUC Redundancies arise from relocation from Mt Waverley to city Letter to householders declares letters are dead Post confirms new mail processing equipment Can we have the rest of our pay Mr Fahour? Watch out for the WorkReady trap Extreme rain and flooding disrupts mail services in Sydney and NSW Radical attack on Comcare scheme by Abbott government PostConnect workers overloaded as people exit for ABNote Capalaba DC site of previous occurrence of cluster of cancers Observe Workers Memorial Day on 28 April ALP moves closer to saving Australia Post Postal Reform - it's time to fight Postal Reform - unity needed PDO delivery e-Trike trial to commence soon Postal Reform - Is this consultation?

Postal Reform - how it hits your job CWU win for members at Townsville mail centre Australia Post CEO disappointed, sad: The price you pay for standing up for members Post agree to CWU National's demands Unpaid entitlements recovered for CWU members More problems for Post digital mailbox Protection of 5 day letter delivery will save jobs ALP member in House of Reps speaks out against Government changes to mail delivery services Calls for Post boss to step aside More on PDO motorcycle boots Post owed duty of care to sub-contractor to ensure safe work conditions Thousands rally for national day of action Introduction of waterproof motorcycle boots for PDOs Post's cynical attempt to justify regulation changes Senators grill Post boss Post should focus on finding new parcels business as it faces competition from Japan Post's acquisition of Toll Head of PostConnect gets job with ABnote CWU demands protection from bad work practices Calls for Australia Post chief to step aside Outsourcing part of Australia Post deal with ABnote Increased manual processing work causes concern in Parcel land What happens on the dock stays on the dock FWC finds no transferring employees at ABnote Printers and mail houses condemn price increases saying it will cut mail volumes Revenue protection by PDOs?

Phase 3 of Post's job cuts NBC clutch cover heat shield testing Not everybody buys claim for Post deregulation Brisbane Postie is doing his bit to grow mail volumes PostConnect employees impacted by Post's transition deal with ABnote Trouble in parcel-land NBC motorcycle checks Post modern enterprise award update CWU gets better outcome for members transferring to ABnote Year in review Ask Dan - Reduction in salary - Superannuation Ask Dan - Part time - impact on Superannuation Post to review licensed post office payments Post washes its hands of PostConnect employees No Christmas bonus will be paid this year Trial run in Sydney of AOD testing CWU requests Christmas bonus for Post workers Post confirms PostConnect sold to ABnote Recent job cuts compromise security Revenue from letters up in US in FWC Recommendation of PostConnect - how things will happen now the business has been sold Sale of PostConnect to ABnote How safe is Australia Post?

Application for Post modern enterprise award Staffing for Saturday trading Compensation claims in Post Fitness for duty declaration Saturday trading in Post Offices FWC finds formal counselling for absence without medical certificate unfair CWU members say sale of PostConnect already decided Integration of Post and Startrack employees Post trials mobile van in Business Hubs Truckies and posties top the list of Australia's deadliest jobs Australia Post has become no friend of printers Australia Posts Annual Report shows mail volumes are not falling off a cliff and Post is not going broke Carving up the business - Information Digital Technology More carving up the business - PostConnect Australia's fastest mobile hotspot.

Connect up to 20 Wi-Fi enabled devices. Typical download speeds in 4GX areas are 5 Mbps with category 16 devices, Mbps with category 11 devices, Mbps with category 9 devices, Mbps with category 6 devices, and Mbps with category 4 devices. Outside 4GX areas, you will switch to our fastest available 4G or 3G speeds. If you cancel early your remaining device payments and total min cost may be higher. Talk, Text and Data: Peace of Mind Data: After your included data allowance, data speeds capped at 1.

For personal use in a smartphone only. For use in Australia. Will remain on your account until you recontract, cancel your plan or move to an ineligible plan.

Unused data expires monthly. Data-free on the Telstra mobile network. Redeem before 30 Jan, Premium Packs not included. Roll onto a paid subscription after 12 months unless you cancel.

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Browse new mobile broadband plans and devices with Telstra, Australia's largest network. Find out more. nbn co is rolling out the nbn network to Australian homes and Telstra, we offer various speed tiers on our nbn plans. Your actual speed may differ to the maximum line speeds due to a range of factors that we outline below. What speeds can I expect when using the Telstra Gateway Frontier™? When on the fixed broadband, you will experience normal broadband speeds based on your access type, be it ADSL, CABLE or NBN.