Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows

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How to set up an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
Thanks for taking the time to write this how-to. This can also be verified by checking the hardware ID in device manager. Do you have any advise? Test the controller Open the Game Controllers dialog box. Xbox Music provides 30 million music tracks available for purchase or access through subscription. It talks about the native drivers versus download drivers and all images associated have been pulled off of a live Windows 10 box. Have a great time with your controller!

Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

Chinese Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver Driver setup

If you find that your keys are all over the place you may have to get an additional utility called JoyToKey to straighten it out. You can check out this guys YouTube video for proof of concept. Tried every port and same result. It actually works fine on my Windows 8 laptop, but not on my Windows 10 gaming pc.

Its the HDE one. SO ive installed all of the drivers, the issue I am having is the receiver doesnt flash when I push the sync button. It just stays green. I cannot connect a controller at all. Any help would be appreciated. Usually that issue only occurs if the controller is not found in device manager. You can try a different port and reload the driver. I was trying to do this for a long time, after check some driver IDs somehow I get here and this guide save me!!

Tank you for this excelent text! Thanks a lot, i tryed to connect four ours and your video helped me so much. Now it works im so happy, thanks so much! Super easy to follow and did the right job. Also explained why each step was happening.

I have tried re-installing drivers and using different ports. Guess ill wait and see what the vendor says. I was having a blast for 3 hours: We may have to get one of these! Although his video demonstration discusses ps3 Udraw which uses an HID dongle. So I successfully got to connect my controller, even the tablet itself, and thank you very much for this tutorial! But on the bright side, despite a very tiny fraction of a second of latency delay, a normal controller works just fine!

Ive installed the drives, and my computer detect the device, but the controller will not pair. I had been using it for about 3 hours with no issue xbox controller was plugged into the computer and it connected immediately tot he device without me pressing the sync button on the controller or the rceeriver… and then it disconnected, and now I cannot reconnect no matter what I try!

You can try a different USB port and re-install the drivers to see if that helps. I did hear of a user which could connect with his wireless controller if it was up close and found that if he removed the foil sticker on the back of his receiver it resolved itself.

I have not been able to verify this fix myself. Thanks to the guys at S-config. Thank you very much for checking out this blog! It really does mean a lot! I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. For some reason it is still not working for me. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I experienced something like this when i was really testing out the distance of my wi-fi adapter. Sounds like the 2.

One user said that they fixed their problem by removing the sticker off of the back of the wireless receiver because apparently they throw a foil sticker underneath for reasons beyond explanation. I know this is old but thanks for this great post! I live in SEA so most of the stuff i can get online is from China.

Seems like a lot of people on reddit dont recognise the difference between Chinese and original adapters so this post was a great help. Thank you for checking out our blog! The original post may be old but we do periodically update it especially when the comments come in. I should program a reddit like button here. Hey thanks for this. This worked on my Acer EGD4 laptop. After syncing them together, the green light on the controller turns from rotating in a circle to flashing 4 lights. Hey just wanted to say thanks for this guide, and for providing that zip archive with everything I needed to run the device.

You can run on windows 10 but you need to do some extra steps such as disable signature enforcement similar to my Original Xbox Tutorial. Depending on who loaded your windows 10 you may have to disable Secure Boot as well. Which is why turning off certain security features is the next best thing. The reason why I do not suggest people do what you mention above with disabling signature enforcement is due to the wall of comments received on the XBCD — Original Xbox tutorial where you have to do it that way in order for it to work.

It would be nice if every user disables signature enforcement so they only have to run the driver setup once and be done with it. That will end up being a lot more frustrating to the novice end-user then simply re-running the manual driver install.

Despite having 3 copies of the same driver in one archive the download size is actually less then downloading one driver from Microsoft. Still a great buy for its price! Thanks for the input and for checking out this blog! We do know of the whole loosing its drivers problem.

It happens to me when plugging it into a different USB ports. There has been requests to take a look at MAC. We would love to make a blog about it. Unfortunately there is no macs in our test lab. Closest I can come is making a hackintosh machine.

Type in the following path:. I did a manual install tutorial for windows 7 for those operating systems that simply refuse to accept what the setup.

As you are the second reader that experienced this I may need to update that blog entry for those who do not see the xbox receiver normally. When you state manual selection of the xbox receiver in windows. Is it at the device manager window?

Or at the update driver software window? If it is not showing up at the device manager level where you have to right-click on the unknown device and update driver software.

Then there may be a serious hardware problem with your adapter. Or, in the worst case scenario which happened to one of my four receiver where it does not even show as unknown device. Contact your vendor and ask for a refund if that is the case. If it does show up in device manager and you are able to get update driver software. I should probably do the same for windows 10 as well.

What does your hardware ID report your receiver as? Right-click on the unknown device and click properties. Without much to go on.

There is something that I can do moreover to waste it? If you are hooking this up to an Android box. To answer your first question: Device descriptor request errors are not a good sign. It means that although your USB is receiving power and the computer even knows your receiver is out there it cannot establish communication with the micro-controller inside to get the proper hardware ID. Basic troubleshooting is check your cabling to make sure there is not shearing, change to a different USB port.

We have had one blow up on us after heavy use and from dropping it into a few dozen systems. Yes, they work with Android. This requires you to import the. It should also be noted that certain android games may see multiple xbox controller on a single receiver as just one controller.

But that varies from game to game. Thank you so much!! I was getting so frustrated trying to get my Chinese receiver to work, but with your guide, I am all connected now: If for some reason these wireless adapters do not sync even after installing the drivers and you know that your controllers sync with your Xbox eliminating that part of the troubleshooting. One out of my four receivers i bought from various vendors on Ebay did this to me.

Thanks so much for this — sincerely! I was pulling whatever is left of my hair out after Win 10 unregistered updated Aug … this sorted me out in double quick time. You sure seem to know your stuff: D S- Config, Hope you can help. Also tested in notepad. Player 1 works as expected but player 2 does nothing: Am I missing something or is this normal for PC.

I have both the china and OEM receivers. But never experienced this problem myself. However, I think there was one person I heard from this experienced a similar issue. I think he resolved it by forcing the drivers in device manager because the OEM receiver can come from multiple sources. In windows 10 for example, there is a natural driver for it v Finally windows 10 could also reach out to the microsoft update servers and pull a driver from there.

Windows 10 naturally will choose the latest driver assuming its the best for your system. What I would do is go into device manager and update the driver, browse for the driver, let me pick from a list of driver, choose xbox peripherals , an try to select the version v2. By changing the driver it could also change the way your receiver behaves. Hopefully the joystick identification issue can be resolved. I would also re-sync your joysticks just to see if perhaps two joysticks are fighting for player 1.

Took me a while to figure out original drivers would not work, you did the trick in 1 second.. Even the battery life has improved. Should I keep using the old driver when I receive the original receiver? Keep the old driver since it is the same Microsoft driver you will be using for your OEM. You can use either version really. Hi, thank you very much, the CD from china is really useless, your manual is great, very helpful — without it I would be just walking in the dark… Thanks!

By the way, how about putting up a Bitcoin wallet QR code or patreon link, so I can contribute? This is a very well made guide, very helpful for specific needs. I would like to done a handful of bucks…. But to answer your question. There actually is a BTC donation button under the donation and support section of this site.

Thanks for the link, send you a handful of bucks. That is not a problem — its a service. Thanks a ton for the donation! I will try to do something like that in the footer of the site such as a graphical button just so people know.

Will the Chinese wireless receiver work with the Xbox One Controllers? Xbox One Wireless Adapter. I see people asking this question from time to time.

But the short answer is no. The Xbox One uses a different 2. I spent about an hour faffing about with drivers and on forums before I came across this. Following your steps, I now have a working controller. Thank you SO much, I thought I was going insane. I did this on Windows 7 64 bit.

For some reason it did not allow me to manually update the drivers there. Glad to hear you got it working. I do have a windows 7 tutorial over here. I just had to update my cornerstone blog to windows 10 since a lot of people are on it now. Thanks, you made my evening. Thanks for your guide, very informative and helpful. I would have been stuck in the hell that is windows 10 drivers without you.

Even more-so since a wired controller a windows 10 box should pick up almost instantaneously as there actually is drivers for legit Xbox controllers. Thanks for the quick reply. I had already tried that but i did it again just to make sure.

Thank you for the guide, really useful. I installed it on both of my laptops but I noticed when I wanted to hook up with the first laptop I had to do these steps again found in the comment section:. Then go into device manager, find the unknown device that is your China Xbox Controller. Right-click and click on Update Driver Software. Then click on Browse my Computer for Driver Software. Click on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. Click the very first catagory Show All devices.

Click on the Have Disk button in the lower right-hand corner of the driver installation window. When it asks to insert your manufacturers disk where it defaults to A: Do you have any idea why I needed to redo this and is this going to be needed every time I want to hook it up?

The problem you are describing is one of the minor problems dealing with doing a manual driver installation versus modifying the. And windows 10 seriously hates it when you attempt to modify the inf file. If you are on a windows XP, 7, or 8 box. If you want to use the modified inf driver in windows I know the steps and done it before on windows 7 and windows 10 computers. So can you please provide the drivers from that CD? Thanks in advance, best regards.

I have uploaded the entire contents of the china CD to my site. Click here to download that. But kept it all in tact as an archive for anyone else missing their CD. Also, I have modified the original Microsoft INF driver to work with windows 10 and have published a tutorial about it over here. You will need a XBox one dongle for that. This is the only modification I had to make on win 7 64bit.

Thanks for this great piece of information. Works like a charm as long as you know what you need to do. Glad it worked out for you. Never had this problem when I was previously running windows 7. This worked flawlessly after I was done tearing my hair out getting that damned CD to work. Same icon as in the picture he used for Windows 10, so look for that icon if you are using a different language in Windows.

Is there a way to tell windows to use the same driver for the device in any USB port? You can extract the files from the exe. Once you install the driver again windows 7 will remember that INF file reguardless of where you plug it in. Windows 10 becomes a lot more annoying! Because even modifying the inf files makes windows 10 freak out thinking that you have injected malicious code into your driver. In order to do the same thing underneath windows 10 without me paying hundreds per year in driver re-certification is similar to my XBCD blog article where you have to enable test signing mode in order for it to work.

I checked in device manager another of i find 2 human interference devices In my pc human interference devices are not listed.

How to fix please help me. So you took it to a friends house and it works fine. This can be found by right-clicking on the device in question. If you can find it then you can uninstall it as a human interface device. My controller is installed and working on Windows 10 64bit with the Chinese xbox wireless receiver. The problem I am having is that the controller keeps randomly disconnecting. Even when playing a game. Any ideas on how to fix? Also is there a way to restore the Xbox Button to what is used to do?

Before when It would bring up a xbox logo and display the battery level. Hi — I have a weird problem….. I followed all your instructions on the blog and I now have the drivers on my wndows 10 64 bit.

I even get them to pair and sync. Desperaately trying to get it to work on minecraft for my son but when I load minecraft I can only move the cursor with either the touchpad or the mouse — xbox controller does nothing even though its paired and tests properly: What does device manager say about your receiver?

Did the drivers install correctly or if there an error? Do you get lights when you press the sync button on the PC receiver? Hm, not sure what to say after that. Usually if you hit the sync button on the controller and the receiver just like I did in my video it should sync up in a matter of seconds just like your Xbox Syncing is all handled via the micro-controller itself inside of your receiver.

You may have a defective on your hands. Any ideas would be a start. You might want to check out this blog entry dealing with manual installation of the xbox controller driver. The Wireless Xbox Controller for Windows delivers a consistent and universal gaming experience across both of Microsoft's gaming systems. Experience the ultimate gaming experience on Windows and Xbox Enhanced PC gaming Precise thumb sticks, two pressure-point triggers, and 8-way directional pad for enhanced PC gaming.

Vibration feedback In supported games. Ergonomic Play in total comfort. Check out these helpful resources for product support:. Windows 7 bit only. Xbox Accessories Software 1. Windows Vista bit only. Windows XP bit only. Windows XP SP2 or later bit only. Precise thumb sticks, two pressure-point triggers, and 8-way directional pad for enhanced PC gaming.

Limited warranty and license agreement available here. Requires a PC that meets the requirements for and has installed one of these operating systems: Use this compatibility chart to find out if the Xbox Controller for Windows works with your operating system. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Xbox Controller for Windows. Elevate your game The Xbox Controller for Windows delivers a consistent and universal gaming experience across both of Microsoft's gaming systems. Experience the ultimate gaming experience on Windows and Xbox Game Precision Series Elevate your skills.

Enhanced PC gaming Precise thumb sticks, two pressure-point triggers, and 8-way directional pad for enhanced PC gaming. Vibration feedback In supported games.

Wireless Receiver for the Xbox 360 from China has arrived.

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Detachable Hard Drives 20, 60, or GB (older models); or GB (Xbox S models) Memory Cards (Removable) (Original design only) 64 MB, MB, MB. The Xbox was released as the successor of the original Xbox in November , competing with Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii as part of the seventh generation of video game consoles. As of June 30, , million Xbox consoles have been sold worldwide. The Xbox was officially unveiled on MTV on May 12, , with . Follow these steps to install your Xbox wired controller on Windows Plug the Xbox controller into any USB or port on the computer.