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How do I update the BBC Media Player app?
Embedded video and audio is any clip which uses Flash and plays directly in a text story or index. When you open the ALL 4 app you will be asked to register with a name, email address, and UK postcode before you can watch. The Registry issue if you've read any of the recent threads here have to do with a Virus etc and you wouldn't be seeing any Flash Content, so that wouldn't be a problem for you. Remote desktop TCP The problems began after 6pm and more than half of people experiencing issues are having trouble mainly with mobile apps. It is an android video player which plays everything on android device

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Your guide to the BBC Embedded Media Player

Click the Security tab. Click Custom level… in Security level for this zone. Scroll down to Scripting, near the bottom of the list. Under Active scripting, choose Enable.

Click OK to leave Security Settings. Click OK to leave Internet Options. Unless you have Installed the Square version of Flash Player, that is a beta for the 64bit browsers on Windows, then you should only have the 32bit Java Installed.

The 64bit Java is only for using the 64bit browser, not the fact that you have a 64bit System. What version of Flash Player is displayed when you use the 32bit browser of IE here? Now on your Anti-Virus. This PrivateFirewall and your Windows Firewall may be conflicting.

Does your Avast version include a Firewall also? Now if this PrivateFirewall is not part of Avast, then it most likely turned off the Windows Firewall. You may also have a conflict with this PrivateFirewall and your Router, since that can happen. Let me know on the above, then I'll let you know what I would do if this were my computer. I've set Internet Zone to medium not the default on my version but makes no difference to the problem.

I've checked the Active Scripting as suggested seems the BBC may have reacted to my email about their lack of help because they now offer the same advice on a page that wasn't there all the other times I tried clicking their video links! But my Javascript is enabled. In fact I've just uninstalled all remnants of Java and reinstalled for the second time and checked working okay on the Java site. The Java site says I should have two versions: The other sits in the 64 bit programme folder for the 64 bit browser which doesn't solve this problem either.

Or running as Administrator account. I've turned off Privatefirewall and reverted to Windows Firewall, but not confident whether I should open the firewall to permit WMP through? There's an option to allow WMP streaming via UDP but I'm not trying to share media with other computers or via an extender, which I know needs port unblocked if a firewall is in the way of the extender.

Just discovered WMP works on the Microsoft site embedded in an uninstal advice page i. Maybe some obscure vbs file has gone awol? Javascript seems to be okay and flash is working.

Stake my sanity on that. This is a snip from the adobe site the F logo said all was okay but an advert covered it too fast:. I'm ready to believe anything right now. Ok on the Medium Setting. You could also check under the Privacy Tab, for cookies settings.

Here is the Java link explaining what is needed Installed for browsers. I'm assuming when you use the 32bit browser, then that Java will be used. Flash Player wouldn't work using the 64bit browser anyway unless you had Installed Square. I know the ad on that test site covers the Flash logo, not all of the time tho. I think each one of the Avast modules can be disabled and then re-enabled when you want.

If you have any addons in your browser from any of the Anti-Virus programs that you had or still have, I would disable them. Some are needed, as for Flash Player, etc. I would think anything not specifically blocked in the Firewall would be allowed. Don't forget your Router has a hard Firewall. Thanks for sticking with this.

I've set cookies to accept first and third party. I disabled Avast completely and it made no difference. Disabled both and no change. When in standard user and click any random BBC radio link assume it's all related to the video problem? I get the following in IE8 window but no action or sound:. Black shape is maybe a clue? Below is the content of the C: Haven't tried that because it seems to work. Hi, I am running behind today!!

I see that screenshot. I just went to http: On right-clicking a dead radio window all i get is a standard menu as below I've even studied the source code thinking I'd spot something but I'm not that clever.

WMP is set as default. Not sure it can be uninstalled? I'd say javascript and flash are working. It'd spin forever if i had enough years left: I am in the EST U. That is what pops up. In addition to your search our wide collection of interesting apk files, mod apk, apps, software apk, game mod, game hack, premium apps apk, for download and much more.

With re-sizing in popup window This free Android media player contains key features focused on streamlining your music player interaction including: Any video formats are supported.

All-in-one media player for different formats. We are open to any suggestions for better The pop-up player, used for live video and audio, is a Watch or Listen icon which launches a player in a separate internet window and requires Real Player or Window Media Player to work.

The embedded video player is available to BBC News users who have a broadband connection. Narrowband dial-up modem users can access audio content only. You will need version 8 of Flash or above to play embedded video and audio. Once you have clicked on a Play icon on a picture - or on the Player controls - then you can start, pause or restart the video by using the control buttons immediately below the video screen. With embedded video, you can also change the size of the video by using the Full Screen link underneath the playback window - if you are using version 9 of Flash or above.

With live video streams, it also possible to watch content in a standalone window with the pop-out player. You can access this option by either clicking on 'pop-out' option on the control bar, or clicking on the 'Watch in pop-out player' text on the screen when the stream is stopped. Embedding BBC video on external websites. Embedding video on your site is subject to our Terms of Use. A new version of the live hour BBC News Channel, where the video is embedded in the page rather than launching in a pop-up player, is now available.

This is part of BBC News' move to live Flash embedded video, designed to offer better quality and ease of access for users.

Remember it is possible to watch content in a standalone window with the pop-out player. If you are viewing the site from outside the UK, you will be unable to access our live video streams and rights-restricted content and should see a message stating that this media is not available in your territory. If you are unable to view a clip but do not see the 'territory message, you may wish to check information included in the section below: The BBC now serves advertising on bbc.

This means users from outside the UK may see a short advertisement at the start of the video clip. Our aim is to allow as many people as possible to have access to our broadband-quality content, so rather than charge users to subscribe we decided that an advertising model was the best way to fund the upgrade. The extra funding which this generates is used to develop better content and programming for UK licence fee payers and international users alike.

For more information on advertising at the BBC, go to our dedicated pages. If you are a UK licence fee payer viewing the website from within the UK but can see advertising, please report this to us. We use technology to prevent people from outside the UK from accessing content that we need to limit to the UK for rights reasons. If you are using a 3G card from a UK mobile network operator and are being told that content is not available in your territory, please go to the section below: You might have been identified as outside the UK because your computer is on a foreign-based network, or is routed overseas sometimes the case with work connections if your employer is not UK-based.

Some programs, such as web accelerators, can also cause your IP address to appear as if it is outside the UK. If BBC media player doesn't recognise your IP address at all, then you won't be able to stream or download programmes. Occasionally it may simply be a network error, so it's worth closing your browser or router and reopening as a new IP address is allocated which may be UK-based.

If the BBC media player doesn't recognise your address, you must contact your ISP as they alone can register your address. If your ISP has registered with the appropriate databases, our servers are updated on a monthly basis so you will have to wait until the next refresh to gain access. If the problem persists, you may wish to contact us with your IP address, post code and internet service provider information. We have had to make the decision to block all users accessing geographically restricted content via 3G cards.

This is because at the moment the mobile phone operating companies cannot tell us if users accessing content via a 3G card are roaming or not. If we cannot say for sure that a user is in the UK, we cannot show them our rights-restricted content or live-streaming content. We are aware that it is unsatisfactory that while you are in the UK you are still blocked from accessing our rights-restricted content. We are working with the mobile operators to find a technical solution to this problem.

In the meantime, you should still be able to access all of our non-geographically restricted content.

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Jun 28,  · iPlayer down - BBC media player not working for hundreds of users BBC iPlayer is down with hundreds of users reporting problems with the site this Dion Dassanayake. Go to the Apps section on your Amazon Fire, hold down on BBC Media Player and select Remove from device. Once deleted, download the new version from the Amazon Appstore: Once deleted, download the. Download latest BBC Media Player apk app, BBC iPlayer apk app and ITV Player apk app for android outside the UK for free. And watch UK TV on your Android device.