Chromecast Extension Download

Chromecast Extension Download

First, ensure your Chromecast and your television are on. Again, this feature is still in development. This feature is currently only available in version 3. At the time of writing, pretty much any other way to play back video would be better, for example, loading local media up on a flash drive and playing it back via a smart TV or set-top box. If your Chromecast already appears in the menu, click on it in the list. This feature may just need some more time in the oven.

How to Setup Chromecast for Windows 10

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How to Cast Video From VLC

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Chromecast Extension Download - Simple method to download and install chromecast for windows 10, windows 8/ and windows 7. Google Cast extension recommended to your Chrome browser. Follow Setup Chromecast for Windows in below. VLC’s developers have been working on Chromecast support for some time, and it’s finally available in version That means now, you can stream video and audio files from VLC media player on your PC to your Chromecast connected to your TV.