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But Europe can benefit from its proximity to vast gas reserves readily available in northern Russia. This free online library is continuously updated with both upgraded existing pianos and all-new pianos to keep your instrument constantly renewed. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of cookies. To make programming and on-stage control as simple as possible we have arranged the sound generators and controls of the Stage 2 into dedicated sections — Piano, Organ and Synth. This gives you the advantage of always having the correct drawbar settings after changing preset. This effect section combines a three-band equalizer with a sophisticated amplifier and speaker cabinet modeler.

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Nord Stream 2

As a result, Europe needs to import more gas. The increase in renewable production in past years has mainly resulted in, and made up for, a reduction in the use of coal. Natural gas offers a cost-effective and sustainable way to achieve emissions reduction targets. The new pipeline will transport gas at 61 percent lower emissions than the Central Corridor, and its greenhouse gas footprint will be more than two times lower than that of LNG imports. With global demand expected to rise by 25 percent over the next two decades, the EU must secure long-term gas resources.

Gas trade flows will likely shift to the Asia-Pacific region, which will absorb currently developed LNG capacities. But Europe can benefit from its proximity to vast gas reserves readily available in northern Russia. These fields are not subject to resource competition from other regions. A major supply chain factor in this is the long-distance shipping required by LNG. By making more affordable Russian gas available, the pipeline will not only create an appealing alternative to LNG imports, but also reduce overall import prices.

This equals big savings on Europe's gas import bill, especially in a tight global gas market when LNG demand is high in other regions. Natural gas is a lower-carbon fuel that can replace other fossil fuels in the energy mix and deliver a reliable output to complement intermittent renewable energy.

Looking for more information? Will the pipeline pose a risk to the sensitive Baltic Sea environment? With climate goals and the shift to renewable energy, does natural gas still fit? Clean-burning gas can also help the EU to meet its climate targets. European gas companies will buy gas where they find the best deal. Will the pipeline make other transport systems redundant? Will the pipeline have a negative impact on supply security for Eastern Europe? Zones, splits and layers are handled exactly as if the external equipment was a part of the Stage 2 itself.

All settings are saved together with a Program so advanced setups can be immediately recalled in real-time during a performance. You can even use the Extern Section to automatically transmit Bank Select and Program Change messages to your external units. Naturally, a keyboard is not just about the sound but also the feel. The Stage 2 HA88 and Stage 2 HA76 feature our new top-of-the-line fully weighted Hammer Action keyboard that also has been improved for response when playing rapid repeated notes.

At Nord we also do something that nobody else does: No sound is complete without the proper use of effects. Turning the effects on and off, and controlling the routing is easily done by a touch of dedicated buttons, readily accessible at the bottom of each effects unit.

You can easily lock the effect rate to a range of note values — make the delay do quarter note triplets of what arpeggiator is playing, while the LFO gently sweeps the filter up and down in half notes, all perfectly interlocked. The Master Clock can also be controlled by an external MIDI clock — perfect for syncing your parts to a backing track, including tempo changes!

There is also a Ring Modulator on board, an effect used by many experimental and electronic musicians. The two Phasers, two Choruses, the Flanger and new Vibe effect are modeled from the classic analog stomp boxes that define the sound of popular music. These swirling Phasers, metallic Flangers, and thick Choruses that are used by uncompromising professionals everywhere are crystal clear and faithfully simulated on the Nord Stage 2. A delay unit has been included to create haunting echoes or slap back effects.

The delay also supports a ping-pong mode, and the tempo can easily be adjusted with the tap-tempo button, or synced to the master clock. This effect section combines a three-band equalizer with a sophisticated amplifier and speaker cabinet modeler.

Classic amplifiers and speakers are a crucial part to make vintage Electric piano sounds come alive. Nord offers the famous sounds of speaker simulations of a Twin Reverb, a Jazz Chorus and a Wurlitzer speaker. When no Amp Model is selected, the unit provides a neutral three-band EQ with sweepable mid and a crunchy overdrive. The new improved Rotary Speaker simulation, which not only brings an essential character to a live organ performance, can also be used with any of the electric or acoustic piano sounds and the synthesizer.

A Compressor and a Reverb are placed at the end of the sound chain, to help you blend your sounds more naturally together. The Reverb unit has six different Hall, Stage and Room spaces to create different atmospheres for your sounds, while the Compressor helps you keep the overall mix tight and under control.

Control Pedal support has been improved and now supports the following pedals: Specifications subject to change without notice. These trademarks are mentioned here as a reference to a sound only. Leslie is mentioned to describe a connector standard. Skip to main content. Previous Play Pause Next.


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The Nord Stage 2 wouldn’t be a master keyboard if it couldn’t control external devices with ease. The Extern Section is designed solely for this purpose, so that any MIDI-connected gear gets seamlessly integrated with the Stage 2’s built-in instruments. The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline will transport natural gas into the European Union to enhance security of supply, support climate goals and strengthen the internal energy market. The EU’s domestic gas production is in rapid decline. The Nord Stage 2 is compatible with the Nord Sample Library and also the Nord Sample Editor software that lets you create your own sample instruments, for infinite possibilities. Combined with Nord Piano Library compatibility the Nord Stage 2 is an instrument that offers huge expandability/5(10).