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How to Quickly Delete History on Android Phone
You can change these settings to only keep messages for a year or for 30 days, which can free up space and reduce clutter: Open the Phone app. Did this summary help you? And , when I go into the security option , there isn't any way to clear history , cookies, and cache. Change your message history settings. Get great tech advice delivered to your inbox.

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How to Delete the Search History on an iPhone

All of the selected conversations will be deleted without confirmation. Change your message history settings. By default, Messages will store all of your messages forever. You can change these settings to only keep messages for a year or for 30 days, which can free up space and reduce clutter: This will automatically delete messages that are older than the new setting. Scroll down and tap "Reset. Tap "Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

All of the custom words that you have saved will be deleted. Open the Google app. If you use the Google app to search Google, you can clear your search history through the app. Tap the Gear button in the upper-left corner. This will open the Settings menu. Scroll down and tap "Privacy. Tap the "Browsing" option. The "History" section will appear at the top of the screen. Tap "Clear on-device history" to delete your search history. Note that this will only delete the search history for your app.

Your searches will still be stored with the active Google account. Use this option if you want to completely erase your iPhone. This will delete all of the history and data on the iPhone, and you'll be prompted to set it up as new when the process is complete. Tap "Erase All Content and Settings. Wait while your iPhone resets. This process may take a little while to complete.

Set up your iPhone. Once the reset is complete, you'll be taken through the initial setup. You can setup your iPhone as new, or restore an iTunes or iCloud backup. When I search for a person on Facebook, my phone won't let me delete it. This may be because you are using the Facebook app and that Safari does not interact with the app's searching system.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful 9. How do I delete the history from my iPhone, like the stuff that is behind the home screen? Tap the home button 2 times to open the menu, then swipe up on any open app or game to close it out. Not Helpful 6 Helpful How can I delete a number from my history if the contact has already been erased? Go to "Phone," then "Recent. Then press the red circle next to the number you would like to erase, or press "Clear" to erase all recent calls.

Not Helpful 11 Helpful Go to your home screen and press down on your app until it starts to shake. An X will appear in the in corner, which you can then click on to uninstall the app. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Tap the "Settings" icon on the iPhone home screen. In the Settings menu, select the "Safari" tab.

Not Helpful 16 Helpful Go to History, hold on the items you want to erase and wait until options pop up. You can use private browsing next time you do not want your history to show up on your iPhone. How do I clear all of my data from old iPhone and keep all my data on a new iPhone without it all disappearing? You will need to transfer the data to your new iPhone, probably using an iCloud backup.

Once you've done that, you can wipe the original device from the Settings. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. How can I delete the history or open apps when my home button doesn't work? This "virtual" button can now be used instead of the mechanical home button for every function except turning on the phone - which is accomplished by plugging it into a charger.

Go to your phone application and press "Recents. Going to "All" will also include missed calls. Go to the home page and pull your finger down from the top of the screen to the bottom. A notification bar will pop up that shows all of your notifications. Tap the "X" at the top right and then press "Clear. I can't seem to find a way to clear all those past screens. Answer this question Flag as How do I clear the browser history of my email in my iPhone? How can I erase information my iPhone without automatically erasing it also on my Mac Laptop?

How do I clear texts from inside an app like Kik? Thankfully, the process is incredibly straightforward. The app will load your History page. Now you can decide exactly what data you want to delete. At the top of the page, select your timeframe, then mark the appropriate checkboxes. Make sure you have selected Browsing History. Open your browser and tap the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner. Choose History from the menu. The app will just give you an on-screen prompt to confirm your action.

Tap OK, and the data will be wiped. The Opera Mini browser has a loyal user base, but it pales into insignificance in terms of user numbers; it only holds about 1. When your browser is open, locate the Opera logo in the bottom-right corner and tap on it. A small window will pop up.

Along the top of the window, there are four icons. Next, scroll down until you see Clear Browsing Data. Tap on it, and mark the checkboxes next to the data you want to delete. Unlike the major computer operating systems, Android is a broad OS that covers numerous versions and platforms. Read More , the built-in browser is called internet. Surprisingly, it still hoovers up a large number of users. As of mid, it was still the second most popular browser on the operating system with a market share of about 7 percent.

To erase your browsing history from this old built-in browser, tap the Menu button and select Settings. From the Settings screen, scroll down to the Privacy Settings section and use the following options to clear different types of browsing data: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and internet account for Rather than accessing the various settings via a menu icon in the top left-hand corner, you have to tap on the Dolphin icon at the bottom of the screen.

A window will pop up. You need to select Clear Data. Again, you can choose the type of data you want to remove.

UC Browser is not well-known among the wider Android user base, but with an average of 4. Some of the apps that made it to the Read More if you want to move away from the mainstream options. Its process for clearing your browser history is the most complicated on the list. To begin, tap the three horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen.

On the pop-up menu, select the yellow icon labeled History and Bookmarks. Swipe left to reveal your browsing history. In the bottom-right corner, you will find a Clear button. Tap it, then confirm your decision by selecting Delete in the on-screen confirmation. The app has won plaudits from users in recent years thanks to its stripped-down, no-nonsense interface. These methods allow me to browse super fast, which is crucial for a web worker, and are efficient overall.

In the Settings menu, choose Data Options. The app will give you a long list of data you can clear, including the usual fare of cookies, caches, and passwords. Were you able to follow our guide successfully? The process can become confusing if you use lots of different browsers on your Android device.

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Press your phone's "Menu" button to access a list of web browser related options. Scroll through the list, and select "Settings" or "Options," depending on phone make and model. Step. Locate the "Cache" or "History" options. Access it by pressing your phone's "OK" button. Choose the option to delete or clear the cache. Here’s how to delete browsing history on seven of the most popular Android browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, internet, Dolphin, UC Browser, and . On your Android phone, there are plenty of things that you might want to delete – your call history, browsing history, search history, Google Play search history, Youtube search history and a myriad other things. It’s more cumbersome to clear all this in Android because it involves a lot of screen tapping. Enter History Eraser. It’s a saviour.