10 Ways to Get Temporary Internet Service Without a Contract

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How Do I Get Internet on My Laptop Away From Home?
Most mobile hotspots now support 4G data speeds, and are convenient if you want to access the internet wirelessly anywhere, anytime, without a Wi-Fi hotspot or a wired connection. Did you ever find a solution? Share Share on Facebook. Shop with confidence knowing that Wirefly wants to help you find the best prices on cell phones, cell phone plans, TV, and Internet service. Between wifi hotspots and pay-as-you-go internet options. You would need either a Hotspot from another device or magic You are reporting the following post:

Public Wireless Connections

Do I Need Internet Service to Use My Wireless Laptop?

Wireless access lets you connect to your communication tools as you normally would at home. Most laptops come with wireless connection cards that allow cable-less Internet connections. Options available include public wireless networks and mobile wireless connection cards.

Connecting your laptop to the Internet while away from home has become a simple process. Find a business or other establishment that provides wireless Internet access "hotspots" for customers. Many restaurants, bookstores, airports and cafes offer the option, as do many libraries. Determine the pricing for a connection. Some locations charge a per-diem or per-hour fee for accessing their networks; at other places, Internet access is free.

Open your laptop's network connections utility. Review the available connections in your immediate area. The location you have chosen should appear in the list as an unsecured network. If you have trouble identifying the connection, talk to a customer-service representative.

Open your web browser. Accept the terms and conditions of the provider and begin browsing. Identify a suitable connection card. Many wireless cell phone carriers also provide Internet access cards. Calculate how they add up e. We can choose either a prepaid data plan or a postpaid, as per our preference.

The first time you plug it in in the lappy, it automatically installs and configures the driver and the dialer. So every time you use, just plug it in, wait a minute for it to be sensed, and dial out for a 3G connection. Some of them also double up as a storage, if you insert a mini SD card with them. Isn't something similar available in the USA. For example, something like this: What I meant about not depending on others is the coffee shops, campgrounds, rest areas, etc.

I've never heard of a "mobile internet plan" - do they have such things here? In the little research I did today, the cost of the phone contracts here is quite shocking. I will do my utmost to find another way. Let's put it that way: Even if you shot your own satellite into orbit and use it for data communication it would still have to interface with the rest of the internet at some point probably an internet exchange. Options without wired connection and without WiFi are limited: I don't know about the contracts in the US but I do believe like in most other areas it will come cheaper to get a decent mobile internet plan instead of using tethering with a mobile phone contract.

In order to make life easier it has to get more complicated! Seems that I am going to have to join the rat race, sigh. I have an ordinary phone and don't have a contract with any company, just a month-to-month. I would ideally like not to be forced into getting one, especially with Verizon. So, if I get some sort of smart phone, I could use that? You need a smartphone with 3G or 4G , and unless you have a contract don't even think about using it as a hotspot.

The cost for accessing data on a pay-as-you-go connection is exorbitant! Which Phone do you have? I reccomend a Smart phone, which you can just use as the hotspot device. Verizon Wireless has a hotspot device which they sell.

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Oct 29,  · In reply to: Need laptop wireless internet service that can go anywhere.. If you want to connect to wireless anywhre at anytime, go to staples and ask about it. There is a plan for wireless hwere. I would like to know how to get the Internet on my laptop PC without having to depend on any outside WiFi or other connections. There is a lot of information about how to turn my PC into a WiFi hotspot – most of which is way above my head – but they all seem to say that first you need to take an existing connection, such as from a hotel, and use it . Most Internet companies also offer small wireless Internet devices (at a monthly or yearly charge) that can be plugged into your laptop or hooked up to emit a wireless signal wherever you bring them, so that you can have Internet connection on your laptop wherever you take it.