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How did you manage to save the static settings? All third party services are provided on As Is basis by Samsung and is subject to their terms of use. But already I saved it several times. This Week in Pictures Winter brings beautiful scenes of snow and ice. Well worth the investment. I ma also having the same issue with the very same model as mentioned by Chandrasekhar.

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APN of BSNL for Android Samsung, Micromax, Sony

Moreover, the tokens transmitted from the point of sale POS can only be tied back to sensitive information kept on highly secure servers maintained by the token service provider TSP. The card issuer sets the rules and parameters of the token service, conducts account verification and cardholder authorization during the token request stage, and authorizes transactions.

In the event of a breach, tokens are of no use, and the payment data is kept secure from hackers. For more on EMVCo and the specifications for contact, contactless, mobile, and payment tokenization, visit https: A TSP offers token requester TR registration, token lifecycle management, security and control, and processing management.

Once registered with the TSP, the TR can legitimately request a token on behalf of a cardholder and a specific device. Tokens remain active for as long as the account is active or is canceled, even if the plastic card expires or is canceled. The user does not have to re-enroll the card when they receive a replacement card because the FPAN remains the same.

Meanwhile, the DPAN has its own expiration date. When the expiry date is reached, a new set of keys are replenished.

The DPAN is not reprovisioned, nor does it require re-enrollment of the physical card. The cryptogram is generated using a cryptographic key based on the algorithm furnished by the card network.

See Token handling by Samsung Pay for additional details. Static cryptographic keys are used over a relatively long period of time and in multiple key exchanges, whereas a dynamic key is generated for each exchange. Multiple dynamic keys, often called limited use keys LUK , are provisioned at card enrollment. The number of keys provisioned is regulated by the payment network. Each time Samsung Pay is used to make a credit card transaction, one key is consumed.

Keys are replenished based on card network replenishment logic residing in both the software development kit SDK of the card network and the card network backend. Get rewarded every time you pay using Samsung Pay. Accumulated points can be used to redeem your choice of vouchers from the redemption catalogue. Know more Earn on every transaction Know more.

More ways to earn Know more. Exclusive Offers Enjoy exclusive offers on payments through Samsung Pay. Get started with Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay Introducing Samsung Pay — the simple and secure way to pay.

Watch these videos and get ready to use Samsung Pay. Watch these videos and get ready to use Samsung Pay to shop or dine. Secure Pay with total peace of mind with 3 levels of security. Open Samsung Pay app, and tap on 'Wallet'. Enter OTP to verify wallet. Select Done to complete registration. Click on pay bills. Select the biller category. Once your biller is successfully added, Click on pay to initiate Bill payment. Gift Card Store Samsung Pay makes it easy to purchase, use and share the gift cards.

Enjoy Samsung Pay on these Galaxy devices: Follow these steps to install and activate Samsung Pay: Look for the Samsung Pay icon on your device. Frequently Asked Questions Find your answers here. What is Samsung Pay? Samsung Pay is a secure and easy-to-use mobile payment service. Other newer models will follow. Samsung Pay offers a simple and convenient payment experience that is quicker than searching through your wallet or purse. Please check your card issuer's policies for transactions in foreign countries.

If you can use your card in the country you are travelling to, you should be able to use Samsung Pay to make your payment. Update your Samsung Pay app in 4 easy steps. For details please click here http: How to Set Up Samsung Pay? Registration on Samsung Pay is a onetime Activity. Launch Samsung Pay by tapping Samsung Pay icon on your device. Now you are ready for your Card registration.

The camera opens within the app. Use camera to Auto read your Card details. You can also enter the details manually. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete Card registration. Launch Samsung pay by swiping up from any screen: Once Samsung Pay is launched, you will see your favorite card. If you have added more than one card, you may swipe left or right to choose any card for making payment. Place the phone next to the card machine and your payment is made.

Initiate Samsung Pay by swiping-up from any screen or Samsung Pay app Select the card you want to pay with by swiping left or right. Verify your fingerprint and place your phone near to the card reader or NFC reader to complete the transaction.

Samsung Pay requires an active internet connection for card registration and activation. However, an active internet connection is not required to make in-store card purchases. It is recommended the device should be connected to the internet for the best Samsung Pay experience. Samsung Pay show last 10 purchases. The card image displayed in Samsung Pay may not always exactly match the physical card image.

As long as the following key information displayed on the card image inside Samsung Pay matches with that of your physical card: The payment cards on Samsung Pay are digital versions of your physical payment cards.

If you lose your original payment card and then receive a replacement card, you may need to remove the original payment card from Samsung Pay and register the replacement card. For your convenience, many card issuers will link your new physical card number to your digital card number in Samsung Pay. This allows you to still have access to your purchasing accounts while you wait for the new physical card to arrive.

When you disable Samsung Pay or remove a registered card, you are only suspending the token, or digital card number that has been assigned to your device for that card.

If you wish to suspend your physical card, please contact your card issuer for assistance. There is not a "default" card in Samsung Pay. When you open the app or activate the favourite cards by swiping up from the Home Key on supported screens, the first card displayed is either the last card you registered or the last card you viewed or used.

When an NFC transaction is completed, the retry button will not be shown. Additionally, if a payment success notification is received, the retry button will not be shown.

How can I start using Samsung Pay? To use Samsung Pay, you need: Cards can be either automatically registered by scanning your card with Samsung Pay or manually inputting the card information. Then, depending on the policies set by your bank or credit union, Samsung Pay will prompt you to verify your identity through an email, SMS or a phone call. The average amount of time between the request for activation and approval will be within minutes, but can take up to 10 minutes after any additional verification requirements have been met.

If this amount of time has been exceeded, remove the card from Samsung Pay and register it again. Contact your card issuer for assistance if you continue to encounter delays. However, for the best experience, the device should have a SIM card installed. If you encounter any issues when registering the card over Wi-Fi, we suggest switching to a cellular data connection.

When you open Samsung Pay for the first time, you will be asked to sign in to a Samsung account. If you do not have an account, you can create one at that time. App will be installed through software update or MR Maintenance Release update. How secure is Samsung Pay? Samsung Pay uses leading edge tokenization and authentication methods to secure your information.

Tokenization is a method of replacing your sensitive payment card information Card Number, Expiration Date, Security code, etc. In mobile payments, Tokens are used to protect your payment information and to reduce the security risks inherent to plastic cards. Samsung Pay does not change the way your payment information is stored or handled when you make purchases.

Your payment information will continue to be managed by your card network and card issuer. Only a device-specific Token, which is used to replace your sensitive payment information, is stored on the device. You would need to register your cards again if you were to change your phone as no data will be stored in the application. If your device is lost or stolen, your payment information will not be accessible without your fingerprint or Samsung Pay PIN.

Magnetic Secure Transmission or MST, is a groundbreaking method of sending data using magnetic waves. MST replicates a card swipe by wirelessly transmitting magnetic waves from the supported Samsung device to a standard card reader. MST turns every card reader into a contactless payment receiver. The key difference is that almost all merchants can accept MST, which makes Samsung Pay the most accepted mobile payment service on the market.

Please contact the card issuer and verify you are adding an eligible payment card. Some cards from participating banks may not be supported in Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay also requires an active internet connection when adding a payment card.

Verify that you are connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi network or your mobile data connection. When performing a factory data reset, all payment information in Samsung Pay will be deleted. You will need to set up and add your payment card information on Samsung Pay again after your device has been reset.

How does Samsung Pay work on Gear S3? If you are using a Samsung device: You can register your cards through Samsung Gear App. Launch Samsung Gear App on your phone. Connect your phone to Gear S3 via Bluetooth if it is not already connected. Tap on "Add card" shown on the screen to register your card. You can either scan your physical cards or enter your cards details to add your cards in Samsung Pay.

Depending on the policies set by your issuing bank, Samsung Pay will prompt you to verify your digital card through a one-time-password OTP via SMS or a phone call to the bank.

Samsung Pay app in your mobile phone is different from Samsung Pay in Gear app. Press and hold the Back button to launch Samsung Pay. The last card used or latest card added will be shown If you have more than one card added, select the card you want to pay by swiping left or right, or by rotating the bezel to select card Tap on the "Pay" button to make payment.

Samsung Pay requires an active internet data connection for card registration and activation. However, an active internet data connection is not required to make in-store purchases. Ideally, the device should connect to the internet once per day to ensure that Samsung Pay stays updated.

Most cards will allow you to make up to 10 transactions before you will need to connect to the internet and refresh the Samsung Pay information. Additionally, if a payment success notification is received, the "Retry" button will not be shown. Yes, you can still use Samsung Pay on Gear S3 without connecting it to your phone.

Cards data is synced to Gear S3 from your mobile device via a secured Bluetooth channel. Samsung Pay does not store the account or credit card numbers of cards on the device, instead using tokenization for transactions. Each time a purchase is made, the Samsung Pay handset sends two pieces of data to the payment terminal. The first is a digit token that represents the credit or debit card number, while the second piece is a one-time code or cryptogram that's generated by the phone's encryption key.

If the Gear S3 is strapped on your wrist, you only have to enter the secure PIN once before all subsequent payments. Device should be placed approximately an inch over the NFC or MST area of the payment terminal in order for the payment to work. After 10 wrong tries, Samsung Pay for Gear S3 will reset.

All information and cards registered on the Gear S3 will be deleted. How can I add a wallet to Samsung Pay? Using your mobile number you will be able to link your existing wallet to Samsung Pay.

Enter Recipient using mobile number or your saved contact and Enter Amount to be transferred to the recipient's wallet. For completion of money transfer, verify using your fingerprint or PIN.

Wallet can be topped up using credit card and debit cards. Verification using fingerprint or PIN will reveal one time codes that can be showed to the cashier for payments. Tap on 'Wallet' on main screen of Samsung Pay App to open the wallet menu.

Scroll below to 'Transactions' section to see transactions made on Samsung Pay. The wallet account will continue to exist and users can access the wallet on the wallet app, wallet website and on partner websites where wallet is linked as payment option. User can make payments using wallet on Samsung pay irrespective of having the wallet app on smartphone.

You can create your own "Payment Address" in Samsung's UPI app and link your bank account, which is registered with your phone number. You can send or receive money henceforth. They are independent of each other. You can see last 20 transactions in account detailed page.

Send money using Payment address can be used to send money to your default account. If you change your SIM, you need to re-register and add bank accounts again which are linked to new mobile number.

You can change your payment address on Samsung Pay. You will be asked to enter last 6 digits of the debit card and expiry date. Samsung Pay Gift Card Store offers electronic gift cards of your favaourite brands. You can gift a card to your friend or family for any special occasion.

View all the gift cards available to you and select a card of your choice to make a purchase or gift a friend or dear ones. Enter the denomination and click on "Pay now" button and you will be directed to Payment gateway to make payment. Choose your preferred payment method credit or debit card, netbanking, UPI to complete your gift card purchase. Gift Cards can only be purchased maximum up to Rs.

Yes , You can purchase and send the gift card to your family, friends or dear ones even if one is not using Samsung Pay or Samsung Phones. Gift card will be delivered via email, if you select "This is a Gift" while purchasing a gift card. You will get access to the gift cards from most popular brands.

We will also bring exciting offers from time to time as per their availability. Gift cards typically have a validity period of 3 to 12 months.

However, it may vary across brands. Please read terms and conditions associated with the gift card before purchase.

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