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Rather than short skits, Letterman sits down with people such as George Clooney and Barack Obama for hour long conversations with a new one added every month. He has an in depth understanding of the release cycles for Netflix and has developed tools to make navigating Netflix easier. Although there are eight episodes they vary wildly in length - from 70 minutes to 30 minutes. Which means there's enough pomp and ceremony to keep those pining for a Downton Abbey replacement happy. Don't ask, just watch. A diverse group of up-and-coming comedians perform minute sets in this stand-up comedy showcase series.

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He has an in depth understanding of the release cycles for Netflix and has developed tools to make navigating Netflix easier. Resides in Norwich in the UK. When will Season 11 and 12 of Heartland be on Netflix? When will Season 3 of Slasher be on Netflix? Characters Vs Real Life. The Innocents Season 1: Everything you need to know. F is for Family Season 3: Everything We Know So Far.

The Good Cop Season 1: Recent Posts Popular Posts. Netflix News Disenchantment Cast: Characters Vs Real Life Aug 19, Netflix News The Innocents Season 1: But, be warned, the show is as addictive as the stuff Walter is peddling.

Is The Crown Netflix's crowning glory? Not quite, but it is a sumptuous look at one of the world's most famous families: Which means there's enough pomp and ceremony to keep those pining for a Downton Abbey replacement happy. It's a documentary about six true crime cases where the confessions in question may not be all that they seem. Melding in-depth interviews with the actual tapes is inspired and making each episode a separate case except for the first two episodes which cover one bigger case means that this is endlessly bingeable.

Remember the animated show Danger Mouse all about an adventurous secret spy rodent from the 80s? Well, it got a reboot a few years ago with Stephen Fry voicing Colonel K and Kevin Eldon voicing Penfold, which is a great way to relive your childhood or introduce the show to your kids.

When it comes to superhero movies, Marvel are bossing DC thanks to the rich tapestry it has weaved with its cinematic universe. Thankfully Daredevil has come along to change all this. Released in one binge-watching dose, Daredevil is superb television, regardless if you are a superhero fan or not. Matt Murdoch's Boardwalk Empire's Charlie Cox rise from blind lawyer to vigilante is brutal and steeped in realism.

The reason it works so well is that it doesn't shy away from being violent - each crack and crunch is a world away from Ben Affleck's terrible movie version. Daredevil season two is out now and adds Elektra and Punisher into the mix. With new showrunners on board, the show has shifted slightly tonally but the brutality of the fight scenes are still there - you just need to check out Episode 3 to see what we mean.

This is a far from festive addition to Netflix for December but it's certainly a must-watch. Dark is a German-language supernatural thriller in which the disappearance of two children in a small town brings the fractured relationships and dark pasts of the people living there to the surface.

Adding a touch of Scandinavian crime thriller to American drama, this is part series is already generating talk of a second series so it might be one to jump on early. A travel show with a twist, Dark Tourist is presented by journalist David Farrier who takes you on a journey to some of the most unusual, scary and downright weird tourism spots on the planet, from a haunted forest to a nuclear lake. Which is such a shame as the rest of Netflix's Marvel series have been hard-hitting, explosive delights.

Thankfully The Defenders sees the Marvel TV universe fighting fit once more, with the mini series proving that all of the characters are better together - yes, even glowy fist man. Given its limited episode run - it's a lean eight episodes - it's a little strange that it takes a good three episodes to get going but once it does, and mostly because of Sigourney Weaver, it's great. Mackenzie Crook was one of the breakout stars from The Office, swapping his brilliant performance as the hapless Gareth for Hollywood roles in Pirates of the Caribbean and Game of Thrones.

But it's on home soil where he fares best. The Detectorists, written by and starring Mackenzie, is a warm, brilliant comedy. Based around the lives of a group of metal detectorists, it features brilliant writing, acting and characters - in any given episode, you will either be in tears of laughter or poignancy. If you're after a hit of real life rather than a fantastical TV show about superheroes or science-fiction, then watch Drug Lords. New episodes of the TV documentary have landed this week, which follows the stories of some of history's most notorious kingpins, as well as the police and other enforcers determined to bring them down once and for all.

We'll update you on how it compares to Groening's other shows once we've had a chance to binge watch it over the weekend. Following in the footsteps of fellow 'mumblecore' members the Duplass brothers - whose brilliant Creep was a Netflix exclusive - Joe Swamberg has hit Netflix with a candid and considered look at sex and relationships.

Easy is an eight-episode look at relationships in Chicago. There's a different subject for each episode, although each life portrayed eventually overlaps in the show in some way. Cast-wise, Easy has some surprisingly big names. Don't go into Easy expecting explosive drama or high-tense action, but as a realistic look at other people's love lives it's a great, if slightly meandering watch. If true crime is your thing, then you'll want to get stuck into Evil Genius this weekend.

It's about the very odd story of a pizza delivery man who robs a bank with a bomb tied around his neck. And that's all we can really say without ruining some of the more baffling details. Described by numerous review sites as "unnerving" and "Lynchian", this isn't one for rom-com lovers or those looking for a chilled Sunday evening watch. Created by Netflix and Vox Media, this handy and smart series takes a look at some of the most popular ideas and tech around today and explains them in a way that'll clear everything up for you.

From cryptocurrency and why diets rarely work through to K-Pop and the stock market. It's an insightful look at concepts, ideas and trends around today and the stuff that could shape tomorrow. At the very least, it gives you enough knowledge to have a really good debate down at the pub. A bit of a different kind of show for Netflix, but one that's more than welcome. Follow This follows some of the reporters who work at Buzzfeed as they hunt down interviewees and scoops for a range of topics, including weird internet crazes and ASMR videos, through to safe injection spaces for opioid users.

The first seasons consists of 20 episodes, all of which are only about 15 minutes long, which makes them great for if you're pushed for time or all of our ridiculously short attention spans.

That's how long Friends lasted for, which is pretty short considering the legacy the show has left. Debuting slap-bang in the Nineties, the decade that brought us such delights as The Spice Girls, Beavis And Butthead and Mountain Dew, Friends is a masterpiece of a sitcom that's based around five friends - the kooky one, the funny one, the cool one, the neat freak and, er, Ross - who live in an apartment block they really shouldn't be able to afford.

And that's pretty much it for episodes, but it's an essential watch. There was a collective groan by Coen Brothers fans the world over when Fargo the television show was announced. But what could have been darn tootin' awful ended up being fantastic, thanks to the casting of Billy Bob Thornton who is both funny and psychotic - well, his character is anyway. The series thankfully didn't retread the movie but added to it, acting as a strange but sublime companion piece.

It's so good, the Coens initially refused to have their name on the show - until they saw it and loved it. The second season is also now on Netflix and surpasses the first. The plotline veers away from the original film, but the heart of Fargo is still very much in this TV show. The second series flips back 27 years before the events of the original.

The third season is the best yet, offering two versions of Ewan McGregor as warring twin brothers. The Get Down has a lot to live up to. It's the most expensive Netflix show ever made - knocking Marco Polo of that perch - thanks to its creator Baz Luhrmann's vibrant style that suits the show's premise. And that premise is a doozy: The Get Down charts the beginnings of hip-hop in the s, telling the tale through the eyes of young rapper Ezekiel.

Bombastic in its approach and beautiful to look at, The Get Down is a potent mix of fictional characters and real-life stars of the hip-hop scene, including Grandmaster Flash who also produced the show. All 12 episodes are available to binge now - you'll either love or hate it! Netflix recently revealed that this will be the only season of The Get Down as it's cancelled the show - which we reckon is a big mistake as it's a great watch. The long-awaited second season of the female wrestling comedy GLOW is finally here.

Early reviews suggest the second season could potentially even outshine the first for its refreshing female-fronted cast and writers and its brilliant balance between empowerment and exploitation.

This seven-part mini series is a Western with true grit. It may be called Godless but it starts off wordless, with an intro that leaves you both breathless and wanting more. Netflix may be touting that Jeff Daniels and Jack O'Connell bring star presence here but this is a series about a town dominated by strong women, after a mining accident takes most of the male population.

Despite the premise, much of the dialogue does go to the blokes but that is the only black on a series that plays out like one long Western - complete with 2: Christina Hendricks and Retta star in this new TV show which aired earlier in the year in the US about suburban mums who rob their local grocery store. It's billed as a comedy drama and Netflix have said it's "a little Thelma and Louise with a bit of Breaking Bad", which ticks all the boxes for us! TV comedy is in a good place right now and, funnily enough, The Good Place is a perfect example of that.

Starring Ted Danson and Kristen Bell, this off-the-wall comedy focuses on a recently deceased woman who is sent to a heaven-like utopia called the Good Place completely by accident.

In order to stay there she goes to any lengths to hide what a terrible person she was when living. Season 1 has already aired in the US to great acclaim and now it's coming to the UK through Netflix with new season 2 episodes being added each week in line with their US release.

Visit The Good Place on Netflix. For those not in the know seriously, how? This dark comedy series has one helluva premise: It turns out Happy claims to be the imaginary friend of a kid who is in trouble and needs help.

Based around the lives of a bored, lazy but happy something couple, the show's plot is slight but it manages to get laughs out of the most mundane happenings. Sarah Solemani is fantastic as Becky whose love for Steve Russell Tovey never falters, despite her parents disliking him. And Kerry Howard as Laura, Becky's sister, is the most hateful character since, well, ever. The sixth season of Homeland has now landed on Netflix. Those who have kept with it will know it is a very different show now than it was when it first aired back in Based on the Israeli series Prisoner of War, the first few seasons were based around the premise of a returning war hero that may or not be holding a dark secret.

This duplicity has been a running theme since then but the narrative has moved on. What hasn't changed is the brilliant central performance by Claire Danes as the CIA officer with bi-polar disorder - she's superb and the glue that holds this sometimes disparate show together. The Innocents follows the story of a teenage girl called June who runs away with her boyfriend Harry to escape her repressive parents - and ends up having to run away from others too as the series progresses.

But it's not just a coming-of-age teen romance, it's packed full of supernatural themes, like shapeshifting and morphing into someone else's body.

That's all we'll give away for now, but this one is definitely worth a watch and although it's a bit of a slow burner, many think it'll become a hit with some critics calling it their favourite Netflix original to date.

The IT Crowd ended its run after four series and a special, not because of failing ratings but because the people starring in it just got too big. Richard Ayoade who plays the brilliantly awkward Morris was to leave to become a director, while Chris O'Dowd slacker Roy was headed for Hollywood. This meant that the show ended on a high rather than a ratings slump.

Initially made on a shoe-string budget, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia first season had a cult following, but low viewing figures meant it was destined to be a one-series wonder. Thankfully, everything changed when Season 2 was eventually green-lit, thanks to some big-time star power. Danny De Vito joined for a episode run that was extended because he loved it so much. He's still in the show that's now in its 11th season, bringing with him huge viewing figures.

The antics of Dennis Glenn Howerton , Mac Rob McElhenney, the show's creator , Charlie Charlie Kelly and Sweet Dee Kaitlin Olson won't be for everyone - at its darkest the show's 'comedy' themes range from nazism to drug abuse - but stick with it and this deliciously depraved classic will reward you. A new, 12th season, has finally landed on Netflix, after airing in the US earlier this year.

The show has also been renewed for two more seasons, which will make it the longest running live-action comedy series on TV ever. Jessica Jones is back! The ass-kicking private detective of Hell's Kitchen, New York, is back on the streets, taking on the demented villains of the Marvel universe's underworld.

A more adult show than the likes of Daredevil and Luke Cage, Krysten Ritter's take on the titular hero is a gritty and violent one. Sex, booze and bust-ups, this one's not for kids, but great adult-orientated superhero action nonetheless.

Check out our Jessica Jones season 1 review. This time the case in question is the murder of a nun in in Baltimore. The case remains unsolved and this documentary series goes back to the scene of the crime, speaking to witnesses and people who worked on the case. This is a meticulously researched series, and one that has been in the works longer than Making a Murderer.

Each episode ends on a new piece of evidence and by the end you'll be horrified with just how this case remained unsolved for so long. The long-awaited reboot of Lost in Space has finally landed on Netflix. Based on the original s TV show, as well as the movie of the same name but the less said about that the better, the Robinson family has been well and truly revamped for a audience.

The premise is the same, a space-travelling family land on an unexpected planet and things are not what they same. But there's plenty that's different too, the parents are having troubles, the kids are full of modern angst and anxiety and of course the set and tech looks bang up-to-date with other recent sci-fi shows. The reception to this most recent version of Lost in Space has been largely positive.

Some were a little disappointed and expected more considering Netflix has pumped a lot of cash into it. But we're pretty sure if you like sci-fi adventures it's bound to be a hit. Or at least worth of a binge-athon on a lazy Sunday. Luke Cage is back for a second season and this time he's brought some of the other TV superheroes along for the ride.

This season sees Cage teaming up with the Iron First for what is an other assured stab at the Luke Cage mythos. After making his debut in the first series of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage is now firmly rooted in Hell's Kitchen and over two seasons and two shows , the character has matured into something of a powerhouse.

The second season still suffers from the same slump the first did, but after the mediocre The Defenders and the plain bad Iron Fist, this is a breath of fresh air. Five series of Mad Men have arrived on Netflix. While it may not be the full set - there were seven in all - there's enough here to bing watch and get caught up in Matthew Weiner's modern TV classic. On the face of it, Mad Men is about advertising execs - lead by the ever-conflicted Don Draper - in the Sixties but it's much much more.

Each episode lingers, taking time to tell its tale, but it's worth the wait. Aziz Ansari was part of one of the best comedy ensembles ever in Parks and Recreation, but in Master of None he proves he can hold his own when he goes it alone. Ansari plays the fictional Dev but this sitcom comes off as deeply personal and is all the better for it.

The second season improves on what is a fantastic first season. Dev is now in Italy, making pasta and trying to forget about acting.

It's not long before he heads back to New York, though. The world's fascination with real crime seems to be at its highest at the moment and it's all thanks to the podcast Serial. Now on to its second series, Serial highlights cases of crime in forensic detail. Making a Murderer is in a similar vein.

This part series looks at Steven Avery, someone who spent 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit and is then accused of a different crime. The show has been ten years in the making and is gripping stuff. David Fincher is no stranger to Netflix, he's heavily involved in House of Cards as producer and directed the first episode, but Mindhunter is Fincher going, well, full Fincher.

It's based on John Douglas' book of the same name and charts the life of an FBI profiler whose job it is to track serial killers. It's set in the '70s and all 10 episodes of the show ooze appeal.

Fincher directs four episodes and the whole thing has been written by Joe Penhall who wrote the screenplay for The Road. Narcos is that wonderful thing: Based on the exploits of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar, the show examines the criminal's rise to the top of one of the biggest drug rings the world has seen, while constantly trying to avoid the clutches of the DEA.

Uncompromising, uncomfortable but completely unforgettable, Narcos is exactly the sort of thing that Netflix should be commissioning. It's also the sort of thing that HBO would have snapped up just a few years ago - which is very telling as to where television is today.

The third season is available now on Netflix. We're not one to offer up spoilers but it's fair to say that it's all change for Narcos in season 3. The OA rounds off what has been an exceptional year for television on Netflix. Co-created by and starring the ever-brilliant Brit Marling, the show consists of eight episodes that rival Stranger Things for, well, strangeness. Marling is a blind woman who comes back after disappearing for many years. Her sight is restored and she has a tale to tell.

Although there are eight episodes they vary wildly in length - from 70 minutes to 30 minutes. The whole thing has been made to make you feel uneasy and it does a great job of that. Orange Is The New Black is back for its sixth season and is a show that consistently one of the best to watch, with its superb tale of life in a women's prison. It's so popular that its makers have announced that the show will be running until at least season seven. The show has returned for a sixth season and things of gotten dark!

Tensions and issues with the US prison system brought to the fore. While the comedy is still there, it's slathered with a fair bit of drama.

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