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Help Center Google Chrome. Send a Hangouts chat message: The Google help was no help. On your computer, open Chrome. Chrome also has integrated Google Now notifications. Say OK Google with this page open and Google will start listening for your search. The app will no longer launch automatically.

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Highlight a word, phrase, or image. Right-click it on your computer. Click the option to search for it with your default search engine. For example, you might see something like "Search Google for 'emperor penguin'" or "Search Bing for this image.

Was this article helpful? Watch video tutorials To get the latest tips, tricks, and how-to's, subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Google is likely using this extension to test the feature and may roll it out to a wider audience in the future.

Chrome also has integrated Google Now notifications. Note that you can only see these notifications if you also use Google Now on an Android or iOS device. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux. Thank you very much Pat.

Yes, I wrote the multitasking post and all the other content on this site. Emily, you are a genius. I have googled this problem and nothing worked until I found your article. Word for word what I was going to say. Thank you Emily, and like the man woman? Glad this tutorial is still helpful! I worried it might be outdated by now. Thanks for your comment. Fantastic piece — I am thankful for the details.

Voice Search

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To perform a voice search, open a new tab in Chrome (press Ctrl + T) or visit Google’s front page at Click the microphone icon in the search bar. Google will start listening, so just speak into your microphone. Search by speaking/5(K). With the latest Chrome Beta, you can search by voice on Google—no typing, clicking or hand-washing required. Simply open a new tab or visit in Chrome, say "Ok Google," and then start speaking your search.