Set Up Airport Time Capsule, 5 Quick ways

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Airport Time Capsule And Time Machine Backups– An Inside Out Look
Once your Time Capsule is configured, your Mac will automatically "see" the backup disk in Time Machine preferences as a backup location. Time Machine can also be used with the stand-alone drives from Western Digital or Seagate. Better, backup your iOS devices to iCloud. Airport Time Capsule is among the best network based backup devices for your Mac. People have been saying this for a while.

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How to keep using Time Machine when the AirPort Time Capsule is discontinued

Note that the Airport Time Capsule is not able to format the external hard drive itself. The external hard drive must be formatted already and if you wish partitioned up. You can do this by plugging the drive into a Mac on the network and formatting the drive as Mac OS Extended Journaled file system if you are using with Macs only.

If you want you can create partitions as ExFAT so that you can use the external hard drive to store files from your Windows PC or share files between Windows and your Mac. I have another article that discusses how you can do this on your Mac.

Understand that the port is a USB 2. The drive will simply slow down to match the speed the Time Capsule is able to send the data to it. Pick your Airport Time Capsule. You will most likely need to enter the Time Capsule base station password. Now you need to think about how you set up the security on the external disk. The main disk on your Time Capsule is secured with the base station password. You can set up the external hard drive to use the same base station password or assign a different password.

This is crucial to protect your data and external hard drive from being hacked over the Internet. To use the external hard drive on your Mac have a look at my article here. It is also worth understanding the different colors the status light on the front of the Airport Time Capsule flashes and what it means. Either way if you go into Airport Utility, click on your base station, you will see an amber circle to the right of your base station picture.

Double click to open the window and step through the issues reported. Make changes or select to ignore the issues if they are non-crucial issues or unimportant. There was a problem on start up experienced by the Airport Time Capsule and it is going to restart itself. If you are having problems with your Airport Time Capsule it is always a good idea to go into Airport Utility.

Thank you for sticking with me to the end. I hope you found our journey through the five quick ways to set up Airport Time Capsule useful. I hope you agree that Apple has made it easy to install, use, and troubleshoot its Airport Time Capsule. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Airport Time Capsule Wan Port. Wifi Symbol On Your Desktop. Time Capsule Create New Network. Time Capsule Guest Network. Time Capsule Send Diag. Even though the Time Capsule will be no more, you can still use Time Machine for your backup and recovery purposes in your post-AirPort world.

Apple is also be helping customers get service and parts for current generation AirPort Base Stations for the next five years. So if you've just picked up a Time Capsule or an Extreme or can get your hands on a new one, you'll can rest assured that you'll be covered, hardware and software, for the next 5 years so using it as your main backup device is still a great way to go.

Once your Time Capsule is configured, your Mac will automatically "see" the backup disk in Time Machine preferences as a backup location. Apple can format an attached disk device, like those that Western Digital offers, for Time Machine purposes using Time Machine's preferences pane.

This method will use the entire drive as a Time Machine backup location. If you are needing a na solution to backup multiple Macs to a single location, you can have one of the Macs become the "repository" of all of the backups for Time Machine via a shared folder.

If you don't like the idea of using one of your Macs as a storage location because you require more robust storage features, third party NAS devices such as the Diskstation by Synology offer options that allow your Macs to "see" a Time Machine capable "share" for you to backup to. I prefer my backed-up data to live on a fault tolerant disk system so that when I need to recover, I know the data will be there for me to recover from. How will you continue to use Time Machine?

Or will you use a different backup solution for your Mac? What I most much want to have is a set-up that Just Works. And the one that Just Works the best now is iPhone back-up to iCloud. And now that the best model for most digital music is streaming rather than ownership and the best way to do movies and video is going to be re-streaming rather than local storage, I just want them to nail that. I will be synced everywhere, and once you take media storage needs down to photos and videos they themselves took, local storage needs go way down.

Again, for most people. So all of the work should be going to cloud-everywhere. Right now, it's really close. I'd really like it if we could backup specific apps. I've got an iPad 3 and want to upgrade soon. But I don't want to push the entire backup of the old iPad to the new one.

Starting completely clean with just the apps and their data I really use would be great. I'm gonna be pedantic Backup everything, because if it's worth having on your iThing it's worth protecting. But granular restores would be awesome, so you could restore:. A bonus would be the ability to restore an individual app to the same device from a previous point in time.

Reminds me Titanium Backup's menu on Android; that's one app that really does make me miss some of Android's rooted functions. Got me out of a few self inflicted problems in the past! I know what you mean You may want to consider purchasing the desktop application iMazing Formerly DiskAid.

I literally never use iTunes since buying this app and its amazing. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Can I use the airport time capsule to also backup my iPad and iPhone. Asked by Michael P from Valley Park; Jul 21, Flag as inappropriate (Can I use the airport time capsule to also backup my iPad and iPhone) Asked about: AirPort Time Capsule . If you really want to use Time Capsule, then just backup your iPhone to your iTunes Library regularly, and set up your Mac to back up wirelessly to Time Capsule. By proxy, your iPhone is backed up to Time Capsule. Because Time Machine and AirPort Time Capsule are designed to work with macOS based computers only. They do not support backing up data from iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), nor can you restore iPhone data via Time Machine.