Running a Linux Web Server on an Android device

Linux on a Droid

How to Install and Run a GNU/Linux OS on Your Android Device
Can someone point a beginner in the right direction? Could you help me with the keyboard? If you install rsync, for example, you can use this powerful and flexible tool to back up files on your Android device to a remote server, and thanks to the supplied SSH server, you can access your Android device via an SSH connection. When re-opening the app after backgrounding it, get back to the terminal by pressing the back button. Is it fairly straightforward to access the hardware of the phone — audio, camera, wireless etc.

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10 Android Apps for Linux Server Admins

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Make a Contribution via PayPal. Modou Sarr is from the Gambia West Africa, he loves to read write and is an avid sportsman. He studied International Development studies and also Law and hopes to one day own a successful eCommerce business. Written by Modou Sarr. Xserver XDSL provides options for customizing things like display resolution.

With the help of a NPM library called localtunnel, it's possible to expose the local server to the broader internet. It is also possible to install to an SD card, but I didn't try it because the performance is inferior. Download GnuRoot Debian on the play store. It's a 60 MB download. This will compile and install the Linux operating system. Once the installation is finished, the GnuRoot program will close.

Note that the GnuRoot app has a little bug where the terminal window doesn't show up after it's been backgrounded and re-opened. When re-opening the app after backgrounding it, get back to the terminal by pressing the back button. If the installation screen is just black empty , that means the installation is complete. Open the GnuRoot app, and switch to the "launch" tab. Click "launch" to start the terminal. It's probably a good idea to also run apt-get upgrade at this point, which will make sure the OS is up-to-date with the last fetched package list.

One might alternatively use a PPA for this, but for simplicity's sake this tutorial just uses the standard package. Some libraries will expect a binary called node , but on linux it is actually called nodejs. To preempt these errors, run. Run the web server with ruby app. Theoretically, with enough work, developers could make Dalvik run on desktop Linux so desktop Linux users could run Android apps on their desktops.

BlueStacks and other Android app emulators attempt to do this for Windows and Mac. They run Android on virtual hardware in a virtual machine, allowing them to run Android apps — with a performance penalty — on your desktop.

Unlike Android, Chrome OS is closer to standard desktop Linux distributions so you can use developer mode to install the missing Linux desktop software. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

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Installing Your Server Software on Android

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With the GnuRoot program, it’s possible to run a Linux operating system on Android without “rooting” the device. With this ability, servers like Sinatra, Rails, Node, etc. can run webapps on localhost. Before you proceed with installing Linux on Android using Linux Deploy, you need to install two additional apps on your device: a terminal emulator and a VNC client. Although several terminal emulator and VNC client apps are available in the Google Play Store, you can’t go wrong with VX ConnectBot and MultiVNC. Nov 01,  · Linux - Mobile This forum is for the discussion of all topics relating to Mobile Linux. This includes Android, Tizen, Firefox OS, Sailfish OS, Maemo, MeeGo, Ubuntu Mobile, WebOS, Open Mobile Alliance and other similar projects and products.