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When I click the startup tab in the above msconfig program, the list is empty. Just blank, no programs listed. Do you have any insights? I am not sure that by unclicking the box will stop a program from restarting.

I did that to a program and it rechecked itself when I restarted the computer. By the way, I am using Vista. Thanks — good post. Now can let my 86 year old Mum loose on her laptop without her worrying about what turns up when she switches it on: Haha, good one Paul. I never thought of using it for 86 year old mothers. I have both Google Chrome and Microsoft Office launching at startup.

I configured them to do so quite some time ago. I still do need help please. I have win 7 on lenovo laptop with 2. Almost every search on Google says basically what you said. I really, really would like to know what programs are safe to unchecked.

I know you CAN do it. Or maybe no one knows the real answer? Or maybe I am just not asking the question in the correct way. Thanks for any help. And what service is connected to what program.

Then I will have ONLY services and the programs of 3rd party vendors and can tell what I no longer want or need on my computer without causing problems for myself rather than complicating things and harming my computer and its proper operation. I think I should just Delete from this machine. Would Deleting it mess anything else up? Dears, Please note that we are facing an issue in Windows 7. We have 2 users Admin and Operator. If we log in as Operator, we get a message: Due to this startup tool will be closed now!

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Here's how to really make So why should people choose a web host rather than do this on their own? Contrary to popular belief, some things are better completed by the expert.

And in this case, the use of a web host is the expert care that a person is going to need in order for their website to survive on the Internet. Those that utilize a web host are going to receive a customer service team that they can rely on in order to help them through any problem. Even those that choose to go with a dedicated server are going to have this task force on their side.

Therefore, if they ever have a problem, they are going to have someone that they can turn to. Of course the level of customer service is only as good as the web host that someone chooses, thus the person should choose wisely.

Otherwise, they are not going to have a good experience. Another reason why a web hosting company is a better choice deals with the fact that the web host is going to allow people to have more time for themselves. Though most people are dedicating themselves to their website at all hours of the day, it is nice to be able to step away every now and then to get away.

For someone that makes their own web host they are going to find that their hosting responsibilities are going to get tangled up with their website responsibilities. And usually, the websites go unfinished or they simply become too much too handle.

If you are serious about starting a website, then look at all your options. Ask yourself if you have the time to devote to making a web host and maintaining this.

And also ask yourself if you have the ability to do this. If the answer is no or even if you doubt that you can do this, the web host company is the best route to go and will be one way that you can ensure that your website is completed just as you always imagined. Scalability is about planning for success rather than only building contingencies against failure. Ask yourself how they will scale up once demand for your product or service increases beyond first projections.

How will you manage supply if orders exceed your forecast production rate? How will you make your business more streamlined and efficient, save money, preserve quality, and expand? There are three essential strategies start-ups and small businesses should focus on to make sure a profitable business can grow: Your business plan should include forecasts of how you will manage these elements if your business is successful.

As a side note, we use to save money on our web host GoDaddy , which is part of improving our cash flow. The baseline need is cash flow efficiency. Constant monitoring of your business practices is essential to understand where you can make savings.

While any start-up will need investors and credit to bankroll the project, the first aim should always be to clear the debt and make a return on investment.

Your cash flow forecast should be under constant monitoring and revision. Forecasting capital and cash requirements at least six months in advance will help you to make better decisions about where to get the money.

To be ready to scale up, you should always try to reinvest from internal resources before taking on more debt. Manage your cash flow well, and your systems will be healthy and effective to manage the future growth of your business.

You may want to look into using software like Float or Pulse to help you achieve your cash flow goals. Unfortunately, quality is often the first thing to go if demand outstrips supply. Careful monitoring and continuous forward planning is the key. Careful project management strategies should be in place before you even open your doors to business. On Day One, you should begin monitoring every aspect of your operation, from sourcing materials to cash flow balance, as well as debt reduction, client acquisition, production or provision of goods and services, human resources and investor relations.

Effective analysis and skilled project management will enable you to keep on top of every aspect of your business. Being prepared to scale up takes a lot of extra work. But the time and effort you put in at the beginning will save you a lot of anxiety in the end.

The ever changing dynamics in terms of technology are moving to the next level in the year As a matter of fact these dynamics are being pushed by increased demands for quality service and even the speed for service delivery. In order to ensure that this demand is met, technology expert have embarked on the development and improvement of the new technology known as Machine Learning. With the year already witnessing an increase in the level of machines doing much of the work, expert predict that this year will actually be the year of machine leaning.

This can be defined as an artificial intelligence AI which gives a computer the ability to learn without necessarily being programmed. The whole technology basically focuses on the development of computer software which has the ability to respond when exposed to new data.

Research has proved that machine learning is similar to data mining. However while data mining extracts data for human use, machine learning uses the data to predict special patterns in data hence adjusting the actions of the programs accordingly. Here is more information on how machine learning works. Experts are looking at as being the year where technology will breakthrough in terms of machine learning.

With drastic increase in smart phones, drones, tablets, motor vehicles, and even internet connectivity, the demand for machine learning ability is also increasing among the users. As such phone companies are changing the programs which run most of these phones. The costs are also coming way down for advanced computing power. You can already purchase massive amounts of cloud storage from web host companies like AWS Amazon Web Services and GoDaddy for pennies on the dollar when you use promo codes.

Deloitte technology has predicted that will witness an increase in the number of smart phones which will come with the machine learning ability. Techstars Startup Weekend by the numbers: Meet the people you'll be working with. Choose Your Project From the top projects — Choose which one you'll work on over the weekend. Learn from the Best Local mentors will be coming in throughout the event to coach you through the hard problems.

Get to Work We've got the resources and support in place to make things happen in a short period of time. Present in Front of Panel Judges The culmination of the weekend. How do I register? Do I have to pitch an idea to attend? During the Event What types of ideas can I pitch?

Can I pitch my existing business? How do I protect against people stealing my idea? After the Event Are teams expected to continue after the event?

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Disabling Startup Programs in Windows 7, Vista, or XP. For some programs, it’s smart to have them start with Windows, such as anti-virus and firewall software. We run 20+ programs around the world: From FoodTech, Internet of Things, Fintech, Smart Cities to Smart Energy and more. Our tailored 3-month accelerator programs are designed to support ambitious early-stage companies grow in the most relevant industries. To disable or re-enable startup programs, follow the below steps: Startup programs are listed inside the System Configuration administrative tool. In Windows 7, the System Configuration tool can be opened using the shortcut for its applet, or going through the Control Panel to open it.