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Now that you have a good proxy address, you'll just need to install a portable browser and set it to route traffic through your proxy. It sounds like they own the network and do what they like, and you agree to use it how they intend you to. It is a bit of irritating. But let's say you can't install extensions on the web browser provided by your school. It is possible that your network will not allow you to run the Java script when prompted. Some educational filters block all of the above, especially on the systems with which they facilitate students.

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How To Unblock Youtube At School, College And Workplaces

It is possible that your network will not allow you to run the Java script when prompted. If this is the case, then you may not be able to download the videos at school. A list of download options will appear. These are the different filetypes and video qualities that you can pick from. You may need to have a special video player program installed to view the downloaded files.

A video player like VLC Player should be able to play any file you download. The numbers followed by "P" in the download list indicate the video quality. For the best looking videos, download P or higher. If you just want the audio from a video, download the MP3 version. This will not contain any video, but can be listened to on any MP3 player or computer.

After this put on the Google search your IP. Find an alternate portal. For educational videos, sites such as TeacherTube , SchoolTube ,and safeshare. These sites are often unblocked by school networks, as the content is monitored and is all educational. If your teachers use any alternative services, use those to reduce the risk of being caught on web monitoring services. Use one with an SSL certificate. This allows encryption to prevent being caught if the internet you are using is monitored.

Search for your video using a search engine. Look for the video hosted on a site other than YouTube. There's a chance that this site will not be blocked by the network. Be careful when visiting unknown sites, as some contain viruses and other malware. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Warnings Many school administrators will view using proxies as misuse of school computers and you will most likely face punishment if caught.

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By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them? Thank you for your feedback! Help answer questions Learn more. Jeremy Dale and Tyrone Lewis posted the same question. You should read the answers side by side. All are new and login enabled. Here is the latest proxies with generic domain name to help you bypass firewall http: Related Questions Any proxy websites not blocked by school?

Schools Block Proxy websites? Ways to bypass blocked websites at school using proxies? How do i get on my space during school? What proxy website works without the school blocking it? Is there a way too see a list of people who blocked me on twitter? So what can I do? Once installation is finished, launch Firefox Portable and open the Options menu. Next, head to the Advanced menu and click the "Settings" button in the Network tab. From here, select the "Manual proxy configuration" option, then enter your proxy's IP address and port number.

After clicking "OK" on this menu, your Firefox Portable browser will use the anonymous proxy, which should allow you to access any site. Some educational filters block all of the above, especially on the systems with which they facilitate students. Here are workarounds that work perfectly well:. Same here, it's absolutely ridiculous how much they blocked. I mean, is Wattpad really social media?!

Wattpad is literally the reason I'm on here. All of the links this website provided me are blocked too: Wow, I'm lucky then.

Wattpad isn't blocked, although everything else seems to be. Some school firewalls will fail to block subdomains. For example, wonderhowto might be blocked but digiwonk.

None of these worked. I have not only the school blocking this but also Iboss. I was never able to try the fourth since I don't have a USB flash drive. What makes this more difficult, I'm using a Chromebook so software is limited.

Same just go home to a different computer, open chrome to the store, while on your school account , and install it! It works because the school didn't authorize that computer. Honestly i didn't think this was going to work, i tried all of the links and all of the websites were blocked then i tried the " Ultrasurf " it works great, i am glad i came across this, i was freaking out because i had no way to get onto any websites that i need and since my laptop is my only electronic i was freaking out, but thank you so much so far it's great:

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Schools typically block proxy servers so students, faculty and staff avoid visiting dangerous sites or those that contain inappropriate content, such as pornography. In many cases, information technology (IT) professionals will also block sites they may deem unsuitable for school, such as social. List of best proxy sites to unblock blocked sites at school and office. MyPrivateProxy At the top of the list of top 10 best proxies in comes the name of MyPrivateProxy and this is also our personal favourite. Many social networking sites and other websites are blocked in school or collages, to unblock these sites the most efficient way is to use proxy sites or proxy servers. But most of the proxy sites are already blocked in schools and those sites which are not blocked takes a lot of time to load a particular website.