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In case of abuse, users' VPN access log is subjected to expose to related authorities. Windscribe is my favorite free VPN! Though with a VPN, you are secure and your privacy is not invaded. This trustworthiness comes with a cost though: That is the best thing about a VPN.

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For the fastest vpn service, I would say Astrill top other vpn providers. I have been relying on them for my business needs in the past two years. So far, so great. I am almost done with my 1st year contract with Astrill. Might be renewing it then. D and maintaining it. Web browsing and pings are also smooth and consistent on Android phone. I Recommend for all! Just a thought on why some of those services appeared to throttle the connection on fast.

Thanks Michael, that makes sense! On the other hand, I've heard that ISPs will completely unthrottle connections to Speedtest to make it seem like the connection is faster than it really is Pretty annoying that ISPs can interfere like this.

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Hi Joel, Just a thought on why some of those services appeared to throttle the connection on fast. The free service lets you use it for 6 hours a day up to 15 hours a week. You can either download their software or use the OpenVPN mode.

Do you know any other Free VPN service? Do share it by commenting below. If you see that any of the above services is down or closed, do let us know.

Do you have problems in opening certain websites like Gmail and YouTube at work? Has your school blocked social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter? Do you require to work anonymously online? TunnelBear This is possibly the easiest free VPN service I have used in a while, and hence pushing it to the top of the list. Last updated by Raju PP , on Sep Related Online Tv , Tutorials.

All your data, information, identity exposed! It is necessary to have paid VPN that maintains no logs.

A free VPN does not let you choose your desired location. However, with a paid version, you can choose any location in the world and change it as many times as you want to suit your needs. Free VPN service has unstable connection and slow speed.

With a paid version there is higher bandwidth and blazing-fast speed. A paid VPN gives you the facility of multiple logins with one account. The same is not the case with a free verion. That is the best thing about a VPN. Watch geo-restricted content from anywhere around the world by just changing your virtual location.

This will do the job just right. We have a strict no-logging policy so your connection is truly as secure and private as it can get. So you can subscribe to FastestVPN and surf the internet with ease having utmost security and protection from snoopers. Users can stay safe from hackers, data snoopers and third-party intruders.

Protection From Data Retention Laws Your internet service providers have all your logs maintained and spy on your activities. Unblock Restricted Content in UK or outside UK There are channels and sites that are geo-restricted and are not accessible in UK due to events that threaten open internet. User Protection From Meta Data Retention Law With recent bills, it may come to a point where government decides what you can and cannot post on the internet and it would have the authpority to access your logs provided by your ISP.

Download Our Apps After you have signed up and recieved your credentials, download our app compatbile on multiple devices. Connect For Anonymity Choose a server location to suit your needs and connect. You are not secure and anonymous! Access Restricted Websites Connect to any location to access geo-restricted content. Malware Protection Block malicious content and avoid threats with our malware protection feature.


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With UK VPN IPs, you will get everything you need – data security, fastest streaming speed, unlimited freedom and much more. London United Kingdom Access websites with a VPN from UK. Our VPN connection is easy to use, fast, smooth and very stable. Free UK L2TP VPN Account. People mostly don't realize that when simply open your web browser to surf internet, Numerous personal information could be captured by 3rd party, the secure and private data includes email password, web login credentials, credit card number, home. This VPN provider is a super-fast service that is perfect for anybody in the UK that wants to do a lot of gaming or streaming in HD. Although the free version of Hotspot Shield does collect some data from users (and serve ads), this is .