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Other team names had traditional origins. In , several SportsChannel Pacific -produced games that were part of the Sacramento Gold Miners ' local package were also shown nationally. Right there in your browser you can enjoy coverage from around the world without so much as a plane ticket or passport stamp. ET to broadcast the premiere episode of The Marriage Ref , and broadcast the remaining portion of the ceremonies on tape delay at Turin Beijing Vancouver London Retrieved November 23, Links to related articles.

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This was later written into the CFL's collective bargaining agreement with its players. The CFL's finances have since stabilized and they eventually repaid the loan. In , the league expanded back to nine teams with the creation of the Ottawa Renegades.

After four seasons of financial losses, the Renegades were suspended indefinitely before the season ; their players were absorbed by the remaining teams in a dispersal draft, as was the case during and In , the league set an all-time attendance record with a total attendance of more than 2.

It stood at 2,, in for a single game average of 28, New television deals, two new collective bargaining agreements, the th Grey Cup celebration, and widespread stadium renovation and rebuilding highlighted this era. The th anniversary of the Grey Cup had the highest ever television ratings for a championship game in English Canada.

During the s the CFL had the third highest per-game attendance of any North American sports league and the seventh highest per-game attendance of any sports league worldwide. During Mark Cohon's time in office many of the teams either undertook major renovations to their existing stadiums, or constructed brand new stadiums. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats began using their new stadium, Tim Hortons Field , after spending at University of Guelph's stadium and the first half of the season at McMaster University's football field following the demolition of the iconic Ivor Wynne Stadium.

In the Ottawa Redblacks kicked off their inaugural season having been awarded a franchise in [18] , becoming the third Ottawa franchise in CFL history. The new Ottawa franchise returned the league to 9 team structure, with 5 teams in West Division and 4 in the East; the Winnipeg Blue Bombers moved back to the West Division. The Toronto Argonauts entered a period of transition off the field, with new ownership and a new stadium.

Immediately following the season Jeffrey Orridge announced a re-branding for the CFL, including a new logo, motto, uniforms for all nine teams and website.

The league conditionally approved an expansion franchise, the Atlantic Schooners , for play in the season, but the team never made it to play after plans for a stadium collapsed. As of , the largest stadium in the Maritimes is Moncton Stadium , which has 10, permanent seats and is expandable to 20, with temporary seats. The cost of the required renovations would be the equivalent of building a brand-new stadium.

It was agreed that the price tag for the land was too much, but the close 9—7 vote indicates municipal interest in building a near CFL sized stadium in Halifax. In November , the CFL conducted further discussions with a group in Halifax interested in securing a franchise for the city; [55] the group made a "very credible" pitch to the CFL head office.

There has also been interest in adding a team in Quebec City. The Saskatoon Hilltops along with another Saskatchewan-based team, the Moose Jaw Millers eventually suspended operations due to World War II; the Hilltops would remain an amateur team when they returned in they have since played in the Canadian Junior Football League. Saskatoon last won a provincial title in By the time they resumed play after the war, the Roughriders had been the dominant team in the province for two decades.

However, the Regina-based Saskatchewan Roughriders have long branded themselves as a province-wide team, and claimed that Saskatchewan is too small to support two teams. Its largest, Griffiths Stadium , home of the University of Saskatchewan's Saskatchewan Huskies , seats only 6, spectators. Since , the CFL season has included:.

Team training camps open 28 days prior to the first regular season game of the season, a camp solely devoted to first year players is allowed the 3 days before the main camp opens. The pre-season exhibition schedule is two weeks long with each team playing two games against teams from its own division. The regular season is 21 weeks long, with games beginning the weekend before Canada Day weekend and finishing by early November.

The CFL's nine current teams are divided into two divisions: Each team plays two games against each of the other eight teams, plus two divisional games with opponents rotating each season.

With 81 regular season games being played, each team gets two bye weeks except for one team that plays two games in one week and receives three bye weeks. The most popular featured week in the CFL season is the Labour Day Classic , played over the course of the Labour Day weekend, where the matchups feature the first half of home-and-home series between the traditional geographic rivalries of Toronto—Hamilton a rivalry which began in [5] , Edmonton—Calgary see Battle of Alberta , Winnipeg—Saskatchewan, and Ottawa—Montreal.

In years that Ottawa or Montreal were not in the league, BC would play against one of these teams. Other features of the regular season schedule are the Hall of Fame Game and the Thanksgiving Day Classic , the doubleheader held on Thanksgiving where the match ups usually do not feature traditional rivalries. From to , a neutral site regular season game was played in Moncton under the name Touchdown Atlantic. The league awards points based on regular season results two for a win, one for a tie and none for a loss.

As of the season, in the event two or more teams in a division finish the season with the same number of points, the tie is broken based on the following criteria in descending order , with coin tosses used if all such tie-breaker steps fail: The playoffs begin in November. After the regular season, the top team from each division has an automatic home berth in the division final, and a bye week during the division semifinal. The second-place team from each division hosts the third-place team in the division semifinal, unless a fourth-place team from one division finishes with a better record than a third place team in the other this provision is known as the crossover rule , and while it implies that it is possible for two teams in the same division to play for the Grey Cup, only two crossover teams have won a semifinal since the rule's inception, and neither advanced to the Grey Cup.

The winners of each division's semifinal game then travel to play the first place teams in the division finals. Since , the division semifinals and division finals have been sponsored by Scotiabank.

The Grey Cup is both the name of the championship of the CFL and the name of the trophy awarded to the victorious team. The Grey Cup game is hosted in one of the league's member cities. In recent years, it has been hosted in a different city every year, selected two or more years in advance.

The Toronto Argonauts have won the most Grey Cups with seventeen wins total, most recently in In , the game was held in Toronto at Rogers Centre , and for the second year in row the cup was won on a team's home field, with Toronto beating Calgary 35— As the country's single largest annual sporting event, [2] the Grey Cup has long served as an unofficial Canadian autumn festival generating national media coverage and a large amount of revenue for the host city.

Many fans travel from across the country to attend the game and the week of festivities that lead up to it. Since , the Grey Cup game is presented by Shaw Communications.

A number of league individual player awards, such as the Most Outstanding Player and Most Outstanding Defensive Player , are awarded annually at a special ceremony in the host city during the week before the Grey Cup game; this ceremony is broadcast nationally on TSN.

The Annis Stukus Trophy , also known as the Coach of the Year Award, is awarded separately at a banquet held during the off-season each February. As in previous years. CBC Television , which held a monopoly on Canadian television until , held Canadian professional football broadcast rights beginning the year of its debut, CTV was born in part because Toronto businessman John Bassett had won the television rights to the Eastern Conference, and needed a network to air the games. They split playoff games and simulcast the Grey Cup.

In , , , and , CTV commentators were used for the dual network telecast, while in , , and , CBC announcers were provided. From through , one network's crew called the first half while the other called the rest of the game. However, CFN had completely separate coverage of the Grey Cup, utilizing its own production and commentators. The revenue from the contract allowed the IRFU to directly compete against the NFL for players in the late s, setting up a series of CFL games in the United States beginning in and a series of interleague exhibitions beginning in In , several SportsChannel Pacific -produced games that were part of the Sacramento Gold Miners ' local package were also shown nationally.

Beginning in , with now four US-based teams in the league, ESPN reached a four-year deal with the league to produce and air two games per week and all post-season games on its fledgling ESPN2. They also put some games on the main network to fill broadcast time vacated by the —95 Major League Baseball strike. Most of the US-based teams also had deals with local carriers to show games that were not covered in the national package.

Though there were no US teams in the league after , ESPN2 continued showing games until , albeit on a much lighter schedule. The now-defunct America One network held CFL broadcast rights in the United States from to and aired a majority of the league's games.

NFL Network took over the league broadcast contract in For the season, the network carried 14 games, no more than one each week. On the Internet, all radio broadcasts of CFL games are available for free through each affiliate's Web site. ESPN's digital outlets have broadcast games since ; through , the games were carried on ESPN, later known as ESPN3 , a service only available in the United States or its military bases through specially negotiated cable providers and not in Canada.

Video broadcasts were free in Canada at one time, but are no longer available; viewers are able to purchase previous games on the TSN website. A service known as "CFL Broadband" offered pay-per-view of CFL games in the United States and elsewhere prior to , but the service ceased operations prior to the season. On June 16, , the CFL announced it was launching a new International Service over the internet into select regions. CFL teams have local broadcast contracts with terrestrial radio stations for regular season and playoff games, while TSN Radio owns the rights to the Grey Cup.

Penalties could also include forfeited draft picks. Player compensation is not tied to league revenue, which remains a trade secret. Only the four publicly held teams in the league reveal their financial information, as those companies are required to do so under Canadian law. In , the active roster limit was increased from 40 to 42 and in it was again increased to International players are typically inducted by way of the negotiation list: Once a player on a negotiation list expresses formal interest in joining the CFL, that team has up to ten days to offer a contract usually a league-minimum, two-year contract to retain the player's rights.

Every two years, it elects an executive Board of Directors. The draft usually takes place in May and consists of seven rounds. The first two rounds of the draft are usually shown live on TSN. A junior player in the locale of a team may be claimed as a territorial exemption and sign with that team before beginning collegiate play one recent example is when the BC Lions claimed Andrew Harris [].

Teams maintain "negotiation lists" of players they wish to sign as free agents. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Canadian Football League Ligue canadienne de football Current season, competition or edition: History of Canadian football.

Canadian Football League in the United States. While the current incarnation of the Alouettes inherited many of the players and staff of the Baltimore Stallions, the CFL considers the Stallions a separate entity. Roughriders were originally called the Regina Rugby Football club from to John's team on June 10, , and become known as the "Winnipeg Pegs" before changing to the current name, Blue Bombers, in Owner and most players moved to the revived Montreal Alouettes in ; the league considers the Stallions a separate franchise from the Alouettes.

Mississippi was included on the draft schedule, but squabbles with the Posse's ownership led to the sale falling through. The Miami ownership group would have put the franchise back onto the field in , but the league withdrew from the United States prior to the season. List of Grey Cup broadcasters. Roy McMurtry , Q. Canadian football portal Sport in Canada portal. Archived from the original on September 30, Retrieved December 23, Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved 13 January Archived from the original on February 28, Retrieved July 1, Archived from the original on May 22, Archived from the original on March 10, Retrieved December 3, Canadian Football Statistics Database.

Retrieved May 31, Retrieved December 29, Canadian interest in pro football is on the rise". Archived from the original on February 1, Retrieved June 8, Archived from the original on August 10, Retrieved February 18, Archived from the original on May 30, Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

Despite advances in streaming technology over the years, watching the Olympics on anything but a TV with a cable subscription is still a hassle. Read on as we show you how to get your Olympics fix without resorting to signing up for a cable plan. So why is watching the Olympics such a challenge? As a result, they have total control over how the Olympics are shown in the United States. Historically, this has been a huge pain for people who wanted to watch the coverage via streaming services, since any streaming options used by NBC were either only partial coverage, delayed by hours from the actual event, or both.

In , however, the NBC broadcast and streaming was in sync for the first time in history, and will be the same. Comcast, a cable company, owns NBC, so this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

So what are you supposed to do if you want to watch the Olympics without signing up for a cable plan? All you need is your television, a good television antenna, and a little patience to adjust the antenna for optimum reception. If you really want to geek out, you can build your own DVR to record the Olympics, then remove the commercials automatically.

And very few events are broadcast live, with NBC preferring to stick the premier events in prime time slots regardless of when they actually happen.

But even with these flaws, an HD antenna gives you the best picture possible without costing you a dime. For more information about using an antenna to pull in over-the-air broadcasts, check out our full guide here. NBC broadcasts most of the big events on its network TV station, broadcasts something from the Olympics pretty much constantly on NBCSN, and occasionally pads out its broadcasts on a few other stations it owns: Access to all of these channels will let you watch pretty much whatever you want, and with most services you can pad things out with the NBC Sports app.

The best bang for your buck here is probably Sling TV, but most of these services will do the job. If you want to watch all the Olympics, this is probably your best option, because the next one is a lot more technical. It leaves you in a position where you need to border hop, digitally speaking, to a land with less restrictive Olympic viewing.

Olympic coverage is buried under mountains of bureaucracy and advertising agreements, in countries like Canada and England, the Olympics are broadcast on public television stations, the CBC and the BBC, respectively. Fortunately for you, us, and everyone else who just wants to get some good wholesome and free! You should fully expect to pay for a service that is reliable and fast enough to support continuous streaming of a foreign streaming source, however.

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Visit gas-bg.ga for Winter Olympics live streams, highlights, schedules, results, news, athlete bios and more from PyeongChang A toke with your golf stroke: does pot have a place on the green? The National. History Early coverage Summer Olympics. NBC televised its first Olympic Games in , when it broadcast that year's Summer Olympics from gas-bg.ga network did this with the aid of the Syncom 3 satellite for direct broadcasts. NBC's telecast of the opening ceremonies that year marked the first color broadcast televised live via satellite back to the United States.