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Available exclusively on our Ultra VPN plan. See a list of all our regions here. Anyone sitting on that one server and one IP could easily get all the data traveling down that one server. Add your comment below, or trackback from your own site. You can try all our packages 30 days for free! The Internet with no borders Advanced security. Why run an unnecessary risk if there is an easy and fast way to limit it?

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The parent company of UltraVPN, Lynanda, is a French company that creates software to log and report Skype traffic for corporations and governments dictatorships. There is something amiss here and we think that Lynanda is providing this free service for a price. The price may be that your data goes to the French government who share everything with the Americans or vice versa as they only have a server in the USA.

From Order to Installation: Problem connecting to UltraVPN? Follow our instructions below. UltraVPN does not provide any additional software to make this application more useful and with more features.

Your UltraVPN application is just a sys tray icon that needs to be opened to connect to one server. It has no other features whatsoever. The application in its full glory is just a little red icon in the systray on the right hand bottom of your computer.

Click on that and you get your server. This has no other features whatsoever. So there you are, downloading a song or some other P2P and your underlying connection dies for a couple of seconds. Everyone sees your IP, including your ISP which now has to report this event to the government and you get another letter and you lose your internet connection for at least one year.

So this software does not really help you unless you are a very savvy technician and can modify OpenVPN to solve this problem. Particularly not in France today. As this is the standard OpenVPN application, it is not very user friendly. It cannot be automated for startup of the computer and requires some 5 clicks to start each time. It has no automated features, choice of fast servers or other features that the better VPNs have and this basic OpenVPN application is a nuisance.

This service has a server in the USA and the main originating server in France. One server in America. Not only that, I could only find this one IP address. For a whole service? The UltraVPN server is overused and provides too much latency for most users. Certainly if you are living in Europe and you only have one server in the States, there is no much you can expect from that in terms of speed. It also appears that the controlling server which is the remote link is a French server which is also used as entry server:.

Which means that your connection login is controlled by this French server which sees your originating IP.

Particualarly in a country which is looking for originating IPs to hit you with infringement claims and wants to turn off your internet connection. Support is done by a forum that no one seems to visit. There is no support. Unless you want to purchase online drugs — the forum is full of that!

This is a major problem. Anyone sitting on that one server and one IP could easily get all the data traveling down that one server. This is the only service that we checked that appears to have one server and one IP! The effectiveness of any VPN provider is dependent on how effective is the encryption.

UltraVPN states that it does not keep traffic logs. But the servers are run by Lynanda. This is French company:. The image below shows the overview of how the VPN actually works. For more details you can refer to this page. There are both paid and free VPN services available. You can choose the server you need on their website. The monthly bandwidth cap for using AlonWeb is 1 Gb, so be careful before checking video sharing or image heavy sites through this VPN. The only issue with AlonWeb is that it injects inline ads on your browser.

But that should be ok as its completely free! Thus its great if you need a Japanese IP address to open a website. So, why not always use the online test service: PacketiX is very fast VPN service. If you need more then you can opt for premium plans.

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We checked UltraVPN Jaleco for scam and fraud. Our comprehensive gas-bg.ga review will show you if gas-bg.ga is legit and whether it is safe. UltraVPN is an application that can be easily configured so that it can be used for a variety of different tasks. This utility can be installed within minutes and afterwards it can provide different tools for its users. Browse the Web safely and securely with SurfEasy. Subscribe to our VPN service and encrypt your Web usage, transmissions and more.